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Chilly Sunday
Sunday, May 28, 2006

There's something ethereal about doing diabolically complicated homework (only cos I didn't pay attention, no more of that from now), cold weather marinated in your flesh, and listening to Tango. It's just shiokorz.

No church today because Sandra's off on a seminar, so I'm trying my best to catch up on schoolwork. As you can see I can't quite be successful, blogging at 3.40pm. Indeed, I merely managed to complete the last bit of typing lecture 2's notes of my COM205, and I'm doing stats now. I still have Lectures 3 and 4 from 205...

But meanwhile, enjoy the chill. The next one that arrives might just spell impending doom.

Incidentally, alot of people in the middle of our conversations always go OOO I saw your blog that video... the hard gay thing... hahaha so damn funny... hoo0~!

I cannot believe there are so many lurkers on my blog... Tag la walau eh. I don't put the board up there for fun you know.

You've seen the Yahoo! episode, so here's the (rather disgusting) ramen episode. Enjoy hoo0~!

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HGF Hardo Gay Fever HooO~!
Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Seems every one caught the Hard Gay Fever from Graham. Or well, I caught it from Graham and the whole world caught it from me. :D I've never seen people laugh so hard since I brought Whose Line to school. Ahh the fun times.

Stats lecturer turns out to be another Indian gentlemen... Are they taking over UB or something? In all respects he's a nice person, but as with most statisticians he starts off nice then just rollercoasters downhill. Think Chris Leong.

Or maybe it isn't fair yet, because first lesson is introduction to the topic and he just went through all the things we knew from before... Histogram pie chart bell curve standard deviation nominal ordinal interval random I mean ratio... So we weren't really paying attention. Also for the BA students it's their first time in a 3and3/4 hour lecture, so the class was quite dead today. I threw my pen down in disgust when the lecturer said that he would get Kevin to upload the slides on the Portal.

Incidentally, fountain pens drink more ink than we drink water... I only changed my cartridge (granted it's a small one) like a week ago, and now it's finishing again. Zzz gonna have to see about that $99 super chio-ster fountain pen. A real one, not some cheapo one for $4.20.

Foozball after lecture. When the others learnt from me that Ryan wasn't joining us, KJ looked out of the window and said 'Walau!'... ...

KJ: Walau!
RH: Huh so fast they are downstairs already?
KJ: ... no.
RH: ... -.-"

Weird leh you.

It's more fun saying Raishin! when you have a HooO~! behind it. It's actually more fun saying a whole lot of things when you have a HooO~! behind it.

End of post HooO~!

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Chi Chi no Hee HooO~!
Sunday, May 21, 2006

Chi Chi no Hee means Father's Day. Or maybe you already know.

Graham wasn't lying when he said you would laugh until you cry (or something like that, I forgot la).

For now I'm planning to put up Hard(o) Gay videos till I exhaust them, and it's quite alot, so if my right honourable readers wish for some other line up instead of like 6 weeks of HG, feedback will be appreciated. I started with the single part ones, the double/triple parts will come later if my plan goes ahead.

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Bear, oo, scary!
Friday, May 19, 2006

I er... wanted to put Scary as my title but then I remembered that retarded ad, so...

Anyway, I got news this morning that my Second Aunt's husband was admitted to hospital. It was my First Aunt who called to ask my mom if she wanted to visit him after work.

Apparently the story then was that after his usual binge drinking, he fell and was admitted to hospital. It was mentioned that he had bruises all over. My father suspected he got into a fight. Drunk at 3am... not surprised.

But then after my mom came back from work at 430pm, a call came in from Second Aunt herself. And boy what a story.

What happened was that her husband did fall. He wasn't at home then and my aunt rushed to see him at hospital.

Thing is that was one whole week ago.

However yesterday or today(still follow me?), blue-blacks started appearing all over him. His eyes, hands, stomach... Everywhere. My father interjected saying 'blood clot', and I'm guessing he is half right. The doctors were baffled, so they wheeled him into the Operating Theatre (wonder why it's called theatre, do people pay to watch? Are there Platinum seats? Gold Seats? Couple seats even? Hmmm...).

My uncle hasn't come out yet, but the doctor did. And this was what they found.

All my uncle's organs... Kidneys, liver, stomach... Save for his heart and brain I think, have failed. Strange. Everything was fine before the fall, and then after that... probably some already loose screw popped off and everything just KO-ed.

Scary, innit?

My mom will visit him when he gets out.

If he ever gets out...

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Before the part about hoodie, I'll like to say a little something about my church.

And before my church, I'd like to say a little something about my videos.


Watch la... I make an effort you make an effort as well ok?

Some of you would have seen this before... Absolutely crapped up, absolutely idiotic, absolutely funny.


You do not know Praise and Worship, until you are in a stadium... The Singapore Indoor Stadium, to be precise (or larger, the more the merrier), with 13 000++ people, with a 50-strong choir (there about anyway), a 7-man live band, 6 singers, and music blasting so loud your ears ring (aka rock level).

You do not.

We had a combined service today. Celebrating God's love, Mothers' Day, and Pastor Prince's birthday.

Although we didn't stay for Pastor's birthday haha we zao the moment Pastor said 'With every head bowed and every eye closed...' There hard to get a cab la. And in the end we called anyway. Lol.

We went to Lucky Plaza (that awful place) with the intention of having the famous River Valley Nasi Lemak for lunch, but freak they were closed today, so we decided to just get something from the other stalls. There was a shop nearby selling old coins from around the world, as well as previous issues of Singapore currency (so nostalgic when I saw that navy blue $50 note of the ship series). I was looking for a Russian coin with Lenin's portrait on it (I'm a sucker for just about anything with Lenin's face... It's a dream for me to get Lenin's bust or mini-statue from Russia... like the one Ian Wright held when he said his Lenins Awards speech... lol). Beside the food stalls there was this pub/club sort of thing where they were playing one of those 48 non-stop hits. Except these hits were like uber retro... All the early Kylie Minogue and Bananarama and all that lol... blasting so damn loud and the best part was my cousin and her friends were bobbing their heads to the music while eating.

Now, finally... about my hoodie.

Last week at Marina Square I walked into Zara while my cousin (the one and only) went to the ladies. As I was browsing I chanced on one of those sets where they put like three pieces together (T-shirt, hoodie and blazer in this case) so that they're smashing as a set but you don't HAVE to wear them all nor buy them all... And I saw the middle layer was a hoodie. Thinking that this was rather unnatural of Zara (fashion gurus forgive me la I only know Zara for formal wear), I fished it out from the middle of the set and tried it on.

I fell in love with it immediately.

The cut was just made for me.

As you all know, not exactly all cuts fit my... rotund shape. Apparently, the cuts that fit least of all happen to be those of the very clothes I wear to school... sigh.

Well there are a few hits of course.

But every one agreed, this cut suited me. However, the size was 38 (I bought 44 in the end), so I looked rather shrink wrapped in it.

My cousin insisted, though, that we should look at other shops to see what they offer before picking this one. So we spent the rest of last Sunday zooming around and into all possible shops only to discover that if we had bought it there and then, it wouldn't have made a single freaking difference because all the other shops' hoodies if they even had one was horrible.

So anyway, after today's combined service we went to Taka where, as we all know, there is a much bigger Zara. But before that, my cuz held the following conversation with me.

Sandra: So Renhao are we still getting your hoodie later?
Renhao: Ah.... well... yeah... I guess we'll...
Sandra: Excellent! But it does not come free, ok? You have to do two things for me.
Renhao: Um... ok.
Sandra: Number 1, you have to learn how to write a cheque and write one for me.
Renhao: ... :S
Sandra: Two, you have to record your expenses for one week, starting today up till Saturday. Deal?
Renhao: Yyyyeahhh sure!
Sandra: Alright!!

I should explain by the way that recording your expenses is by all means a good habit, but it can get real screwed up if you keep forgetting.

And this whole business of writing cheques, I'm not an idiot. I can figure it out after wasting a couple of cheques. But it seems Sandra (how tedious to type my cuz my cuz my cuz) has some grand scheme to teach us (my brother too) the ways of the world. And hell I'd rather go through childish lessons than get pwned before I wise up. And on the other side, it's a significant enough effort to record my expenses to make me feel like I worked for the hoodie somehow.

I somehow sense I'm not making exact sense. Or I could express myself better. zZzZz... tired.

So anyway, Taka. Zara. 38, 40, 42, 44. I had only to choose between 42 and 44 and in comparison the 44 was clearly better. 42 was still a little hugging some places. Surprisingly though, my brother who I'd say has a good enough figure settled on 42, because 40 was a perfectly perfect fit and he still has some growing to do.

Guess I'm not that fat after all. Hohoho.

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Submit to them
Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This is a long post.

First. Results.

COM217 ----- A-
COM225 ----- A-
UGC112 ----- A
MGQ201 ----- B
PSY101 ----- C

GPA -------- 3.25125
CGPA ------- approx. 3.163

I didn't blame Lee Chin Choo for the C for Microecons. I just couldn't get it, and in all respects she was a good lecturer.

I, however, blame Auntie Yeap. This is the second time I missed the cum laude because of a C. Ass clown.

Today Baoling and I dragged our sleepy asses back to school for the newsletter meeting. I'm happy to say that it's much more organized now. After the meeting we went to Esplanade because we both agreed that it was tear-inducingly boring at home, so we went to pick up a couple of DVDs to watch. And after that my knees were weak from hunger, thanks to my smart eating habits. I had no breakfast, I finished a quarter can of Pringles chips during the meeting, and I had bubble tea after that. Naturally those disappeared quite fast. So anyway we went to Marina Center. But we kept getting distracted left right centre, so it was sometime before we settled down at our destination of Carl's Jr. After we had finished I was done for dinner, and maybe even tomorrow's breakfast as well...

As we got up we realised it was 5 o'clock... results! So we went backwards to the McCafe hoping there were computer terminals there, but there wasn't! So all jittery we walked quickly to Pacific Coffee at One Raffles, and yes! Unused computer terminal. We thought we had to waste like 5 bucks on a drink before we could use the computer, but I noticed it was logged on to the Internet, so I just tried typing www.sim.edu.sg, and oooo it worked! The C really disappointed me, and from what I gather, alot of people also expected much higher than what they got. Well then, enough of results.

What you're about to read is a post I wrote on paper late one night last December, intending to enter it into this blog the next day. I kinda like the writing here (there are times I don't like my own writing), and as I ran through it I felt all the emotions rushing back in an exhilirating rollercoaster ride.

The content of what you are about to read is very real, and hell it still happens, but the questions raised in here don't really matter anymore. But I thought I'd share this with all you faithful readers out there, just a little intimate look.

So. Here goes.


Submit to them.

Yes, I thought to myself. Yes, I'll call Sandra to confirm whether it was her who said that.

Submit to them.

It's 12am. Too late. I'll call her tomorrow. And if she asks what's up... well, I'll just tell her.

Yes, I will do that.

Submit to them.


Submit to them. Don't defy your parents. Just do what they want.

You know this may not be the best time, but people normally withold freedom from others because they think that that person isn't ready to handle it yet.

My heart just freezes everytime you do that.


Ryan said it. Ryan said submit to them!

He's in camp right now.

How often have I submitted since then?

Back to eleven now are we? Stricter during the holidays?

Your parents are uber control freaks.
I know.

Freedom comes at a hard price.
I know.

My heart freezes everytime you do that.

I know.

Enjoyed your little glimpse into my train of thought?

Ever wondered why I behave like that?

Yeah. My thoughts are a drama series. Game of Life.

My mom came in at 11.58pm. Put her finger on the switch. I was watching Family Guy.

I held my index finger up. Right away ma'am...

As the computer went throught its shutdown process, I mindlessly shifted things around my desk. I wasn't even trying to arrange it... just shoving something to another part of my table, and dragging something in to fill the space.

'Don't take advantage of me because I am nice. Don't take advantage of me because I don't want to spoil your computer. Appreciate it. Tomorrow onwards, 11 o'clock. Delay somemore, 10 o'clock. And I will turn the switch off when the time comes.'

The screaming began. No, not screaming. Just the talking back. In my head.

Shut up, fuck you. What the hell is the meaning of this? what else do you want me to do?

Which one is it now? 'Don't curse your parents'? or 'Therefore now no condemnation'?

I went to my room to continue on the Da Vinci Code. I felt like flinging the book against the wall. I felt like smashing the classical guitar. I felt like roaring 'Control won't last forever!' I felt like tearing and clawing at everything I could get my hands on.

But I was empty. No wave of searing rage threatened to break the dam. No primal scream. Just desperate hope, shaking the dragon, trying to wake it from its contented slumber.


I picked up the classical, the familiar printed tab. Four pages. Two of which I never use.

Tears in the Rain by Joe Satriani (Satch) from the album 'The Extremist'.

Pushed through the usual run of mistake, after mistake, pause, after pause, misfret, after misfret, mute after mute.

At least let me complete the closing sequence well.

No go. Muted again.

I set the classical down, back at its place propped against the goot of my bed, with a loud bang. I knew it wouldn't add a scratch to its worn body, simply because I had subjected it to far worse treatment. And it's still find, albeit with two missing machine heads, a chipped nut, a crack in the neck, an overhigh saddle, and plenty of pockmarks and scratches.

Yes I'm eyeing the $98 starter set. But first, my internal 120GB hard drive.

I contemplated telling them that if you wanted to chain me up this way, just take the whole damn thing away. Don't give stupid crap nonsense like eleven o'clock because it's the holidays and you have no work to be rushed. I feel like telling them I have alot to entertain me without the computer. I can sit in front of the TV all day. I have Hindi dramas and anime to watch. I have John Irving and Narnia to read. Oh yes, King Kong and Narnia to watch too.

I could well be a couch fucking potato without the computer. At least I do my emails and look for decent information and blog on the computer.

But forget it eh? Don't fight. Just do it.

There has to be a reason for that one.

What is He trying to tell me?

Leave the battle to Me?

But everyone who did that was doing something, not being a yes-man.

Confusing isn't it? I must seek my personal soothsayer.

Ryan comes back from camp today.


Yesterday it happened again. This time, my mother went to the extent of saying 'After 17 years, what have you contributed to the family la you tell me?'

For the record, I obviously never posted this up till now, and neither did I remember consulting Ryan's advice. That is one blessing/curse I have, I let grudges pass very very quickly. Escapism? I dunno.

Speaking of escapism, I was feeling rather off colour yesterday, like there are so many things I wish to express in my heart... On MSN chat, in writing, in speech, in song... But yet I was too messed up to do anything. I was actually doing the Hermione-Draco fanfic I'm co-authoring with Mano, and I was doing a quarrel, which suited my somewhat belligerent mood then I guess. So anyway even that I couldn't continue (maybe it's because I got to the confession part. OoOoOooo...). I tried to play mahjong, but I was not concentrating at all, and let countless pong-able tiles slip.

I decided then to listen to Immortal, whose discography I had obtained a couple of days ago in a burst of performance from my usually unworking source.

And as I listened, the boulders and weights in my chest slowly lifted. Yes I had to do silly metal actions to totally swing it off (I was headbanging and windmilling at my brother and giving him the horn and sticking my tongue out and rolling my eyes...). The fact is that I felt much better after that. Now this is not meant to work for everybody, ok, so don't just look up Immortal and blast their music. To each his own. Metal I guess is my form of escapism, or maybe a sort of siphon for problems to go into Minusland, I dunno whether that would be the same. I think it's important to find your own unique escapism. No, drinking is not escapism. Nor is illegitimate sex or gambling. You only think those are escapisms. Escapisms are enhanced fantasies which in the end when you return to Earth do you no harm. I dare you to tell me how any of those three in excess can provide escapism without harm. Heck, you don't even have to have illegit sex often to fling yourself in harm's way.

Coming back to the post-that-never-was, notice how Ryan was mentioned so explicitly. I thought I'd ask him for permission before putting it up here. So anyway we were talking about how you could reason your way past Einstein himself and not get past your own mother. And we agreed then that hitting back with what we think are ouchie stuff like 'Then perhaps it was a mistake to bring me into this world' don't pwn them and shut their traps, but in fact make them all the more madder at you. So I'm really glad I held my tongue when I would have released my (lousy, totally ineffective) bankai. Then I started asking really, what do they want us to contribute then?

You know sometimes I feel ashamed when I talk to Ryan. I feel so immature. When he says things it's like motherfricking obvious and yet I somehow don't get it.

He said he tries to contribute by caring for his siblings. And I said damn give me a baby brother anytime I'll push shove and knife my way to the top of his fave list. And I admitted to him that I had failed with my younger brother, that he had picked up a good many things from me that he would have been much much much better off not knowing about at all. And Ryan said since you say you're easy with children, why can't you make yourself easier with young teenagers?

-.- dammit

And why can't you push shove and knife your way to the top of his fave list?

-.- dominating.................

Obviously it's gonna be hard work, but I'm encouraged by the fact that he finds difficulties in caring for a baby brother, which I would think would be a breeze since I love children so much. I guess if he can find difficulty in caring for a toddler, one who emits cute sounds and random syllables and neither argues back nor backstabs you, I guess there is still hope for my relationship with my adolescent brother. In the end, I guess (I'm guessing alot am I...) it's just up to you to find the gap you were sent to earth to fill, and get cracking.

Also this whole topic generally relates to the Christian topic of submission to authority, which is really hard to do, all the more since the Christian ideal states unquestioning obedience. Because if we submitted to authority, we would 'grow in wisdom and stature', just as Jesus did. You don't really have to commit suicide if you slip and go against authority, everyone makes mistakes, but we should try to obey our parents as much as possible.

I tell you something though. It's been a year since I stepped into UB. And gosh I probably learnt more about the world in this year than 16 years of meaningless existence. But what I learnt was to be rebellious. Hell yeah my parents are control freaks. I learnt to retort more effectively (communication haha), I spent alot of time thinking about effective lash outs, I did alot of things my parents didn't approve of, I learnt alot from my friends. Don't get me wrong though. I'm not blaming my friends for teaching me things I wouldn't have learnt otherwise, I should be and I am grateful for that. And this year has been far from a waste. Because no matter if I felt my parents didn't give me enough freedom. I created my own freedom. I learnt to be vague about what time I expect myself to finish. And if they insist on a time, I take the time I end class and add one or two hours. I learnt how it felt to have the flexibility of time on my side.

Kids below 14 who are reading this, please do not try this at home. I am a professional who has been properly trained.

But I've been thinking these few days, and hell. Perhaps I've had enough of that. Like they say, it was fun while it lasted, but I want to be a better Christian this year. And hey, not just me. Be a better Buddhist this year. Better Muslim. Better Hindu.

You'll have to pardon my missing out your religion. You know I couldn't possibly put everything down. Although I'd gladly link to a page if there was one...

In Sec 4 one of my Muslim friends skipped Friday prayers in favour of Chem supplementary lessons. Try to fault him la you tell me.

Anyways, it's time I settled down la I think. The one-month hiatus from church probably did me some good. It made me think alot whether I really was committed to being a Christian, or just being a Sunday Christian who pretends to cry during Praise and Worship, and amen's the loudest in response to the pastor. Is Jesus who I really wanted to look to? Am I just doing it for show? For Ryan? For my cousin? My brother? Because honestly I could sleep late and enjoy myself alot on Sunday morning. I can be and I enjoy doing that.

But everytime I questioned myself like that, I always got back the same answer. Even in the greatest doubt, something inside says, no. A Christian is who you are, who you are destined to be, and who you will be. Don't give up.

See this is why I like blogging. I reason through writing. Now I realise that I've been asking for nothing when I prayed for God to let me hear His voice. I already heard it. Many times. A calm, quiet, and firm voice in the midst of chaos and confusion. That is Him.

Gosh. Yearly plan. I sound like Bernard. Never mind. I'm sure alot of people have this sort of thing. It's just that Bernard and now I choose to er... articulate it. And if it feels better, why not?

Eh but, you got your own blog la don't write on other people's tagboard. Not nice nah... lol.

It's probably that contribution thing that my mom said that triggered this off. And I can't answer. I could say I brought joy and laughter to the family, but what kind of stupid answer is that? Obviously I haven't been bringing joy if my mom was lecturing me.

Guess it's time to get a grip of my life. Do you have a grip on yours?

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ahhh nothing like a good cup of iced dark milk coffee (kopi-si-gao-peng) after a game of DotA. Especially if the game was good. (^^) 3v3 with Ryan Elton and me on one team.

Although I don't quite know how to react to the fact that my first first blood was quite a lucky one.

See, some stupid hero called the Spirit Breaker, which looks like a standing warthog, met me halfway down the lane as I was going back to (of all things) heal myself. I tell you, this is the scarring trauma from previous games of DotA, my heart just dropped and I was screaming in a strangled voice 'RUN!' while clicking furiously, as if by some Harry Pottery magic my precious heroine would hear me and double up.

Then since my heroine was running so damn slowly (she was like running on the moon like that la freak) I remembered that one of my powers, Frostbite, can freeze the victim for... er some time. So I did that, and then while the warthog was locked in the ice chamber I took the chance to do a Frost Nova, which er... slows the enemy I guess, apart from hurting it quite badly too. And all this happened in such a rush that I couldn't really see what was going on (and I was too terrified anyway). So when I heard the movie-trailer-deep-voice announcing FIRST BLOODDD I thought that's it, it's over, I freaking screwed it up again and fed the other...

Then I realised I was still standing there, running back to the healing fountain. When I reread the words on the screen...

FARINELLI spilled FIRST BLOOD with [whatever-that-guy's-nick-was] head! +150 gold.

Or something like that. I can't remember that sentence.

But you know, I wasn't even rejoicing. I was just extremely relieved that I got out of that scuffle alive. Thanks to my gay heroine...

Ryan analysed that the Bite could lock target units down, but doesn't prevent them from still casting spells. So either our warthog (no really, he doesn't deserve such a cool name as Spirit Breaker) had not enough mana, as Ryan said, or he was a n00b, and, like me and many other n00bs around the world, was too stunned and terrified by an attack to react in time.

Elton was using a black creature called Lion the Witch, which totally makes no sense at all, and apparently, the Lion and the Crystal Maiden (CM), my hero, are an ultra gay combo.

I was too busy minding my own business (and believe me when you're a n00b there seems to be PLENTY of business to be taking care of -.-) to watch Elton's spell attacks, and they are dark anyway, a sort of potassium-permanganate-dark-dark-purple, but E-ton just tells me to ice our sorry victim, ice meaning Bite and then Nova, and he just does some hocus-pocus and our sorry friend is a goner.

Or the other way round, as demonstrated by my second, and again, dubious kill. I just respond to the words ICE HIM and let them do the rest.

I guess it's a start...

Now that Ryan's flying off till the 18th, I guess I won't be playing a proper game with him probably till the next holidays. Or anybody, since everyone seems to be free when my parents are at home and out when I'm home alone. How sad. But well since I can create games now, I could just invite people to pwn me i guess.

Good job guys. A few more of these games and I'll feel better about my DotA-ing skills. There's hope for Farinelli after all...

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Sashiburi dana...
Monday, May 08, 2006

Yes yes. It's been a long time my friends. Did you really think that was all I would say about orientation? I was just too tired that day. Then up till now I was too lazy to write. Haha.

And now I've forgotten everything about it. I should make a point to blog more often.

These few days saw me having sneaky games of WC3 Card Shuffle with Ryan when my parents were watching election results or Da Chang Jin, or something else keeping them glued to the TV. Only today when my dad went out and I was home alone, we had a decent run of Shuffle.

We thought Singapore had no hope for Shufflers, because it took quite some time and alot of slot refreshing on my part to fill up a 3v3 game.

My word, our partner was a noob, and we were pwned 9-0.

Later I created another 2v2 game, and this time it was better because the other two were first timers and we whooped their ass so bad 6-0. But I suspect they'll be running back looking for more. It's addictive.

Last game, Ryan and I 1v1-ed. It seems I do well with Death and Darkness melded, so I'm just gonna use that from now on. Ryan was trying to beat me so we could both find out how to defeat the D&D deck. And he did beat me a couple of times, but I blame it entirely on lousy cards, which are bound to happen anyway. So the best way is to just try to make me use my mana, or drain it. There's one big clue for you, and that's all. I'd still like my D&D deck to pwn thank you very much.

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Was fun.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Well for I think the first time I forgot to put the new video up on time. Not that it matters I guess not many people check on Sundays, strangely, none that I know of. I was searching for Family Guy clips on Youtube, they were all removed by the way, and I came across this somehow. You'll probably have to play it more than once, the jokes just whiz by so fast. Whoever wrote the dubbing script was good.

With my auntie back in Singapore, there are a couple more things to do, not that I'm really complaining. I guess I could use some fresh air.

In any case I do have a couple of things to entertain me at home. Mahjong... Electric guitar... and of course Orientation plans to keep me busy.

My aunt bought tickets to PAMdemonium, the performance by Pam Oei. It was good la, but I wouldn't have bothered with it myself. $25 leh. But there was one section of the show where she brought out a pianica, and lamented that it is very hard to blow and play at the same time. Surprisingly my mom laughed the hardest.

Wonder what she's been doing.

By the way her live band rocks. Nice instruments too. At the last part all of them switched places. Come the guitar solo (oh they were doing Smoke on the Water), the guitarist ran to Pam who was playing the guitar and soloed, the bassist who was drumming with the keyboardist ran to the keyboard to fill in, and when the solo was done they all ran back.

Madness I tell you.

Just before my aunt bought tickets however, we were at Akashi, the Japanese restaurant at CityLink. My aunt, after ordering the main dishes, kept ordering stuff like free, shark's fin chawanmushi, salmon and torou (tuna belly) sashimi, California reverse roll...

Except it wasn't free.

The bill ran up to 300+.

Funnily enough, while my aunt didn't bat an eyelid, we were just floored.

Went to PopcornPOP, expanded my Harry Potter card collection (as usual). I'll get Chicken Little next time. But on Sunday before the performance I was browsing, and I saw this little plastic figure of Chicken Little in that Men-In-Black pose, and I lovvve that pose, and it was only $2, so I bought that. Soon, I'll probably get a Stitch hollow plastic figure at $17, or else another figure of a similar kind to the Chicken Little one. $5. Uh... Da Vinci Code poster magnet...

Yeah. That should do to make me bankrupt.

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