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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I have been darn worked out over the last few days. Doing last minute work on two assigments totalling 10 pages of bullshit isn't the easiest thing in the world.

But finally, it's over. And I can at least type out this short (relatively short) post specially for you before trying my best to mug for Psychology.

Monday - Ever since Ben's HK Mahjong was installed in Kaiyan's laptop we've all been finding excuses to use it. UGC saw a terrific (well not bad) presentation on Terrorism by Kwong Weng and Samantha and Melissa. After that was continuation of the Fog of War, but Ben was going to Bedok, and he was whining about how we should just zao. When I heard the thunder, I was packed in 5 seconds.

Out at the bus stop, Ben leaned against one of the metal pillars. Lightning was flashing all about us, and I made him get off the pillar. Seconds later, a brilliant flash lit the sky.

The metal conduit above us emitted a clear crack.

Tuesday - Attempted and successfully failed to make progress on my 225 term paper in the morning. Since I was targetting SNAG, I picked up the last copy of it, which was sitting on the display shelf in 7-11 and read through it.

I felt like I just went through Maxim.

Which, incidentally, isn't a bad feeling.

Except the girls were more or less hopeless. But good articles.

Arrived slightly late for psychology. As it turned out Yeap was just running through all the previous learning outcomes. Most of us didn't copy since it was already somewhere in our notes, but it's hard to take mental note on stuff she said she would test. Kaiyan and I were looking at Pointless But Cool.com, and all the great gadgets he could buy (or dream of buying). Tried and failed again after that to do my work while Ben and Kaiyan were studying Accounting. It was irritating because when I unplug my earphones Ben and Kaiyan were incessantly quarelling, like some old couple, and if I plugged up, I would be bouncing to Uncle Fucker. Go figure.

After we officially gave up studying at 5.30, we went to IMM to help Kaiyan select a present for... someone. We went to a watch shop and looked for the cheapest one, and I singled one design out. $59. There were three face colors: black, brown and white. I eliminated white because the person was fair, and left Kaiyan to decide between the other two. He picked brown, just as I predicted.

Well actually I did mention out loud that brown looks nice, so I might have steered him in the direction.

My services were needed again by Ben, who went to Giant to get chocolates for his love. I asked his budget, and when he replied $20, I smiled.

If I could do as well in the arcade sniper game as in spotting and picking off dark chocolates, I would probably have become an arcade hero or something. In the end Ben probably got scared at the pile that was building up in my hand, and said that $10 worth was enough. I miscalculated Cadbury Old Gold to be $2+ when it was $4+ (bloodsuckers), and gave him $13+ worth of chocs in the end.

Went up to Kaiyan's shop and played Mahjong with Uncle Chen, Auntie Loo, and Joe Cheung, Long Hand, 3 points minimum while waiting for Kaiyan to zap notes for us. I was SO close to gaming so many times, but in all fairness so were the other three, when I saw their hand. But it's really not funny when one side declares 9 Sticks and the other side declares 9 Balls. When I saw their hands after the draw I nearly fainted, I was so close to getting my own ass raped big time.

Today - Got back late the previous night, about 9+. By the time I had really settled in to do my 225 paper, 大長今 had already started, which meant 10 o'clock. 大長今 has become my clock. I get my first warning when the opening theme plays at 10, when I hear the retarded hoolala song at the end, it's time to shut my computer off.

Sucks to have a curfew. Remember that children.

So not in the mood for chatting anyway I shut off the computer after I had printed my work so far out. I continued up to almost 1am, apparently, to finish up my paper. I was so relieved that my writer's juice started flowing again. Woke up this morning to type it out onto the computer, and check for errors, and then I'm fucking done. Finally! Just when I alighted at the SIM bus stop, Kaiyan tells me that apart from himself Rocky Graham and Jonathan, no one else has turned up, and they want to go Mambo. So I just wait for them at the bus stop.

Over at Mambo, everyone was playing poorly. It's probably all that stress that we've been ruthlessly subjected to these couple of weeks. I get better after I pull Felice on. Luckily the others agreed on KAP Mac's, so I could use my EZ-Link to pay for my meal.

Back at school Hocking is slightly late, and I entertain the rest with the South Park Movie in the meantime. We finish up Annie Hall, a great film with a star-studded cast. I met Ben at his Marketing class, and we leave for Bedok once more, and Tampines for me.

My juice is gone. I'm tired. I wonder how I'm going to study for Psychology. Perhaps it's better that I don't have random ideas running round my head.

Sam gyet tangggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.

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