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Authentic American BBQ
Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Between studying for a test for which I have no clue of the topics, and going for a once-in-a-lifetime authentic American BBQ... I had my doubts. But Felicia (of all people!) convinced me to stay by saying that she'd lend me her notes because she was soon to be done with it. Of course she'd be, and of course she'd lend me her notes, and of course I would be deluding myself for about 15min that I was studying.

Tried something at the foozball table. I was blasting Immortal when I took the mids and strikers (sorry ah Big Ben cut your queue haha). I couldn't hear anything... not Ryan's commentary... not the sickening rumble of bars being flicked hard... not even the sound of my own Raishin. I should say I did improve. Managed to even get past William at point-blank range (which we all know is ironically almost impossible) to score.

Since I wasn't going to study anymore I followed Felicia Rara and Jane to tompang the shuttle bus for the exchange students. The place was Fraser Residences, rather posh service apartments at Robertson Quay, right above dbl O no less. It was a wonderful place for a BBQ, four small pits two on each side to make two BBQ pits. The exchange students didn't allow us to help with the preparations, so I settled for eating chips... In the Jack 'n' Jill bag of chips there were thses cute little mini jerseys to attach to your handphone, and there were two in it, Polish and South Korean jerseys. I immediately gave the Polish one to Pshamac to his delight.

As we waited for the food to cook I joined Jun Jie and Jeremy and other seniors who came to play silly card games. We played In-Between, which consisted solely of deciding whether to bet that the third card would be of a value in between that of the first two cards that were opened. I was given 20cents (suay suay use up all my coins earlier zZz)and ended up with 30cents, plus 60cents that the pool was split between us. Wei Yang was saying how he lost $300 on one round before... the first two cards were Ace and King... maximum range. So he must have bet $150.

Open 3rd card... Ace.

When you get a card of the same value as either of your first two cards you pay double your bet... gay I know...

Later Vady (or Vandy I'm still not sure) wanted to teach the seniors Texas Hold'em, but without any chips he called it off after awhile. Actually I suggested using the heap of potato chips (what! They are chips aren't they??) but he didn't really want to.

Americans have an enormous appetite... I ate like a burger and a couple of chicken wings and drumsticks and I was full... but these guys had like so much more stuff on the pit it was amazing.

I was worried about the test tomorrow though so I left early... waited forever for a taxi... sheesh. I cabbed to school this morning and I cabbed back from dbl O... $25.20 hoo0~!

But guess what? Jane and I saw our Indian security guard friend! She even knows his name is called Raj. At first I was skeptical because he strolled right past us without so much as a glance, and then Jane said he would respond to the name Raj, to which I said that so would a million other people (literally). Later however he came over to say hi, and with a pained expression he informed me it was Women's Night, which not just meant that women who just an hour or two ago were austere senior secretaries were now half-dead in a pool of their own vomit, it also meant that general fights broke out between men and women.

Girls ah girls...

I'm officially dead for the test tomorrow.

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