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Day of the Devil (or Devil's Day whatever)
Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I thought 6/6/06 would be the death of me.

Hurhur geddit geddit?

But uh no I'm still here blogging... Au contraire, monsieurs et madamoiselles, today was quite a smash.

Started the day though with some not-too-good stuff. I was stressing over the Stats analysis report, because the combined forces of Ryan and Hans (Master Smoker and Genius Cock Talker) only churned out a 1.5 page report. When they assured me that all bases had been covered I gave in and printed the stuff out.

When I got to school, I saw Ben's bag. No guessing where he was haha. I was playing a game of Number on the pool table and I must say, when you do a jump-ball that pockets the target ball two days in a row, I wouldn't really call that tyco. :D

Joined Ben after I was finished, he was soloing against Elton and KJ and pwning them so bad. No surprises which side won when I joined him. I did well on defender.

Stats. Booooring...but I'm starting to pay attention hoo0~! About time though, it's getting complicated now. You can't be far from a painful pwnage when you need to flip your textbook and notes back and forth before you understand the Poisson Distribution. When you'd learnt it last semester.

It's pwah-zon, okay. I shiver everytime people say poison...

Both breaks, went for foozball, got thrashed. I was with Ryan on the red side, and the score was 4-4. And he was rambling as usual about careful ah... Then I put the ball in and he suddenly went DAMMIT!!!

Ben scored an opening shot.

I was laughing too hard to snap at him properly. All that came out of my mouth was what d'y'mean... put in... ball... dammit... pang...

Taking 151/154 alot these days... Another trip scheduled tomorrow because Ben is going to Bedok. Might even become staple for me haha. Sick of getting my butt numb on the train.

No really. It hurts when I shift my ass as the train gets out of the tunnel.

Hans came dressed for the occasion... a long sleeve shirt of I-forgot-which-band and a caption on the back saying spread your legs... I wish to recount nor remember the rest. Was planning to watch The Omen but shit just blew my money on cab fare, maybe next week then.

Incidentally, Hans's band Absence of the Sacred is coming out with a debut album and I saw the link on the UBSIM forum to his band's hi5 page. Not bad stuff. Well actually it's pretty good shit, but for those who on the off chance dunno shit about Hans nor his music it's actually death-thrash metal (something like that bah) and real heavy stuff. So you have been warned.

Hans this has cost you an album. :D

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