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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wah super the tired man. Abit about the changes to my layout. I'm just gonna say everything in case you just read my latest post and close. My previous idea of sticking in a video every post won't work for obvious reasons. Well maybe not that obvious. Readers will have to stop like 15 videos from playing before they can either read my latest post or watch the latest video. Not smart. So instead of video-per-post I have changed it to Video of the Week, and set up a Video Archive section all the way down the sidebar, after the tagboard, where I will post links to previous videos. May I just say, I figured out the HTML changes myself. Cheap thrill right? Eh it's my first time for this sort of change la. Just put on a fake smile and say good job can?

Tiring, as I say. We have to start on our UGC presentations, and BizAd have their marketing projects while Comms have our proposals to write. Kinda ironic. My friend whom I was supposed to meet for dinner was late, and I decided to go to the library to get books on Hitler, and Mao for Rocky. I had a damned dilemma between two super huge books, and two smaller ones. In the end I decided that I wasn't doing a PhD on Rightist Communication, and borrowed the two smaller books. One discusses the possibility of Hitler as a revolutionary, and the other talks of Nazism. Should be good. Stats today, no one listened. Well no one in our clique anyway. Ben Chen Jr., Rocky, William, Alex, John were playing foozball. Ben Kaiyan and me went to eat, then joined them. Then Ryan came in with the PSP. Then Kaijie came in, surprise surprise. Then Hans and Eko came in. Then Ben Yap came in with a couple of bags.

Take offense I also losing my ball slam technique. Take defense also I not confident. Haiyah see I happy take what la. Lol.

PSP is fun, and sorry to Ben for deleting. I really didn't know la!!! But yes the Bleach game is fun, not because it gets really hard as the levels progress, because it doesn't really, but because I can use Kuchiki taicho and chire people to death left right centre.

On the train, Ben let me play the vs. CPU mode, and I was going against my own adopted sis - Kuchiki Rukia! Oh this woman has no Zanpakutou but bloody hell she is one fast woman. I fall down only she hadougen me 5 times before she jump off and let me pawn her back. I was already on my second life and losing it fast. When I managed to get up, I knew one kick from her would kill the great Byakuya. So what I do?

Miseteyaru, Senbonzakura.

Miseteyaru, Senbonzakura.

Miseteyaru, Senbonzakura.

Owned her stupid ass buhahaha. Ben was like in disbelief, shaking his head and going, 'Nonsense... nonsense...' Thank you, thank you very much.

Man if I was like that, no one would bully me. No. One.

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