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What's. Love. Got-ta do? Got-ta do with it?...
Friday, February 10, 2006

I was at Ben's house helping him (again) with his Valentine's Day gift. I'll probably refuse next year. ;P Go pick yourself. Ahaha.

I had a bright idea for a topic that was supposed to occupy the space you are reading, and I had the intention of blogging at Ben's house. But I forgot and as a result I am back to talking about mundane events of the day. Also I miss out on a chance to say something funny like

Blogging from Ben's house. If he asks me to help him with his gift one more time I'll shove the saga seeds up his tenderheart ass.

Missed. Just missed. Darn pity.

Anyhoo, my impatience got to me again. I brought a hundred dollars out with the intention of getting another pair of Apple in-ear earphones, which has delivered great sound, trust me on that. In the end I paid 59 bucks for Panasonic which has super bright and clear sound but practically no bass at all. Crappy.

Right let's digress abit.

When searching for high grade earphones, we have to keep in mind that inner ear earphones have all a very short lifespan. Four months, or 6-7 months if you never bend any of the joints and return it to its box curled up properly everytime you are done with it. Therefore we have to maximise quality of sound and lifespan against price. Since I have made mistakes in these area it is my hope that you, my faithful readers, not be as stupid as to commit the exact same errors after reading this.

I used to buy a Philips model which had a unique design. It had a rather large head, with a small grill for smooth bass air movement, and there was a roughly 0.5mm to 0.6mm circular rubber piece on the other side. This acted as both noise insulation and sound trapping, delivering a pounding bass which changed they way I viewed Michael Jackson's music, as well as clear, Surround quality music. Here's the product page. $45.

I thought I made the wrong choice, and at a price too, when I bought the Apple in ear earphones. Sleek, as with all Apple products, and with good thick wires for better durability. However my Zen at that time was a damned lemon, so when I paired the replaced Zen with the earphones...

Wow. Just... wow. The whole thing about it is because the sound is so sharp (sharp is not to be confused with bright), most people find the bass inadequate, when it has actually been shifted to a slightly lower frequency. This takes some getting used to, even an acquired taste due to its uniqueness, but once you can appreciate it, my word you're hooked. Here's the product page. $68. Keep the receipt as a one year warranty. Because if I had my receipt, I wouldn't have to waste money making mistakes.

Panasonic inner ear earphones. The one I have now and the big mistake. In my opinion it is more suited for classical music, because it simply has the clearest audio reproduction I've ever heard. However this same strength may well be its downfall on the trebles, since the clarity sharpens the treble so much it's ear piercing. The EQ, should your audio device allow it, must be customed to your preference for optimal enjoyment. Also it doesn't block sound out as well as Apple. Product page. $55-59.

Now. Audio Technica. The one I am eyeing next. Highly recommended by my friend. Good bass clear trebles... Everything, you name it. And for $45 I think. I seem to remember. I'll get that one next. Product page.

Well well haven't we digressed by quite abit.

The next paragraph shall be my first attempt at what I would like to call coded blabber. This involves using (or descending to, in my case) IRCish language as well as using ambiguous meanings to conceal your message, which can only be interpreted by one who knows the full background of the blabber's context. Note again that I do not condone IRC-lingo except where it belongs, and that it is a poor way of communication when you are writing for the public. But oh well, I suppose its necessary if its necessary.

lolz... so many things happened i cant believe i actually did it again lahs lolz... gratzie to u for losing tt feelin... guess its better tt way... lolz... and lol i knw i told u lotsa times liaoz but thks again la... nt often i hv a fren to tell mi whats wrong and allz n b real honest wif me... rmb to tell me when its gettin 2 deep n all kzzz cos u shld knw i dunno when ta stop onez.. heez... kkkz better stop liaoz later dey tink i gt sum probz lolz...

There. See. I can do it. I just choose not to.

Oh alright I had to revise it 3 times to correct the you and me and and. Actually I don't think the IRCinglish (ha coined a new word) helps. Not alot la. Just to turn people off who don't like it (ie. yours truly, but I will read one don't worry, I'm not that easily daunted) and those who don't want to waste their time deciphering it. Sort of a first barrier of defense. Then the masking is the real thing.

But anyhoo on to other news. Round of applause to Ben whose clever software earned him a Vader Force FX lightsaber for a hundred bucks (42% of original retail price). I'll get the green Luke one when I have money. Although if we're talking green, nothing beats Qui-Gon Jinn. I love his design. Ben should have gotten Yoda's though. Ahaha kidding.

I'm having too much fun... I have an enormous backlog of readings I haven't done. So does everyone else la but it isn't wise to compare yourself to others. Just do your best and let others peg themselves against you if they want. Booya.

I dunno why I said that. Doesn't really fit does it...


I've wormed my way through to the promise of getting my horrible earphones replaced. I shall hold Bertrand to his word and pick Audio Technica this time. Meanwhile my Apple earphones have returned to a reluctantly acceptable state of usage, with my left ear feeling uncomfortable due to the imbalance. But all the same hallelujah amen.

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