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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

All ye pussies and gentlemen, be glad I take time out of mine backlogged schedule to entertain thee... Thou dost not deserve it; yet by Jove I do.

Alright I dunno what I'm saying. Shakespeare probably didn't too. Weee.

Watched two out of the three discs of Hitler - The Rise of Evil. My brother bought it cheap at a fair (it was second hand), still in mint condition, and I'm thanking God he bought it because hot damn it solves all my problems. So much for my faith in books. I was though worried that the film would present a lopsided view in consideration of drawing viewership, and well yes it did - it portrays Hitler as a mentally unbalanced sexually starved asshole who uses his niece to satisfy his lust. What the hell is with that? You don't need that shit to turn people on dude, in fact it turns me off. But according to one review I read on IMDB.com, it's essentially correct save for the mad horny bastard part. I'm too lazy to check it out, but I really don't think people would go to that extent to fake his view anyway. I really don't see the point in wasting your time like that.

Apart from the constant worries about assignment deadlines, these few days are essentially fine. Gaylene graciously extended my journals deadline to Friday, because I work in the newsletter. And yes I thought I had been bothering myself with that unnecessarily at times, but oh what the heck, anything to take some trouble off my mind. So guess what I did with the extra time? Watch Hitler. I must shoot my toe one of these days.

Comms assignment, took and modified Rocky's marketing group's idea, which is spectacles which can show TV and radio, into movie glasses, which are attached to headphones for maximal movie experience. In some ways, I don't know how much I'm in line with their conception, I fleshed it out rather well. Or maybe less than that, I only gave three pages while Graham gave six. For Paper I alone! If I see an A- cancelled and a B+ beside it, I know who to snipe... Anyway I could give Rocky and co. my description and all as a sort of thanks for giving me the idea, if they want it.

Well actually, Rocky told me about it. But ahh trivial, trivial...

Watching Hitler was a sort of shortcut to the UGC group presentation, which we're doing on Dictators, but more importantly quite a great help in my research paper, which incidentally is due next Monday ohhh my God I'm screwed. I don't care how little time I have, I'm not going to base my research on one mini-series. I doubt Gaylene will be too amused either. Oh and great, my library books are due. Gonna incur overdue fines again over the weekend... Sigh never mind it'll be over by Monday anyway.

Anyway moving on... Hans finally burnt a CD of black metal (symphonic black, black/death, pagan black) for me. And he filled it up and was about to slot in one more album when he checked the space used.


He wrapped it up. Too cool to pass up. Can you imagine when I pass it to my friends who might just be interested in mad guitars, madder drumming, crazy demonic vocals, and positively dark lyrics?

Here... My friend burnt this CD of mp3s... Thought it would be useful to get you started.

OMG that's so cool... Thanks Renhao you da man. Hey how many MBs' worth of mp3s are in there?


o.0 ...

Wicked sick.

Alright I'm gonna panic about journals now.

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