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Minor, Diminished
Monday, March 06, 2006

No sex until 18.

No oral, anal, temporal, naval, occipital, nasal sex.

Just missionary sex.

Why like that? You tell me why like that?

Now the government is telling us not to do things only the two (or three, or six :P) of us will know about? What, do they have spying mics that can detect a significant increase in slurping sounds?

I am not criticizing the government. I just find the whole notion darned ridiculous.

If you were talking about a-marital sex, yeah sure. Prostitutes, pre-marital... to prevent the spread of AIDS. Ok. Why not? But then again why so? There are already clear obvious laws against prostitution and premarital sex. Well no... probably not prostitution.

Actually, I just realised that AIDS can be spread through vaginal sex. Which is supposed to be the whole point of condoms. Or a 35% point. 65% to prevent babies.

Even more so, what is the point? If people like to suck spitting lollies, or if they like semen up their nose or in their ears, that's their own fucking problem man, let them drown and die.

Now I wonder if anyone would send a letter of this nature to Today, or Straits Times, or New Paper... New Paper would probably publish it hahaha. Dunno bout the others.

And no under 18 sex. I do wonder if that makes it 'minors below 18'. Because if so (and I could be just ill-informed because I only read Life!), does that mean that guys don't get caned till 18? Guys go to Boys' Home till 18? Because no shit man that makes a lot of difference. I should think crime rates will rise, if not freaking shoot.

Obviously, for those who know me, I wouldn't really be breaking the law anytime soon. Not unless, as I told Ben, some really screwed stroke of luck casts me my first other half really soon. But like I said, I can't quite help feeling incredulous when I think about it all.

Deferment. No more deferring from the '89 batch onwards. Doesn't concern me, so actually I can't be bothered to give a shit, but in all fairness, the government has to start somewhere. If they are going to accept complaints about not fair for '89 batch, well, they'll never get it started would they? Same for thru-train (or however you spell it... Integrated Programme la). They have to start it somewhere, and we're just unlucky not to be part of it. They decided to stop deferment, and we're just really really blessed to be the last batch to be allowed to do so. Its really sian to see people making noise over these things. There are certain things that are unreasonable, and certain things that will become clear if you'd just sit for awhile and think it through. And gosh, an awful lot of people don't quite care to do that do they?

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