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After Exam Celebrations
Friday, April 28, 2006

Maybe not Seoul Garden next time.

When I went to the toilet at like midnight, I felt like I was peeing through my arse.

I blame it on the cockles. It smelt disgustingly rancid, and it probably was.

We had three cockle shells. We weren't sure what effect the heat from the boiling and barbequeing would have on them, but we thought maybe they might pop open, as clams do. I saw on Japan Hour, this clam, probably alive, you know these Japs, was just sitting on a wire grill above a cosy little fire, and pop it sprang open, and the juice from inside flowed out and sizzled in the fire. It was mouth-watering, especially since I'm far from a big fan of clams, or seafood for that matter. But we digress.

We fried one cockle and threw the other in the soup. After like 10 minutes when it still hadn't changed yet (still shut), we fished it out. After it cooled, Graham tried opening the fried one. And the result was he stained his fingers with a horrible shit smell. And the cockle meat, the cockle meat was dull reddish brown. That nearly turned us off, and Graham was bitching about how condemned his fingers with the crappy smell.

Straight after that by the way, Graham suddenly mock-collapsed on my shoulder. As I guessed, he had been given a headshot by the stupid oil on the barbeque pan. I almost couldn't breathe laughing. I on the other hand was relatively undisturbed. What's more disturbing though is how Graham could get oil splattered on him, and do nothing except bitch and bitch. His hand doesn't even jerk or anything. He just goes 'Awww freeeeaaaakk...'. Weird.

Anyhoo Graham used a fork to pry the cockle open, so he got Elton, who had fished the boiling cockle out, to do the same. And oh my God, when the cockle opened, blood freaking ran out la. Elton was like 'Looks like some PMS shit la ewww...' And I probably lost any appetite I had to fill myself up to my neck. Disgusting shit man.

About 20min later, we found that somehow the last cockle found its way into the soup, and had been stewing there for quite a long time. I was bitching that the soup would have been contaminated, but the others said it was ok, according to the ratio of poison : water I guess. But see, the great effects of probably no more than a drop of rotten cockle juice. Freak.

Woodlands had no LAN shop we knew of, so we went to CCK.

CCK's two LAN shops that we knew of were gone.

We went to JEC.


Freaking hell. But we were at Jurong East anyway, so we just took 52 to Beauty World at Bukit Timah.

DotA was FUCKING HORRIBLE. It was worse than my first game I think. Just when I was starting to pick up stuff, like scanning round the area to make sure no enemies are coming!, it was gg gg already.

GG my ass.

KJ did well with Sniper though. As expected, everyone freaked and ran when he did Scattershot. Hahahaha.

But freaking hell Bernard, go kope Lich so damn fast, I had no choice but to use Lightning Revenant. Jeez I still prefer Lich.

After that KJ Elton and Bernard went off, so the five of us continued with CS: C0. Well at least that was better. I did surprise Ben and Ryan a few times. And I blasted Ben down in the last round. Ahaha. Oh and one round, Ben was trying to humiliate by knifing me. I turned around and blew him into the air.

Ben was like screaming and shaking KY's chair after that.

Went to Ben's house after that. I was freaking hungry so I bought a Double Cheeseburger meal.

I was full after the burger.

It's shocking can? I normally wolf them all down, and... sheesh.

Ben tried Resident Evil 4 for the first time. It deserved the 9.6 rating. It's already challenging to get your ass past the first couple of stages. And the price for failing is just wicked sick.

Apparently we start off in a village where the villagers are strangely hostile. Owned the first couple of people pretty easily. But we got to this village where there was this dead man burning on a stake, and there was this white pallid woman holding a sickle. She was quite some distance away, so we chose to ignore her for the moment.


We were like temporarily pwned there, reeling in shock, then Ben's character, Leon, recovered. And we started blasting people.

After that we decided to run into a house, and closed the door from the inside, barring the villagers out for the moment. Quite useful, we got a grenade, ammo, a shotgun and some shells for it. A guy climbed up the ladder and broke through the window, and tried to attack Leon. We turned around to escape.

There were three people behind. The one closest to us had a chainsaw.

A running chainsaw.

It happened so fast we didn't even have time to scream and freak out. The guy lunged forward and shoved the chainsaw into Leon's neck.

Later we managed to get our ass out of that house after killing the chainsaw guy. We ran into another empty house.

Another bastard leapt from above with a warcry and sawed Leon's head off again.

Ben turned the PS2 off.

Kamen Rider Blade movie after that. Gosh it's good. I only find it horrible on Kids Central because of the first-freaking-class English dubbing.

Au naw... Ah-yuh-meh, 'r ya 'kay?
Haw haw haw haw! No she's naat. She'll dah, 'n Ah'll rule th'whirllll. Haw haw haw haw!!!


Henshin was so cool, the way they stroll through the card thingy. And man, multiple card attacks are sweet ok. Sweeeeeet.

My only complaint is that they have this freaking irritaing whew-whew-whew-whew-whew-whew-whew-whew card sound when the cards are being thrown. At least a metallic razor-ish zing sound would have been better. Whew-whew-whew-whew-whew your head.

Chiong-ed off after that (well I didn't manage to finish the movie) to meet my aunt at the airport. Nothing much there, except as usual I thought I was racing against time and as usual when I got to the belt I had to wait for sometime before luggage even appeared on the belt.

In the middle of the night I woke up with an itch and couldn't sleep, so I decided to try tuning the Chinese guitar once more. A Jem Jr. head, an unidentifiable neck, and an RG body and pickguard. What the hell. But hey it's free so I'm not really complaining.

Previously I had trouble getting the idiotic FR bridge into tune. But I finally know how to do it! There were some problems with the fine tuners (for those who even know what the hell I'm talking about) and it was stiff and not quite movable, so I had to press the long screw down that clamps the strings in place down, so that the whole saddle for that string moves down, and gives space for the screw to move downwards. Crappy shit. But China la. What to do.

But then I found that the action was too high, and I couldn't really tap, so I lowered the whole bridge height carefully. Not that I had a choice actually, the tension was so high from the springs that the two screws holding the bridge up was so damn hard to move.

After I shifted it down like 2mm I found that there was buzzing all over the place, so I turned the screws upwards two rounds each.

And voila. It's done.

See how first though. I still feel I couldn't whammy as well as before. There's some awkwardness about it, like the bridge is reluctant to move. Hmmmm... probably due to the fact that I somehow managed to dismantle the whole bridge system, and somehow managed to put them all back together again.

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