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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gave my four bottles of saga seeds away to the four people I should love and treasure most. Two of them I'm just starting to make greater acquaintance with, the other two... I haven't been loving as much as I should be.

I'm gonna set some reminder to pick saga seeds early next year...

Got in return two Rochers and something I've forgotten all about... a Kinder Surprise! Elton was like 'Omg I love the egg can I have it'... and I danced around lavishing in the sheer taste of one half and enjoying his envious look before giving him the other half.

I appreciated it as a gift, it doesn't come all that cheap you know. But I can never understand how anyone can still stand that standard of chocolate when there is like heaven waiting out there for the same price. I wanted to put pure heaven, but of course those are expensive. Very expensive.

The UB Newsletter (let's call it UBN) has finally taken a ghostly shape. We shall be dishing work out pretty soon, so get yourselves ready for some whip cracking.

Well actually it's only my Tech side that is going to work. Yes I am in charge of Tech and no I didn't choose it. It so happened that all the techies were in my list, and I still blame you Leong Kaiyan. The moment they saw your name I was bloody doomed for Tech. Anyway, my other side has stories sitting ready to be published, so they'll most probably complete the assignment the moment I hand it to them.

An update to the earphones situation: Audio Technica has better balance and slightly more bass than Panasonic. I really miss my Apple earphones, it's the only damn pair that can shut out sound. With Panasonic and AT I can hear salsa and buses roaring past me at the same time. Strangely enough, it doesn't quite affect my enjoyment as it normally would. Overall however, I might just get used to this new sound, and probably get an acquired taste for the bass. I think I pampered myself too much with bass. But hey... Jazz Latin Emo Rock Metal... Bass is important for me lor!

Sigh never mind. Off to school now.



Even though we didn't manage to go to Mambo today we still had considerable fun in the lounge. Graham and I were in a dangerous position with three balls left on the table versus the black ball left for Kaiyan and Rocky, two of which were sitting together. I attempted to break the couple, and decided on a back spin to bring the cue ball back out. Come to think of it, it would have been disastrous if my original intention had been cleared, since the cue ball would roll right back to the centre where the black ball sat waiting to be cleared. Instead, my cue ball only hit the right ball (of the couple, that is) and stopped dead in the right ball's place, creating an impossible snook behind the yellow ball. And Rocky let off his usual Indo-accented expletives. After that though, I screwed up a full length diagonal wall shot which Graham insisted was easy and which I knew damn well I would foul up.

Later after lunch at Megabites, Graham and I went to the free admission SIM Guitar Club concert. And it was kinda sadly ironic to see the beginners and noobs having the most chio guitars, just because each member purchased their own guitar and these idiots have the money to get super chio slim black acoustics (that would actually be me too if I join... hahaha. See who has Ovation parallel la lol. Except I was blessed with the guitar and didn't have to buy it... Or well the repairs and maintainence and what hath thee were a cost. But nah... nothing compared to the cost of the guitar. Precious precious...) Even more sianned when I opened the door to hear the last three chords of Hotel California. We missed the chance (I would say Hotel California is the chance) to see solo work. However we drew many laughs from people running out of sync, horrible strumming, horrible fretting, horrible singing, and a whole host of other horribles. Graham was contemplating whether to join or not, and I immediately turned to him and declared, 'You join I join!' Probably frightened him away with that thought.

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