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The Free Day That We Didn't Want
Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We got pangseh-ed super big time by Hocking today... If not for the fact that I had UGC later I would have cried on the spot.

Gave the others a treat by loading and playing two Whose Line shows back to back. The whole darn class was laughing so hard.

UGC next... It was Shelwyn, Hema, Weiyang and Jane's presentation today on Germany after World War I. Something like that anyway. I gave a 7 because, pardonnez-moi, I couldn't stand the incorrect pronounciations. Could I pronounce them correctly and flawlessly? Mmmm pretty much, yeah.

After that though, they opened the floor for questions, and I raised my hand on Graham's suggestion.

Uh, yes, what exactly caused Hitler's hatred for the Jews?

After which I whispered to G, bankai...

Okay, when Hitler was young he lived in a part of Austria where there were many Jews (wrong). And Hitler's family was quite poor (not really). And the Jews being rich didn't like them (wrong) and made fun of them (wrong) and despised them (wrong). Sooo... Yeah that's how Hitler got his hate (wrong).

Isn't it so exciting?

After which Graham said that that was the art of smoking... And to which I replied 'Not when you know that the person knows the answer o.0'. And then he said yeah I bet I could smoke Saddam Hussein all I want and no one would know... Why did Saddam Hussein want to invade Iran... well actually his mother was raped while carrying him by Iranian men......

Well yeah no one would know. Almost no one anyway. I however, am getting my facts right before I answer questions. Smoking belongs to people like my O level Lit teacher who did not care to see anything except quotes quotes quotes quotes quotes...

After that G and I went for one-on-one at Mambo, where he learnt the terrible price for agreeing to play the 15-ball Number Sequence game I always like to play when I'm alone. I won because my jumps were quite on form today. I had to jump like two times in a row, for Ball 2 and 3, and holy cow, I didn't foul.

Hey. Rhymes.

So after that we went to KFC for lunch. I swear, the thought of chicken always makes my mouth water. And by the time I had finished everything else except for the second piece of chicken (one mash potato, one cheesy fries, one piece of chicken), I was totally wasted. It was like as if I had two rounds of buffet without rest, no kidding... sianz I think I'll stick to Mac's next time.

By the time I got back to Tampines I saw that it wouldn't be long before my mother knocked off from work, so I hung around, shuttling between TM and Century Square, looking for 1) my bro's birthday present and 2) rings for Maria and Lirong... the NuCre Duo. Long story... Oh we took photos today too, during COM time. I have only the ones from my own phone so far, and by the way my MMS and phone call bills are going to go through the fucking roof again and I will have to pay my mother back this month... sigh.

But ain't this photo cool? Sad that I look best in small photos though. :(

My Two Angels (^.^)v -- Maria, Me, Eunice

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