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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ahhh nothing like a good cup of iced dark milk coffee (kopi-si-gao-peng) after a game of DotA. Especially if the game was good. (^^) 3v3 with Ryan Elton and me on one team.

Although I don't quite know how to react to the fact that my first first blood was quite a lucky one.

See, some stupid hero called the Spirit Breaker, which looks like a standing warthog, met me halfway down the lane as I was going back to (of all things) heal myself. I tell you, this is the scarring trauma from previous games of DotA, my heart just dropped and I was screaming in a strangled voice 'RUN!' while clicking furiously, as if by some Harry Pottery magic my precious heroine would hear me and double up.

Then since my heroine was running so damn slowly (she was like running on the moon like that la freak) I remembered that one of my powers, Frostbite, can freeze the victim for... er some time. So I did that, and then while the warthog was locked in the ice chamber I took the chance to do a Frost Nova, which er... slows the enemy I guess, apart from hurting it quite badly too. And all this happened in such a rush that I couldn't really see what was going on (and I was too terrified anyway). So when I heard the movie-trailer-deep-voice announcing FIRST BLOODDD I thought that's it, it's over, I freaking screwed it up again and fed the other...

Then I realised I was still standing there, running back to the healing fountain. When I reread the words on the screen...

FARINELLI spilled FIRST BLOOD with [whatever-that-guy's-nick-was] head! +150 gold.

Or something like that. I can't remember that sentence.

But you know, I wasn't even rejoicing. I was just extremely relieved that I got out of that scuffle alive. Thanks to my gay heroine...

Ryan analysed that the Bite could lock target units down, but doesn't prevent them from still casting spells. So either our warthog (no really, he doesn't deserve such a cool name as Spirit Breaker) had not enough mana, as Ryan said, or he was a n00b, and, like me and many other n00bs around the world, was too stunned and terrified by an attack to react in time.

Elton was using a black creature called Lion the Witch, which totally makes no sense at all, and apparently, the Lion and the Crystal Maiden (CM), my hero, are an ultra gay combo.

I was too busy minding my own business (and believe me when you're a n00b there seems to be PLENTY of business to be taking care of -.-) to watch Elton's spell attacks, and they are dark anyway, a sort of potassium-permanganate-dark-dark-purple, but E-ton just tells me to ice our sorry victim, ice meaning Bite and then Nova, and he just does some hocus-pocus and our sorry friend is a goner.

Or the other way round, as demonstrated by my second, and again, dubious kill. I just respond to the words ICE HIM and let them do the rest.

I guess it's a start...

Now that Ryan's flying off till the 18th, I guess I won't be playing a proper game with him probably till the next holidays. Or anybody, since everyone seems to be free when my parents are at home and out when I'm home alone. How sad. But well since I can create games now, I could just invite people to pwn me i guess.

Good job guys. A few more of these games and I'll feel better about my DotA-ing skills. There's hope for Farinelli after all...

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