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Monday, April 03, 2006

Another board game by Sining today. Not as adrenalin pumping as I'm the Boss, and this is an RPG. Still the whole concept was a novel idea. Ben was the traitor, and we all combined forces against him and exterminated him in like no time. Haha. Blobs away!

For some reason though, Kaijie's character is 1) ugly, and 2) can't ever seem to win dice rolls. Like he had I think 3 or 4 units of Knowledge, and even when he left to discuss Marketing and Sining rolled for him, he couldn't even get a total of 3. On 3 dices! Sigh. There's one more game to learn to play. Sining has got three board games. And there's only Railroad Tycoon left to learn. Then it's back to I'm the Boss.

Gosh today was a long day though. We had to sit through a whole hour-and-a-half of an Interpersonal Comm presentation, which oh alright was quite interesting even though as usual the discussion was mainly among Juliana Hans and me. And to reward us Hocking gave a simple quiz. 2 True/False questions. And the second one was related to the first, which was about an anecdote Hocking gave for some theory. And then he realised that he didn't explain the whole story to us, and so he finished the missing parts, and explained that 'Yes this anecdote has some elements of Personal Idioms in it.' And you could hear like half the class, especially Hans, go 'Huhyah...' and change their answer from False to True. Either he chose to ignore it, or this is the price for going to so many Springsteen concerts.

Having had no luck in the malls, I decided to drop by Cash Converters and see what I could find for my brother's birthday. There are always always quirky stuff there, and I thought maybe I would find something. Actually I kinda sensed I would walk out without having to worry anymore.

So I'm in there, having finished examining the pool cues, which aren't all that worth their prices. And I go on to the back of the store. There the salesman was demonstrating a sound system to this guy, and he was playing Hip Hop or some funky variation of it, and my earphones were no match. I could feel and of course hear the bass bumping through my whole body for goodness sake. The woofer was like the size of a mini wheel can?

This is the first time I'm using can like that... you know, the Singlish 'can'. It's damn huge can? It's fucking pain can? I hate these shit to my guts can? That sort of can.

Then again I was listening to Lloyd Webber. And Lloyd Webber music is a wuss when it comes to blasting.

Anyway I finally saw something wedged underneath a couple of stuff I can't imagine anyone would buy anyway. And lo! A calligraphy set! Five nib sizes, five ink cartridges and one catridge sryinge. Converter they call it. I have no idea what you're supposed to do after you suck ink up. Probably squirt at others.


I would have bought a mini aquarium. You know those with bubbles and plastic fish that appear to be swimming. But the motor wasn't working. Otherwise that would have been even better. As it is calligraphy is a great gift already. My bro's into visual arts after all.

Thank you God. One worry down.

Apparently the wind was blowing so strongly it toppled one palm right across the road, and one of the billboards for the Badminton Hall. Actually, the only one. And it isn't really a billboard just a huge frame for ads.


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