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Of Running and Barley and Broadway Stars
Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Today, I had only one class at 1.45pm.

I woke up at 6.30am.

To run.


Alright I dunno what came over me... It's certainly not the insults, because I've ignored them for the past 10 years and see no problem continuing to do so. But there's this sudden surplus of energy. Hmm.

My dad kept making noise and saying 'Oolala... take it from an experienced runner... don't run the first time... your heart cannot take it...'

Well on my mom's continual advice, I briskwalked the first round, setting my Zen Micro up for listening, adjusting the earphones, volume, song.... Once I hit the start/finish line, I restarted my song, sort of skipped three times, and off I went.

Considering my past experience, and the fact that I haven't run for, well, an eternity, give or take a few years, I was surprised I didn't get a heart attack in my first round. I jogged all the way man. So six rounds, walking, running, walking, running... I think I lapped my mom in the final round. Couldn't be sure, I was either running or trying to catch my breath while walking.

When I came back and toppled into my chair, I felt great.

Then I realised that all the energy I had recharged during my sleep, I poured down the drain.

But good start, good start. Probably can do that on Friday too. Probably.

At lunch, Ben, under his usual far-fetched illusion that his minions were waiting upon him to do his will, asked KJ to buy him a drink. When KJ came back with barley, Ben opened the lid, sort of sniffed into it, and said, 'This looks vaguely familiar...'

Surprisingly, Kaiyan got the joke immediately and started laughing his ass off... KJ and I stared at each other for awhile, and then KJ suddenly snapped indignantly, 'Hey mine is thicker.'

To which I didn't really feel like finishing my chicken anymore. Disgusting freaks.

It was so boring during psychology, so darned boring we decided to play Three Headed Broadway Star, from Whose Line, and Ryan ought to be murdered because he always screws up the line.

Ben: I
Ryan: am
Me: a
Ryan: duck

And we started laughing non stop for like 5 minutes before okok, we try again...

B: Recall
R: all
M: the
B: things
R: that
M: make
B: us
R: furry!

And we both nearly bitchslapped him for that... that was just low...

After that he promised to be nice, and here's what we came up with...

Bad ducks eat up what they squirt, and squirt what they eat. That is retribution from God almighty and me.

As usual Ryan was the one who randomised the last 'me'.

The things we do to keep ourselves out of boredom. rar

orchestrated by Renhao at 6:25:00 pm
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