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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's certainly hot, but there's a certain closeness and cosiness about wearing long sleeve. I just feel more protected I guess. Like if a bomb were to go off next to me I'd probably suffer horrifying painful third degree burns that would scar me for life, instead of die instantly and be done with it.


When I walked out of the house today my parents were asleep and had no idea that their son was wearing formal attire for essentially nothing. It's horrible though, because since I don't drive I have to walk, and that makes me sweaty, especially my back. And, on the train, since I leave so early, I slept hugging my bag and crumpled my shirt even before my day at school began.

When Gaylene walked in my huge mass probably attracted her attention, and she went 'Oh my Gahdddd... wow... look at that...' And she was fawning all over me except she was like 4 feet away and not touching me. Whew.

I got two ticks for wearing a tie. Ahahaha. In the end it was so strangly that when it came to my turn to present I gave the tie to Graham and shook his hand. Hee.

While waiting for my second section, I went to get the bottle of mineral water to drink. And I had opened it when I reached my seat which was next to Gaylene's, and she said, 'That's my water...' I dunno how I did it so quickly. I set it down on her table and said 'I opened it for you.' Totally swinged it back at her. Lol m-m-m-m-m-m-m-monster killlll!

Poor Rocky got a rude shock when he presented that illiteracy rate during Mao's reign dropped from 90+% to 7%. Gaylene was so indignant that she blurted out 'Bullshit.' And then she corrected herself and said 'I'm sorry I mean... That's... that's not right. It's wrong.' But well, whether someone says 'bullshit' or not, it's still a shock to find out that you screwed up your facts.

Overall I think it went well. The only thing I would ask for is more time, so I could get through my part about a common streak in dictators slowly and clearly. That was a very important finding after all.

For taking so much time however, we were ordered by Gaylene to come to watch Derek's presentation. Gaylene was on the verge of postponing it to tomorrow, but they did it just in time. It was honestly a wonderful presentation, I don't say that just because I ate up their time with my loso merry-go-rounds about dictators' shitty childhoods. It was about Japan's conquest of Asia, and gosh that was better than any history lesson I've ever taken.

In COM225 we watched Annie Hall, the film that caused some upset by nudging past the first Star Wars to win the best Picture. And I actually recognised a super hot Diane Keaton before Graham did buhahaha. She hasn't changed alot, when I saw her in The Family Stone. Except her hair, her face getting a little bigger, a couple of lovely wrinkles. I recognised her from her eyes and nose. Lovely stuff. She got Best Actress in the same year. I think Annie Hall was a sweeper that year. Amazing really, how it could address so many serious, and dry issues in a funny way. Woody Allen was wonderful playing the neurotic (I think) Alvy.

After 225 the Clique requested that I stayed to watch their presentation and take photographs. Gaylene did them a favour by watching their speech and pointing stuff out to them, although by that time they had so perfected it, even Bernard passed my basic level. Hoho getting smartass now.

Kaijie had his facts and arguments, but he was really nervous, poor thing, and he kept stopping to think because he probably blanked out for awhile. And his transitions were frankly shudderable. But well he hasn't exactly been public speaker, so I really shouldn't pick on him. Hohoho.

However... Kaijie said however in the weirdest way. Well he said he was trying to process what to say next, but that's a real weird way to take up RAM from the pronounciation sector. Ha anyway.

Another thing. I am a superb photographer. You hear me? SUPERB.

When I got into the class though, I found out to my horror that the auto-flash was on. And covering it up I made it look like Kaiyan was presenting his part in a red-light district or something. It was horrible. I had to slip out to turn the flash off because the stupid camera was making such a loud beeping sound. And I had to cover my mouth in with my hands fingertips-together to look cool, because I was trying my best not to smile too much when Kaijie said however again. Da Silva was surprisingly easy on them, probably because they were the only group to do a Business-to-Business product. Not many people can do that, but I think the whole idea itself forced them in the B2B direction. Good for them then.

Foozball, then dinner with KY at IMM LJS. Yeah I'm suddenly out of writing juice. Sue me.

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