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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Before the part about hoodie, I'll like to say a little something about my church.

And before my church, I'd like to say a little something about my videos.


Watch la... I make an effort you make an effort as well ok?

Some of you would have seen this before... Absolutely crapped up, absolutely idiotic, absolutely funny.


You do not know Praise and Worship, until you are in a stadium... The Singapore Indoor Stadium, to be precise (or larger, the more the merrier), with 13 000++ people, with a 50-strong choir (there about anyway), a 7-man live band, 6 singers, and music blasting so loud your ears ring (aka rock level).

You do not.

We had a combined service today. Celebrating God's love, Mothers' Day, and Pastor Prince's birthday.

Although we didn't stay for Pastor's birthday haha we zao the moment Pastor said 'With every head bowed and every eye closed...' There hard to get a cab la. And in the end we called anyway. Lol.

We went to Lucky Plaza (that awful place) with the intention of having the famous River Valley Nasi Lemak for lunch, but freak they were closed today, so we decided to just get something from the other stalls. There was a shop nearby selling old coins from around the world, as well as previous issues of Singapore currency (so nostalgic when I saw that navy blue $50 note of the ship series). I was looking for a Russian coin with Lenin's portrait on it (I'm a sucker for just about anything with Lenin's face... It's a dream for me to get Lenin's bust or mini-statue from Russia... like the one Ian Wright held when he said his Lenins Awards speech... lol). Beside the food stalls there was this pub/club sort of thing where they were playing one of those 48 non-stop hits. Except these hits were like uber retro... All the early Kylie Minogue and Bananarama and all that lol... blasting so damn loud and the best part was my cousin and her friends were bobbing their heads to the music while eating.

Now, finally... about my hoodie.

Last week at Marina Square I walked into Zara while my cousin (the one and only) went to the ladies. As I was browsing I chanced on one of those sets where they put like three pieces together (T-shirt, hoodie and blazer in this case) so that they're smashing as a set but you don't HAVE to wear them all nor buy them all... And I saw the middle layer was a hoodie. Thinking that this was rather unnatural of Zara (fashion gurus forgive me la I only know Zara for formal wear), I fished it out from the middle of the set and tried it on.

I fell in love with it immediately.

The cut was just made for me.

As you all know, not exactly all cuts fit my... rotund shape. Apparently, the cuts that fit least of all happen to be those of the very clothes I wear to school... sigh.

Well there are a few hits of course.

But every one agreed, this cut suited me. However, the size was 38 (I bought 44 in the end), so I looked rather shrink wrapped in it.

My cousin insisted, though, that we should look at other shops to see what they offer before picking this one. So we spent the rest of last Sunday zooming around and into all possible shops only to discover that if we had bought it there and then, it wouldn't have made a single freaking difference because all the other shops' hoodies if they even had one was horrible.

So anyway, after today's combined service we went to Taka where, as we all know, there is a much bigger Zara. But before that, my cuz held the following conversation with me.

Sandra: So Renhao are we still getting your hoodie later?
Renhao: Ah.... well... yeah... I guess we'll...
Sandra: Excellent! But it does not come free, ok? You have to do two things for me.
Renhao: Um... ok.
Sandra: Number 1, you have to learn how to write a cheque and write one for me.
Renhao: ... :S
Sandra: Two, you have to record your expenses for one week, starting today up till Saturday. Deal?
Renhao: Yyyyeahhh sure!
Sandra: Alright!!

I should explain by the way that recording your expenses is by all means a good habit, but it can get real screwed up if you keep forgetting.

And this whole business of writing cheques, I'm not an idiot. I can figure it out after wasting a couple of cheques. But it seems Sandra (how tedious to type my cuz my cuz my cuz) has some grand scheme to teach us (my brother too) the ways of the world. And hell I'd rather go through childish lessons than get pwned before I wise up. And on the other side, it's a significant enough effort to record my expenses to make me feel like I worked for the hoodie somehow.

I somehow sense I'm not making exact sense. Or I could express myself better. zZzZz... tired.

So anyway, Taka. Zara. 38, 40, 42, 44. I had only to choose between 42 and 44 and in comparison the 44 was clearly better. 42 was still a little hugging some places. Surprisingly though, my brother who I'd say has a good enough figure settled on 42, because 40 was a perfectly perfect fit and he still has some growing to do.

Guess I'm not that fat after all. Hohoho.

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