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Sunday, July 30, 2006

New video harharhar so farrrrnieu I got nooooooo juice to blog so I typing like this they say if you put a 1000 bananas in 1000 typewriters with 1000 monkeys in 1000 metres they will produce Shakespeare for you but I say I like French cuisine even though I've never tried it before enjoy and hope I get my blogging juice back soooon

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Let my mushrooms GO!!!
Sunday, July 23, 2006

Didn't do much in the morning and early afternoon watched videos all through. Left at 3 for Campus and by the time I reached City Hall I was late so I took a cab to Suntec. The driver took me on a merry-go-round. He probably took my unsmiling face to be dissatisfaction, so he went into a one-way conversation about how the idiots put up a new sign saying 'no right turn' so he had to go one huge round. Cab drivers really don't know how to take monosyllablic grunts as a huge hint to shut up and drive... must be lonely, having people there but not talking to them.


Anyway, $3.80. Manageable. I walked out of the lift at the 6th floor to a blast of noise... the chatter was unbelievable... it was only a couple of minutes past 4 and the place was already filled with people. Met Maria after awhile, she brought me up to date on the whole new thing. Campus is starting this chill-out corner, where basically you can pick up a free packet drink. And then there is the MAD Initiative, Making A Difference... there were T-shirts for sale but they were vintage designs and I didn't quite like them, so I passed this time.

The chairs were removed this time... well most of it anyway. We were all treated to a pre-service dance, then Pastor Chin came up and well apparently he replaced his prepared message with a one fresh from the Lord.

You know what. Fast forward to post-sermon praise and worship. Pastor said, after the first song.

'Let's Tell the World okay?'

The whole room went nuts.

Haha I had alot of fun. Alot. Of fun.

Dinner with the rest of the caregroup (even though I don't go caregroup... they all stick together anyway, with any event). We were at the Milennnia Burger King, and I was at the counter ordering (Mushroom Swiss hoo0~!). Bao Yan and Li Rong were waiting behind me. Baoyan suggested extra cheese extra mushrooms, and I laughed, thinking she wouldn't bother. In any case I'd ordered already so...

So I was the first to get back to our seats, and I didn't want to start first (courteous what). So I went back to give them moral support and just be there for them.

No la I was just kaypoh.

When we got back to our seats, Baoyan opened her burger.

Extra cheese, and extra mushroom.

No extra charge.

All through dinner Baoyan was really funny, making endless jokes. She told us about how as a curious and arguably innocent little girl at Primary 2 she heard about how cats don't die when they fall, and she didn't exactly want to throw a kitten off the parapet. So she sat the kitten on her lap.

And the opened her legs.

My God at 1 year's old, I wouldn't have been as fast as the kitten, who promptly shot its claws out and scratched Baoyan's legs trying to break its fall.

One thing. This care group is uber at wasting time. We spent half an hour standing around waiting for nothing.

I didn't really wish to take a bus home, since it was so late and I wanted to get home fast. After some deliberation I flagged the first cab I saw.

The cab with the bright green LED sign announcing TAXI.

Comfort Cab.

$14.10. Bloody hell. But I think I'll save my cab money for Saturdays from now on. Kinda worth it...

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Le Benefites de Leisure
Friday, July 21, 2006


Today was a good breather.

After CSE lab went with G to meet KY......

You know what? Let's talk about CSE lab first. Hahaha.

Anthony Lee came on time today, and gave out our assignments shortly after. As I had predicted, today's Javascript was fun to construct. I actually finished mine within half an hour you know, but I forgot to print an extra copy of my code for Bao and Pam, so my submission was delayed by another half hour. But that half hour was not to be wasted. First stop was Carol, where her code was processing the same result whether it was this or that (we were doing the IF function of Javascript). I asked her to put the script into my thumbdrive and let me look at it from my desk, because I could hardly think standing behind her and back bent 90. And next came Maria, so I asked her to put it in my thumbdrive too. I actually suggested entering booleans for Carol, but I realised upon running through again that I put the NOT sign somewhere else... goodness. Maria... forgot la. Lol. There was probably another one I helped too, but I forgot who. But then came Melvin. I noticed Graham bending over him, Yang looking at his computer too, and a big crowd there. So I squeezed myself and leaned between Yang and Melvin. And you can imagine lor... 4 guys bent over a com screen examining lines of codes over and over and over again. If Graham hadn't had his codes open to compare too, I probably would never have found the mistake.

Me: Um Melvin... lemme see Graham's.
Me: ... yours?
Me: ... ... ... -press UP arrow...-
-up to the head of the codes-
-changes Function to function-

Now everyone is silent, pondering the possibilities of this being the one letter to solving the whole jam. In movies this would be the time where everyone looks incredulously and says, 'Noooo......'

G: -moves to save-
Me: Nuh wait lemme check through the rest.
Yang: This is probably it though...
Me: Ah try first try first.
G: -Ctrl-S- Get ready to swear.

And as we all watch in breathless silence...

-click the browser window-
-prompt pops up-

-general laughter and slight pandemonium-

That was probably the funniest code problem I solved today.

Pamela's one... lol mistakes all over hahahaha. Closing her head two times and opening the body two times...

Later Maria asked for my help again because she had shifted her IF functions to the user-defined portion, and had trouble having the alerts executed. What's funny was, Lirong announced after sometime that she had successfully completed it. Ah, but upon checking, I found that Maria didn't even include the operation into her code's body script, so it was a simple matter of linking the calculated answer to her function, and letting the sequence do its thing.

Yes ar... Problem solver hoo0~!


Sim Lim Square.

Took a bus with G to Clementi to meet KY, then went on to Bugis. We decided to eat first before our quest to check out laptop prices for G, and get an ADSL gateway for KY's shop (Internet access hmm...). Decided on some place called Kim's with omgdamnnicesmelling Hokkien Fried Mee... I however ordered Salted Fish Fried Rice, my favourite! But crap la, the salted fish didn't even infuse into the rice lor, it was just fried rice and biting on the salted fish to get the flavour, which in case you don't already know is unhealthy and not exactly delicious at times. Bio-ed cars while eating... there was a(nother) Tuscani yellow parked where our table was. The more I look at Tuscanis the more I don't like them. And I used to, because of their economicality as well as the shape, which was rather close to the ideal sort of sports car shape that I like. Unfortunately, a million others also probably thought the same way, and after seeing no less than 3 Tuscanis today, I think I'm giving up on it. If KY's right, it would be long out of production by the time I can afford it anyway, so might as well wean off it now.

We basically swept the whole place at Sim Lim, floor to floor. I was so confused as to where the tube speakers I saw before were, because the last time I went to get my EHD the place was like flooded with them, or so it seemed to me. But I started from the top floor the last time, and the bottom this time, which of course in due course explained everything to me. And guess what people. After I sampled the speakers with Are You Gonna Be My Girl, KY asked me to put it to the test.

With opera.

Let me explain... I told him the other day that even the Zen Aurvana, much less the cheaper ones we own, could not handle the high notes of opera. This pair of 2.1 speakers plus a small seperate console (volume treble bass the works) costs $299. And with a tube.

To save them, and to a lesser extent myself the embarrassment of soprano notes blasting into the middle of that techno-saturated place (I say again ah. Tetno and trance music - DIFFERENT), I softened the volume and forwarded to the last part of the song, then brought the volume up abit.

Couldn't handle.

You know something though... I'm starting to suspect it's my custom EQ. It cannot be that a $235 pair of Creative earphones, and a $299 tube-fitted 2.1 speaker system, cannot handle opera.

Because my EQ is customed for my earphones. And it might not show up on lousier audio equipment, but here is, I'm guessing, where EQ makes all the difference.

On the other hand, ph33r d 0p3r4!!

After we were finished with Sim Lim, we were about to hop on the MRT, KY to Jurong and his lovely shop, while I was going with G to City Music to check out acoustic guitars that he was planning to buy.

Luckily while we were walking Graham suddenly spotted Peace Centre.

G: OMG... ey there it is!
RH: Really?
KY: Peace or Pearl Center?
G, RH: ...
RH: -troops to the side to check- Peace lah.
G: Ah cheh.......


So anyway. City Music people are asses. You can touch this this this guitars without them moving an inch to 'assist' you, but if you touch the hanging guitars, it's almost like the flash-step next to you and say, 'Please ask for assistance'.

How the hell would I know can?

Tried bass today, didn't work... I wonder why though. Last time when Melvin Derek Hans they all were jamming I play bass ok what.

After that we went over to... I dunno what the shop is. Luthier Guitars? Where they had Simon and... Peter, I think, or is it Schuster. Simon and something, Luthier, and Timothy acoustics. Damn nice la the sound. Helped G select one. There were 3 guitars but one had an unmistakably brighter tone than the other two. Apt for G, with all his soloing. And a bright guitar isn't exactly detrimental to strumming anyway. Also there were just two electrics for sale, both by The Music Man. I had difficulty with one, because the tone was so mellow... but the other had a very acoustic timbre to it, so it didn't feel so awkward with it. And they are both fully customable. Color, pickup configs, lefty, whatever. At a price of course.

I estimated that if I asked for whatever I wanted (lefty, purple, HSH/SSH config) it would probably come up to 3.5k. And we all know I'm optimistic. The guy there was nice though, leaving us to do whatever we wanted, try whatever guitars, and all.

So. So much for leisure. After a knock-out nap on bus 65 (seems faster than I'd come to expect today), I came back, at 5+, and ladies and gentlemen I have just completed CSE assignments 2 and 3 in a row. 9+ now.


Hear ye hear ye the benefits of leisuree.

Well I added that last e to rhyme it. Sounds nice what.

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Uno Problemo
Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ever since I stepped into UB-SIM, it's been like that.

Peace, happiness, fun, laughter, joy.

And then after that something crops up. Or craps up hurhur.

I'm being vulnerable, just in case you haven't got it.

When something goes wrong, when we end off on a bad (or really bad) note, I'm angry. I'm also upset, confused, dejected. Yeah why is it always me? Why fucking me?

Actually, you know, it isn't, but 'allo, depression does that to you. Why don't you try it. If you can... ah cannot right?

Renhao 1 : 0 You

So anyway, upset confused dejected.

Basically, that continues until the problem is solved.

Complexedly? I'm left hanging in the air. I mean who else can I ask what's wrong?

Hey... what's up with him?
What's up?
He's like not talking to me...
Oh really? Why?
I'm asking you.
Oh I dunno... ask him lor.

Some help. But I could hardly ask for much more. And everytime I happen to bump into that person, I can't meet him in the eye, every movement of his seems to be hostile to me. It's stupid, I know, but listen up guys (girls). This is what happens ok? Don't take it lightly, it may sound wussy, but if it hits you it hits hard. And you know it's not something you can easily help avoiding if you don't have the character for it. I don't yet know anyone whom you can free from 3000 years of entrapment in an otherwise really really nice oil lamp, and grant you no more problems forever and ever with a flick of a finger. And if I knew one, you wouldn't be the one freeing it anyway. :)

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Sianz (not even ji pua)
Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yeah I got that line from the mrbrown show. Forgot which one though, I think it was one of those earlier Skypecast ones. Funny.


So anyway, KY was telling me about how if I wanted to hear the extent of our Creative earphones abilities, I should watch Top Gear with it. He said he could hear the cars zooming about, and the train travelling from right to left.

I met him early today, you know just for the heck of it... wake up horribly early and go to school half-asleep. I know, right? Life made up of such simple pleasures.

When I plugged up, I heard nothing.

At all.

The sound was good as usual... The half-techno background music was great with the bass... But the screeching was equal on both sides, there was no sound travel at all. The soundstage was just totally... one-dimensional.

KY attempted to blame it on my small-size earbuds, which I nullified almost immediately.

Final test of the week... CSE's Javascript... whatever la. Lol. Finished in 5 minutes. Hoo0~!

Goodness la... COM class is terrible. I was so sick of him I left after the second break. Of course, not before getting my results back... 26/30. Considering the highest is 28(.5?), ok la... It's fine. But I had a miscomm with Zhi about taking today's notes... I thought she said type it out la... then can print out, which I found rather unusual, since one could copy and paste the points from PPT, and I was just typing to stay awake, when she actually said don't need to type it out la... can print what...

Which made much more sense unfortunately.

Oh but, while Uncle Hong was rambling, I decided to play with Zhi's Photo Booth... software that came with her MacBook Pro, which incidentally is sweet except for a RAM problem. Photo Booth, plus the super small, and super good in-built webcam (which is actually only the size of any two letter word you can find right here on your screen) gives...

Fallen to the curse of The Ring
I only snapped this one photo, which was the swirl effect reminescent of The Ring, because I found the effects so funny, and so did like 10 other people watching my antics from behind me. See Li Rong and Maria photo-opping behind me? If it carried on I probably would have been sent out of class.

Shortly after I got out of class (which Graham and Hans did too), sitting in the lounge half-knocked out and half-watching Kids Central, I got a call from Ben (this guy doesn't know when to SMS one I tell you) asking if I wanted to zao (Beelok again). Luckily I was already out of class otherwise I couldn't get out even if I wanted to.

Did I mention. My paintballs (half of them) finally worked yesterday. I thought I'd just fire a couple for firing sake, and BAM, there was a red blot on the wall.


12 pellets later, it took me a whole lot of JIF (or CIF whatever the hell they call it) to get the paint off the wall. Damn hard can. When I tried to show them today, it refused to burst again.

I think it works on concrete. And if that's so what's the freaking point of making it?! Isn't it supposed to burst on humans?


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The Other Test 1
Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I hate studying.

Studying hates me too, probably.

I don't expect to do as well as yesterday's test, but fine all the same.

So after the test I went to the lounge for (guess!) foozball! Halfway round the two senior year teachers came to play with us again. Goodness they were funny. Elton and I had just (I think) pwned KJ and Ryan with two textbook Raishins. The Korean guy took the front, and the American took the defender. Korean guy was good, nearly Raishin-ed Elton. The American was a newbie, characterized by weak movements from his defenders and keeper. I took him down with three classic angle shots, and goodness I thought I made alot of noise. The first shot he jumped up and yelled FUCK so loudly (or was it ARGH I couldn't tell). They were just really fun to play with, and I expect them to be great to learn from too. If I ever see them.

Shared a cab to Bee-lok with Ben, and what the fuck are these guys thinking raising the prices?! Fuck as if the 10cent increase on the pick-up charge and the doubling of the after-5 surcharge wasn't bad enough, the meter ran at twice it's usual speed. Think about it, it's actually possible to stare at the meter and see it change without having to blink. Do you have ANY IDEA AT ALL how freaky is that? 7 bucks again... I am so going to have to swear off taxis. :(

I remembered one of the foreign exchange students telling me about the vast number of channels on AOL Radio, so I checked it out today, as well as downloaded AIM. My goodness, everything was there... Alternative Rock Pop Classical Metal Electronic/Dance... You name it man. The great Renhao hereby recommends it.

AOL Radio. Go for it.

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I dunno why I feel mortally embarrassed when I see Koizumi singing Can't Help Falling in Love.

I dunno why.

I was trying my best to laugh, and then I just flipped the TV off. *shudder*


Ok bye.

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Test 1 (30%): Cleared
Monday, July 17, 2006

In less than half an hour.

We all thought we were doomed, when the invigilator gave out the scripts. It wasn't randomised, so all of us had the same last two questions.

Who created the cinematographe, and in which year? (2 points)
What is the significance of books? (4 points)

Everyone around me went into panic mode, asking each other who! Who! When! WHO! I think it was Mariani who supplied the answer 1895, and I supplied my guess of Lumiere Brothers, which turned out to be indeed correct.

When I turned the paper and started on the MCQs, I found they were mostly easy. However, alot of them were cold-memory questions, and our friend is going down in the end-of-course evaluation. 10+ years teaching the course in Buffalo and he still does this sort of crap.

I wanted to hand my paper in at 353, but the lecturer said to wait for 4, so ok lor I check through while waiting. I felt my phone buzzing and I thought it was Ben calling. When I got out however I was mildly surprised to find it was KY who called. When I called him back he said he was already at the bus stop, and told me to hurry up.

When I got there, Ben wasn't with him.

CB I felt so cheated can? After bitching at him I wanted to go back, but then 52 arrived and somehow he persuaded me to take it with him. Crapinated.

Back at Tampines, after a short visit to Yamaha to pick up some picks (hurhur) I went to Shih Lin Snacks to get a XXL Crispy Chicken, which I haven't taken in a long time. Right beside it was a bubble tea store, and the menu suddenly sparked faint memories of its Chocolate Oreo ice-blended. And I bought it too.

I tell you, it beats McCafe's Double Chocolate flat ok. Freaking ripper-offs.

I intended to bring the crispy chicken home to eat, so being smarter than you think I am, I asked for a plastic bag. The guy looked at me abit uncertainly and informed me that it was a dollar.

I looked up at him.

He said 'Do you still want it?' I went um no no thanks.

Then he pulled a plastic bag out and held it open. 'Kidding :D', he said.


Taken for a ride hoo0~!

Oh yeah. I found the medium-sized earbuds for my Creative earphones too large for my ears. It creates a vacuum in my ears la what the hell. Very uncomfortable, and once I pull it out for a breather or to adjust, chances are I won't get it snugly in again. So I used the small ones. Not all that loose, and the smallness makes the transducers (I'd say speakers or amps but they're earphones for goodness' sake) closer to my ear, which in turn makes the bass an earth-shaking blast.

Worth the price.


From nowhere.

I'm glad I have MSN news alerts on. It alerted me to the tsunami this afternoon. My initial thought was that goodness, it hit from nowhere. And then when I read that there were tsunami alerts an hour beforehand, my thoughts changed to goodness, it struck so quickly. But after some thought, I realise it's not every time that the Earth gives you weeks or days or at least half a day of warning, as with Merapi. So. Remember them in your prayers people.

There's another thing I had in mind but forgot...

Ooooh goodnesssss.... olddddd......

Give up. Lol.

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Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest
Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dead Man's Chest is the best movie in my immediate memory since The Matrix Reloaded in 2003. You have to either watch it in a theatre, or else with a 7.1 THX-certified Dolby Digital Surround Sound Home Theatre system. And a 50" plasma TV (or HDTV). It also helped that GV used digital film playback, so there wasn't one single scratch in the entire film.

How we got to watch PotC:DMC is an even better story. Originally my cousin bought four seats to Superman, showing at 1340. We noticed a lack of the usual crowd present before a theatre opening, and sat down for awhile, before picking up nachos popcorn and drinks and then heading to the entrance booth. An assistant rushed down, confused, to tend to us. She enquired what show we were watching.

Us: Superman.
Her: Finish already.
Me: WHAT?!

She proceeded to flip through a list on a clipboard, and running back and forth through the pages, she said she would check and glided off to the snacks door, leaving the four of us, hands totally full with our snacks, staring wide-eyed and confused at nobody in particular, except maybe the ultra life-size and ultra fake Will Smith MIB statue.

Another guy came out and explained that there must have been some error in the system, that there was no Superman screening anywhere around this time. He however, could replace the tickets with four tickets to Pirates of the Carribean.

Cuz: Um... you boys ok with Pirates of the...
Me: [who secretly wanted very much to watch Pirates anyway] Yes no problem! :D
Bro: Yeah... fine.

Except Pirates was screening at 1410, and we had to wait like half an hour more before we got to enter the theatre. It's a good thing the popcorn combo was the The Lake House Combo, and the popcorn box had a sort of cover-lid which was supposed to look like the mailbox, the central object of the film. Because I can never hold myself back from an open box of popcorn, I mean I do just what it says man I just keep popping them. So with the lid I was able to keep 3/4 for the film.

Incidentally we had plenty of time to watch the trailers. And whoa this summer season promises alot of shows that look good. Hoodwinked has finally come to Singapore after like... gosh I dunno how long. 3 months? Probably more. It's been freaking ages since I gave up downloading it on BT. Couple of horror movies that look good, then there's Tokyo Drift among the couple of action movies... goodness. Time to pass my HD to G again. Hoo0~!

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Whaddaya know
Saturday, July 15, 2006

Goodness what do you know... I still haven't posted up that little written conversation between Hans and I. And now that KY's posted up his point-by-point reply, I don't really see the need to do one myself.

I'm just... stoning... psyching myself up to study... three tests next week...

It's probably time to get physical. If not, almost time. Otherwise there won't be fun.

What am I saying ahhh going mental here..............

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Final Moments on the rising dragon's now defunct and no longer visible comments page

Kaiyan has rescued the comments. He says it's the final bit, but my dear friend, that's all 23 of them there. I was quite bummed that I didn't get to read the comments posted after my fuck-fest (I put the hypen to distinguish it from fuckfest, which is something that I'd say is much much much sicker than what I did). But read it today, and I enjoyed it (duh lol). Get the full document here. Meanwhile, excerpts:

[First comment by Ben]
Benji~ said...
eh you think you remove your tagboard then the issue is over ah? lol not so fast, public apology or i will break your twig and set you on fire (:

[Nard's oh-so-vulgar reply]
Leong Shi Chuan Bernard said...
Haha LTA Roy is right, I shouldn't even bothered to knock some sense into u. Let the army handle u all when u enlist, u be suffering hell with yr negative attitude. alright , sorry for fucking u upside down , satisfied happy .
[no not really we aren't, but moving on...]

[Simon doing his part]
fleshimp said...
and get it into your thick fat head; if i am negative about army, would i have served in the unit and bleed the color red for my fucking beret. think, if u can. i am never negative about it; but i don't like how you as a person, are making the whole population of males out there dislike army; because of what you are doing and what you want to represent; trust me, in no way do u fucking represent the army, if anything, u are an insult to the males who ever served ns, look at you. gawd.
fleshimp said...
oh and one more final piece of info; why do i disdain you from representing the army, i happen to know one of the sergents who took you before. i heard lots of stories about you; embaressing ones i think you don't want the world to know. so if i am you, i will shut up about army, before someone burst that bubble and show the world the truth.
[ohhhohohohooo... juicy hoo0~!]

[Nardo Lardo]
Leong Shi Chuan Bernard said...
... blahblahblaharmyrocksmysgtsoffsrulecolchanhoo0blahblah...
And I am not longer negatively weak thinking Bernard Shi Chuan that I used to be, that U can pull down easily. Standing here is a much stronger tougher better Bernard n I have the results to prove n show for it.
[... right.]

[Simon again!]
fleshimp said...
for someone like inferiority complex, teasing is a form of making you learn to cope with it, cos i am sure you've been teased for all your life. am i not right. chuckle. body fat percentage teasing is cos you really still look fat; for your own good, you got to rip more. and i did say that; not to be quoted. there's this thing called 'personal space and privacy'. you want it this way, i have my ways of retaliation, and u know i am capable of that. so better think twice abt mentioning my name. you have been warned. you want an all out war from me? leave my name as it is. u want to avoid this war, remove my name. remember, i am capable of making a person's life really miserable. want to deal with it?
[I as someone who has been and still is teased will have to disagree with the first part, but otherwise it's drippin' juicy, aye?]
fleshimp said...
if i lead an all-out anti-bernard campaign in school, how many supporters do you think i can gunner. don't pit yourself against me bernard.
[garner darling... lol]

[oooh heh my fuck-fest!]
Il Maestro said...
Oho very good no censor here.

Oi Chee Bye Chuan, we've all tried to be very civilised about this, and with each fucking word you say you are just agitating us more and more and fucking more. See I learnt how to use HTML tags can you or not HA FUCKING LOSER. Do I do things like this? No, only you. Freddy and Simon tease you you not happy is it? You have just put us on the fucking warpath you moron. We will fuck you upside down (not you fuck us WE WILL FUCK YOU) and make sure that when you finally apologise tears will stream down your fucking face and you will be gasping for fucking air. You think you finally say the word 'fucking' we all ooooo scared ah? Look here ok I can utilise the word 'fuck' and its many derivatives far fucking better than you will ever learn to in your miserable excuse of an existence.

Another thing Chee Bye Chuan. My father knows Colonel Chan. Very soon we'll know whether he even knows your fuckface.

Benji~ said...
wheee (: an apology! yay! but not as i wanted it :( aww bernard i think you just agitated us a bit more now. negative attitude? goodness me did i say i hated the army? if i did and didnt wanna serve NS i would be gone by now right? nards are nards tsk. lets just see who will be bending over at the end (:

MoLeZ said...
Are you so weak that you get demoralized by some teasing? Teasing is just a part of college life. Freddy also teased me to be gay with Simon what. And I don't whine about it like you. I join in. If you get demoralized that easily, you must be a wuss and must have also felt the same way of what they called you!

And how many times have we told you that you DID NOT try to portray a good image of army for us. You totally ruined it. Do not try to act as a spokesperson when you are not trained and not even qualified to portray a good image for the army.

Your enemies, that is Freddy, Simon and Wei Yang however have proved themselves.

And finally, we still demand the public apology. Not this nonsense, insulting, apology with no sincerity.
[rambler lol]

Benji~ said...
oh and BTW bernard you wanna see what my negative attitude is? just keep this up, yes real smart of you to piss EVERYONE off.

just dont apologise, give that fucktard face. oops vulgarities..:P FUCK YOU LA CB. err i mean..ah whatever FUCK YOU la i meant that (:

just keep this going and you will not only receive negative attitude from me but from EVERYONE else too (:

heh heh have fun suffering in somewhere that is not as bad as hell

ehhh hold it..i dont know. not very sure about the last thing i said.. i think the ppl you pissed off can give you more than hell?

let what i said process and settle in your head. is it even possible to knock some sense into you?
[not at all actually]

Leong Shi Chuan Bernard said...
thanks for your 'kind' intentions, simon. but I work better living up to the fullest potential with people who cheer each other, mutual support. that's why u all snickered at me, I responded back negatively. what u see what is what u get. The same went for me when I was in the army, worked badly with pple who had nothing good. I worked well with pple who positively reinforced me and I responded back in positive kind.
renhao kaiyan ben etc - haiz leave it up to u. can't be bothered anymore. no comments from u anymore . moving on with or without u, life still goes on and I will prevail
[prevail your empty airhead la ji neh]

Leong Shi Chuan Bernard said...
positive reinforcement is the best method, I do not work well with pple who snicker, snide remarks, deboost morale.
that's the end of this, anymore further, close the blog. no more time for this anymore, I got many other better things to do than this . this I know, I will survive and make it thru all odds prevail in the end to the decisive victory, cos I done it before falling and getting up many times. that's how I made it here today and will rise up further. THIS IS THE END OF THIS. PERIOD !
[no its not :D far from it]

[final smackdown before the comments were closed]
MoLeZ said...
Can somebody get things in this nut head? How come he don't understand a single thing we say? I don't know how you end up in the same ESL class as me. Your understanding of English seems far worse.

Firstly, HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT BEN'S INJURY IS NOT FUNNY? Why didn't you insist on running out and fighting the war when you were in the army? Instead, you were slacking! Slack into a blob like you are now. And people have preferences. I prefer SCDF to SAF and thats it. You think SCDF that easy? I see the SCDF ppl next door training so hard everyday. Funny is it? They brave through fires and injured people. You talk some more cock you see whether the SCDF will save you when your house catches fire one day.

Secondly, this is not the end. Not settled ok?
You? You wrote some cock and bull story about us. So, prepare your apology and stop thinking that its settled.

~ ~ ~

Please be reminded that these are excerpts, and that the direct download link to the full document has been placed at the top portion of this post.

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The Fallen, Falling, False Worm
Friday, July 14, 2006

All Anti-Chuan Campaignees, as if you don't already know, sovietmole.com has kindly set up a branch blog titled The Falling Worm at URL www.dragoncgo.sovietmole.com, reason apparently being dragon your head you are a worm... Anyway thanks to Mr Leong Kaiyan, owner of sovietmole.com and the son of Starhub who gets all the nice numbers.

Now, I saved whatever was present on CBC's tagboard before I went to bed, and hoo ya! (hurhur) so did Kaiyan, as I found out when I accessed TFW this morning. They are rather priceless as it is, since the originals were wiped out (loser). And I happily doubled it's pricelessness by tidying it up, re-arranging the posts earliest-to-last recorded, and bolding the names so you won't get old flower eyes reading that whole chunk. But then I realised, there was something wrong with the layout after that. And daymn I hate to see the layout out-of-place from the way I like it (without the horizontal scrollbar... if you bothered to read this you are either really nice to want to know or else totally lifeless). I thought it was the invisible formatting that was ported from the tagboard, to possibly Kaiyan's com, saved as a draft somewhere, and finally transferred to TFW as a post. So I tripled the pricelessness by fricking HAND-TYPING the whole thing out again, so that it would fall in with the layout.

Well it didn't.

I was so pissed. My hands are tired can? Sigh so I have given up and put it over to TFW. So please please please go and read it.

Another link here, in (the most likely) case (that) you are too lazy to scroll up. And if anyone knows how I can get past the formatting problem, please let me know.

In other news, just gonna repeat here again that I will shortly be putting up a transcript of a written conversation between Hans and I in COM class, because we were so bored and it would be stupid to talk, given that my PRC/Shanghainese/whatever-la-from-China-jiu-dui-le-la lecturer is totally anal about talking in class. I'm surprised he didn't snap at us for bursting into frequent silent laughing fits. Yeah so anyway it was all on paper, and I got another brainwave~... ACC entertainment hoo0~! So up it shall go shortly.

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I is a bad boy
Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I skipped class today.

Well not really.

I signed attendance, then I zao.

Had lunch today with Hans's friend, for those of you who know the scene, Oshiego vocalist Kadir (or Qadir I dunno lol). Hans got him to jaga our bags, while we went in there pretending to listen to his cock talk while waiting for the attendence file to come by. Hans went to the toilet and never came back. Finish business call Graham. Graham picked up a call and never came back. I went to fill water and never came back.

Went to Mambo, and I played well today I think. In school before class my proxying estimations finally started to actually work, and I proxied the cue ball to the green 6 to the red 3. And on that round I cleared 5 balls before the cue ball decided to be funny and pocketed itself. Nauhia.

Lance Corporal is still not giving up. Hmm after 3.5 attacks from Simon alone (Simon's last wasn't as ouch compared to his earlier ones), Lance Corporal decided not to give up, but actually to close his eyes ever so tightly and reminescence about NDP '04! How's that for denial. It's like me closing my eyes and saying I'M LEAN STRONG MUSCULAR TALL DARK AND HANDSOME I AM A SPLENDID 1.85M AND I DON'T HAVE HAIR THAT LOOKS LIKE A FRICKING SWIMMING CAP IF I DON'T HANDLE IT PROPERLY.

Actually I do think that slimming down would boost my looks. By how much is another thing of course, but that's for another day to discuss.

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V's England V Powderful
Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kaiyan suggested today that for my previous post I should have written it V-style.

V being the V from V for Vendetta, for you aliens out there. The character played by Hugo Weaving.

So anyhoos after he suggested it I freaked and started bitching about how hard that is... I told him it was 3 times the standard, fluidity, poeticity etc. of my post. And I hate to say this, but I pretty much bankai-ed, meaning that was like already 60-70% of what I'm capable of.

But no fear guys. Because as I am writing this Simon has unsheathed his Zanpakutou for the third time and bitchslapped LCP into what would have been clinical depression but nooo LCP would only get it like 2 years later when he returns from one of the breaks of Li Zhong Qiang's class, fuming and swearing vengeance upon the gods' witnessing eyes.

Cuntinue ah, we cuntinue.

So anywayz \m/ hailz to you Simon! \m/ and if you ever come out with a musical album I'll be first in line to get your autograph.

But here we see a classic example of what I was talking about yesterday. I would have loved to copy out the whole thing but our relentless attacks pushed the start of it all out of the tagboard's range. LCP said he couldn't be bothered to talk about it anymore, dismissing all the hard work we put into churning out the most painful insults possible. Right after that tag, he followed with 7 tags' worth of essays.

This kind of people you tell me you want to take their advice or not la.

Anyway, the action is all happening on LCP's tagboard. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Before more priceless insults disappear! GO NOW!

EH BUT. Read my blog post first. Just scroll down... get past Zidane and my earphones, which incidentally rock the world. Yup. It's after that. Have fun. :DDD

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World Cup, Earphones, and V for Vendetta
Monday, July 10, 2006

Zidane Zidane Zidane. What a waste.

I was so dead when it was time for the match. By second half, I was dozing off. By extra time, it took my dad's WHOAA to wake me up. Surprising I didn't feel tired all day today.

Decided to take a cab to Marina Square to get the new Creative earphones I was eyeing just yesterday, as opposed to taking the MRT to City Hall going to Marina then cabbing to school if necessary. After I got it I took 75 from the Esplanade. It's quite a distance, but I was so busy with adjusting the EQ to fit my new earphones that the journey was over as soon as I had settled on a setting.

New earphones hoo0~!

It's not easy man, settling on the EQ. The bass power of the earphones were just tremendous, and I had to put it as the last of my 5 bars to be adjusted so that it doesn't interfere with setting the others. Also the sound isolating function tends to muffle the sound abit, hence making it a tricky thing to adjust for clarity. It's not as clear as my Audio Technica, and I daresay it never will be, but I think it's good enough with the plus points of the other factors.

Now. :)

Hataku, Raishin~

Lance Corporal Leong Shi Chuan.

You have put yourself in my disfavor (and dare I say made a whole lot others indignant) by citing my name in what looks very much like, and probably is an attempt of a lash out at a choice few who have had their patience worn thin by your constant uncalled for glorification of National Service. Your patriotic little lecture, Lance Corporal, has far from made us sorry little kids who admit they know nothing of NS. In fact, I like to think you maxed out the volume knob of our discontent voices.

By the way, Lance Corporal, I don't attack with vulgarities. While I respect the impact some feel it has, I think it's like clubbing your target with a coarse wooden club festering with dried blood. I like to strike with the gleaming sword of standard English.

Well, now that the prologue is over.

Bankai... Hyakurai no Hitsugi~

In your introduction, Lance Corporal, you expressed a hope that we 'will take National Service seriously with a positive attitude'. Many of us have negative preconceived notions about NS thanks to our fathers who tell heroic tales of wading in rancid mud, and eating dog biscuits drier than desert sand, and how the cook would drag a sawdust-coated block of ice on the grey dirty floor, only to give it a cursory wash before dumping it into the cooler before filling it with water and syrup. Let me impress upon you just how much you are not helping alleviate these notions by irritating us with the constant broken-record ramblings of your godlike superiors, and your heartbreaking regret that you cannot serve in the frontline of combat because of an injury which we only have your word of. In Semester 2 I blew up on the tagboard you see on your left, swearing at you to 'shut the fuck up', I believe, and other really painful things. You apologised then and said you would say no more to provoke me, and with me everyone else on this blessed Earth.

Since then I have lost count of the number of times you have posted irritatingly long essays on Kaiyan's blog and I believe Issy's? Possibly more. Oh yes, Felicia's too, and of course that's where someone who claimed to be your friend came to your defense. I have lost count of the number of times Kaiyan or someone else (actually, mostly Kaiyan) has told you to stuff your face and shut up with the apologetics. I have lost count of the number of times you have called a ceasefire, a word I see with increasing irritation due to its utter irrelevance to the context in which your text appears. I have lost count, Lance Corporal, of the number of times you started it all again right after you call a ceasefire.

I don't expect you to know alot of things Lance Corporal, given the amount of brain memory and processing power you devote to military-related subjects. I would, however, expect you to understand the term ceasefire, especially since, according to you, you were 'a combat fighting man for about a year'. Given what I've heard of the army, I think the meaning of stop-firing-please-stop-stop-stop-firing-I-say-practice-has-ended-war-is-over can be succinctly summarised into the word ceasefire.

And now, you lecture us for losing our patience? Tsk tsk I say.

We may speak of trying to escape National Service, or at least the harder part of it, through various sneaky ways and means. Given your talent of making really awkward ones, I'm guessing you can define 'joke' well enough. Let me tell you here, right now in front of everybody (because of course my blog garners more readership than yours haha blehh... oops how arrogant of me). With all my heart, Lance Corporal, I aim to be at least a 3rd Sargeant, if not enter OCS (Officer Cadet School in case you don't know). Unfit as I am, scarred by eczema as I am, I know I am prepared to go through discomfort to attain that goal if I even can. So don't you dare flap your excuse of a mouth, Lance Corporal, when you don't even know half of it. As for the others, I think that they know truly what they want without you mothering all over them, which incidentally you do a terrible job of.

Ungratefulness? Unfilial piety? Disloyalty? How dare you, Lance Corporal.

By the way. Unfilial piety? Filial piety happens to be associated, and rightly so, because of the presence of the word 'filial', to a parent-child relationship. Please enlighten us as to how that fits in in the least with your country? Secondly, 'unfilial piety' conveys that you are unfilial-ly pious. I'll say, Lance Corporal, there's a first. Which halfpenny dictionary did you find that in? For future reference, the correct term is 'no' or 'without filial piety'.

I don't find a dislocating arm funny. If it fails you at a crucial time, you are literally as good as dead. Signaller? Medic? Radioman? I don't really care Lance Corporal. You might put the whole country at the other's mercy with an unexpected dislocation, never mind fighting at the frontline. Or do you just rush ahead and spray bullets Lance Corporal? I tend to do that in games, and I've long since found out that people don't really like that. Because you sacrificed yourself for nothing Lance Corporal. No one will honour you with a posthumous medal, dream on. When you could have taken two or three more of the enemy down by staying back and taking careful shots, you instead run out like a total fucktard, and pardon me because that is just about the only thing to describe such an action, and let the enemies rejoice over peppering that dickhead with 200 bullets. You will die in disgrace, you hear me Lance Corporal? Utter disgrace, not honour. You want to talk about wasting time? You wasted the army's resources training you only to behave so stupidly.

Brainwave~... maybe that's why they demoted you to storeman. They probably felt safer with you giving out bullets than firing them.

'The army's warning to you for your own good'? Excuse me again, but fuck you Lance Corporal. Fuck you and fuck you again. Allow me to momentarily assume the voice of the army by saying how dare you so nonchalantly take on the role of army spokesman? Seen the World Cup, Lance Corporal? Learn now if you haven't already seen that speaking out of turn is as much as firing a gun into your mouth. Perhaps you are the one who should jolly well wake up and shut up where your words are not needed. And allow me to assure you Lance Corporal. They are not needed in more places than you can ever ever imagine.

We know very well whom we are protecting by serving our due time in National Service. National Service, Lance Corporal. If it's not for the sake of our country, do you really think we would train ourselves for Timbakthu? We do not doubt that you have learnt invaluable lessons from National Service. And even if we doubt you, which I have half a mind of doing so now, there are many others whose very appearance bears testimony to their fruitful two years of NS. Freddy, Simon, Graham, Zhen Zhi, Derek and Weiyang, naming but a few, don't even talk about their countless achievements in NS, why should you, Lance Corporal? Nobody cries or whines easily at challenges. And harhar to you if you did before you served NS.

So which want do you want, Lance Corporal? Your own choice, up to you. Do you want to keep your own set of beliefs to yourself and redeem the damage you have done to no one else but yourself during this past year? Or do you want to open your damned mouth, try to force your ideologies down other people's throats, and be a social pariah for the rest of your miserable life? All is fair in love and war, Lance Corporal Leong Shi Chuan, but remember for your own good and sake that there are lines to keep yourself behind out of camp.

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My answer to LCP Leong Shi Chuan Bernard and the rest of his imaginary friends

Ben wrote this and I am posting it on his behalf. Even though we are shooting down the same person, I must distinguish that his views are his views, and mine, mine. Take it up with the apt person.


I sincerely hope that you wont sue me for using your name here and use my
words against me for it is only fair that since you used my name for one of
your posts i use yours too (:

Im writing this post on both lky and rh blog as my blog is for private means
and although you asked for it, you have no rights to visit it (:

first of all, i would like you to come online right now and defend your case
instead of writing as YOUR sarg, or in anycase "bernard superior" thats so
original and unlame. if any case there is a bernard superior and would like
to tag as bernard sgt, im sorry for slandering you, i will hereby apologise
to you (: im not targetting you or NS or anything, i just want to correct
some facts which our friend here, maybe enemy now who knows? depending on
what he does after i post my entry, from begging for mercy or pouring tea
and kowtowing while saying sorry over and over. i dont know, my imagination
runs wild at times, well so does some ppl with an active imaginations to
create new army friends, im not stating names though, but then once again im
not targetting anyone (:

dont try to shirk whatever you say for i will copy and paste from your blog
whatever you wrote, no im not lifeless, im just a little bit cheesed off
about what you have to say about me and my friends so i shall dedicate this
time to you (: aint i sweet? (: you should thank me for this instead of
hiring a hitman to get rid of you, the latter choice is so much easier so i
bet there are ppl who will do so for free. oops i just gave away the chance
of a sneak attack OOO DID I JUST USE AN ARMY WORD? are you like totally
alert now? well well now that i got your attention, ambush, sneak attack,
whatever kiwi paint, BACK to the story.

FIRST of all
NEVER write my name in small letters, i am the one who walks the path of
heaven, do you know how pissed off the Gods are by you doing that? how dare
you even mention my name in your "humble blog" which you so claim? however i
am patient and am a really nice guy so yup i will forgive you for that. i
seem to be not on track with whatever i wanna say but i guess that thats my
style which is far from yours that is woah i wanna whack the singapore
students who hasnt been to NS yet cuz i am so great and i have been to NS
and got ALOT of experience but am still an LCP. OOPS! i mentioned rank but
thats reality, face it (:

Item of business #1: "even try to downgrade yr physical medical status by
whining abt yr injury, difficulties, problems."

whining is not the word, do you know whats whining? you are whining on your
blog about omg why they trying to chao keng omg this omg that. key to solve
this problem is for someone to say stfu to you. you should know what that
means right? alot of ppl said that to you before right? how about this? i
dislocate your arm 5 times, i leave your arm there for 1/2 an hr before
plugging it back into you like an plastic doll. lets see you not bitch and
write a 13 page long essay on your blog. (:

Item of business #2: "It saddened me to hear some of u like ben chua said
this once some time ago that u thought of the possibility of escape N.S by
going to UB and not come back. U said it once and I remembered it." "ben
chua u a young boy have the thought of running away after receiving our
protection for yr growing up years. that smacks a bit of ungratefulness,
unfilial piety and disloyalty from u."

oolala i see the name of the great one here, well well i would shoot you the
next time i dont see my name as Benjamin Chua. but you shall be forgiven and
not be banished to the depths of hell this time. aint i just great? so
anw i think it was benny who said that but im gonna stand up for him in any
case, if he ever said it or if i ever say it, it would most likely be
jokingly. did you see me :D after that? or did my face look like yours? oh
wait. my face could nv look like yours. at least i hope not! omg nightmares!
soooo anw..urgh *shakes off the fact of me actually thinking about such a
thing* i would have been kidding about it since i have not enough money to
run away and leave my poor parents behind (: im really filial you know not
like how you SLANDERED me, but then although we have sort of been protected
for years, have our money been guarded well? think about it, why are you so
poor? just think (: let it all process...taxes come to mind? ERP? etc etc?
let it all sink in now (: thats a good boy..shall we wait for 3 more days to
let everything settle for i see a dazed look on your face (: i have no time
to waste on you, i shall continue but make sure u understand whatever i said

#3: I felt somewhat indignant but did not voice it out cos I thought maybe u
may be ignorant of the army. so what you dislocated yr shoulders a few

voice it out next time alright? everyone might agree with you against me (:
the odds are REALLY high on that, just speak your mind, dont "give me face"
as you would say and then bitch about me in your blog and dont even wanna
talk to me online i feel so sad and disheartened :( enough about the
emo-ness. dont try to talk bad about me in your blog ever again, or else you
know what else will come, you didnt ask me to read your blog at all, if i
werent blog hopping i wouldnt have realised what a stupid thing that you
have done. if im ignorant about the army? how about you? so what
dislocation? lol do you have sub. degeneration stage 2 before? do you even
know whats that and how much it costs to repair the damages? GO CHECK ONLINE
that in the friendliest way possible (: i am going to get downgraded cuz i
deserve it, imagine this, you do pullups half way arm come out, funny? think
before you speak, dont just open your mouth and stare at blank space next

#4: So Don't think straightaway u can only be a storeman, messboy clerk.
That's a very negative pessimistic attitude that u have

do i want to be a storeman like you? nop (: thats like so whats the word
here? humiliating ha. you can have the positive attitude while taking stocks
while i dont know do something else that is much impt, yes stock taking is
impt lol hahahahahaaha real impt (:

#5: Speaking of who is a wuss , idiot? that is YOU, not ME ! In the army, We
call this chio keng boy and I hope that u jolly well wake up yr idea and not
be a wimp. This is the army's warning to u for yr own good, toned down a
lot. U gonna get this worse if u don't change yr thinking.

did i say you are a wuss? an idiot? lol WAIT i take my words back if i didnt
say it. you ARE a wuss. you ARE an idiot. shooting you? personal attack? lol
you did it first (: i did NOTHING to you. you had to bitch about me. and you
wussed out you just WUSSED out dare not talk to me face to face, had to hide
behind bernard superior, he your mother ah? no offence auntie leong but then
your son tsk. hiding under his superior skirt oooooops :P chio keng? lol
alot of ppl chio keng not many wants to be sai kang warrior like you,
suicide tower first thing. lol wanna die dont take this course dont take
business admin, take suicide bombing, how to kill 60 ppl in 60 sec for
dummies (: that book should help you quite a bit.

lol you said something to lky but he has to defend his own case for i have
to talk to my baby who is far more impt than you. but then i am gonna say
that if you continue this nonsense the time we are going to have in NS will
be a much nicer time than you being in UB. a bloody miserable hell of a time
(: as quoted by you (:

how about this? we settle the rest tml (: if you wanna shoot me down with
some more of your sai kang mindsets go ahead, i will listen, give my
opinions and you have to listen to it with a POSITIVE mindset i realised
that you said positive MANY MANY countless unneccesary times.

Seriously, I hope that U all (namely you and you and your erm superiors)
will have this right kind of mindset by the time u are done with my post, a
different better, stronger n tougher man, and dont come bitching to me about
how sorry you are and how you would like to beg for mercy. This is my answer
to u.

have fun! (:

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I'm back
Saturday, July 08, 2006

Faithful readers of the eunuch's court, send thy praises to Wilfred (linked on the left) for starting my writing engine again.

Incidentally even if you don't know him (Sec 3/4 classmate) please please for the love of God Satan and all the mutants in between go read his car accident post. I haven't laughed so hard for a long long time.

So. Gonna sleep after I finish this, and hopefully wake up at 245am to watch my beloved Deutschland battle Portugal. Got meself a bag of my favourite very nice and very fattening Ruffles Cheddar for it. I do wonder if it would be a good match though. It's only third place, and C Ronaldo gets booed for red-carding Rooney off.

For all you know, he was winking at some girl fan behind the England bench. Yar he'd be a bloody jihong but that so beats sending Rooney off.

Incidentally I don't quite fancy Rooney. He's in a black mood half the time and yelling at people. Ballack on the other hand maybe a cheery little fellow but if I see him miss a free or penalty kick by a million lightyears ever again I might just send a hitman after him.

Being an earphone-connoisseur/techie/whatever's-the-right-word has its suckiness. I thought my Audio Technica earphones, which have delivered very very well during the prime of it's lifespan, would at least hold out till I pick up my new pair of Sony/Apple in-ears. But nooo, the left's gotta show signs of giving way. And I was hoping the wear and tear would stop at the rubbers peeling...

Oh. I borrowed Ben's WC3 CDs the other day because the patches weren't working. Then when I got back, I downloaded the 1.20e universal patch and tried it out and it worked, so I returned the CDs unused.

Today I found out that whenever I attempt to join a game the fucking game hangs my com. I don't look forward to having to ask for the CDs again. Not that I'm actively playing WC3 much. My main game when I have time and am parent-free is Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. There is just so much fun in surprising an Axis fragger with a very painful, surprising, and depending on your ego, humiliating Panzerfaust. Or sniping Axis soldiers on the opposite parapet when they are busy spraying bullets downwards in the general direction of the spawn point. Asses. But a panzer naturally slows me down a terrible bit, which if course makes me susceptible to a counter-Panzer, a mortar, an air strike, and basically just about everything else there is.


After I settle my new earphones, the next thing on my list is a 512 RAM. And a reformat. Originally I wanted to put sound card and new speakers first, but my on-board card doesn't exactly produce tinny sound, nor does my pair of speakers produce 5cent audio, so they can wait.

Thanks again Wilfred. You won yourself one Idol vote.

Just one.

Expensive leh.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

The fact that I'm even doing this shows how bored I am.

Yeah alright not supposed to complain.

Actually it's not complaining what.

Moving on.

1. Do the following WITHOUT complaints.
2. Choose 5 people to do this after you complete yours.
3. Leave a tag on that person's tagboard to say he/she/it/somewhereinbetween has been tagged.
4. Start your post with 'I have been tagged' then do this.

I HAVE BEEN TAGGED by my quite good friend Shu Yun, whom I've yet to meet still.


You know I'm typing all this out because Yun my dear your blog doesn't even allow me to copy one post without taking the rest with it -.-

Ok ok no complaint.


Colour: I still have yet to find the name of the purple I like. There are a few choice shades not too dark not too light that I like.
Food: ... alot la. I don't like anything with peanuts and peanuts itself, veggies I wonder why I only like to eat restaurant and hotel cooked veggies...
Song: Into Immortal now. Black Metal madness. But other choice selections include:
Armin van Buuren (Trance)
Avenged Sevenfold \m/
Bon Jovi
Corinne May
Diana Krall
Disturbed - 10 000 Fists
Satriani and Vai
L'arc en Ciel
Nat King Cole
Old Man's Child
South Park Movie OST
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Movie: Ah... South Park movie I guess... Keeping Mum was nice too.
Sport: oh shut up lol
Day of the Week: Fridays cos I get to come back early after a relaxed lab session
Season: Winter. Cold = I like
Ice Cream: The deepest darkest chocolate ice cream I can find. Bravissimo's not bad.


Mood: N/A lol
Taste: Just take the opposite of what everyone normally likes, that's my taste
Clothes: Bailide sports T-shirt (mom bought from Shanghai... good for exercise absorbs sweat) and Nike parachute shorts (those silky shiny material)
Desktop: Windows
Toenail Color: I haven't done my nails in a long time, but I doubt I'll even touch my toenails save for when I have to cut them when they're a foot long
Time: 2040
Current Surroundings: Bleached snow-white light, fan whirring at no2 speed, Tyrants by Immortal playing on speakers
Current Annoyances: Having a lousy sound card, unable to blast music, having an 11 o'clock computer curfew, having no one I can talk to online, having slept when there's no soccer tonight, having yet to do my Comp Science assignments, having a lecturer who pronounces origin as orgy.... alot la I can bitch forever.
Current Thoughts: following chords, drums, guitar picking, vocals from the song. Yes I deconstruct them. Yes I rock. No not everyone does that.


Best Friend: Grace Chua, kindergarten
Crush: Jan, P5/6, no no more crush. 1 month in VS I was outta it.
Movie: How the hell would I know... Death Becomes Her probably. Classic shit man.
Lie: I didn't do it.
Music: Nursery rhymes la duh. Eh no no it's from one of those baby things hanging over my cot.


Cigarette: Never had never will
Drink: Coke
Car Ride: Tompang Kaiyan's cab yesterday
Crush: Jan lor.
Movie: Munich I think. Watched on the comp.
Phone Call: Dad who woke me up from my sleep
CD played: Haven't played one in freaking ages

Have you ever...

Dated one of your best friends?: No. I don't have girl best friends. Yet.
Broken the law?: Yeah
Ever been arrested?: Not that I can recall
Ever skinny dipped?: I could go the disgusting way, but I'll just say no.
Been on TV: Probably as a dot at the back of the screen.
Kissed someone you don't know: No.

5 Things You Are Wearing: Bailide tee, para shorts, specs, a whole layer of oil on my face, and a head of increasingly messy hair
4 Things You've Done Today: Successfully scripted Javascript for lab, played Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, napped for nothing, convinced my father to buy Mac's for me somehow
3 Things You Can Hear Right Now: Fan, distant motorcycle, and uh more random vehicles
1 Thing You Do When You're Bored: sit stare stone

People to Tag: (its actually People to Do but that sounds wrong)


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Death and Destruction
Monday, July 03, 2006

Okay I really can't think of any other title. I'm just stumped.

This weekend's (rather good) football matches has left me tired during the day time, and I napped today again.

Except that there isn't any football match now.

Which leaves me pondering about love life and sex on my bed.

That uncle I wrote about some time ago. He passed on on Saturday afternoon. The poignant irony is that my aunt returned for the weekend from Hong Kong to see to her house renting business, and she would drop by to see him.

When she got to the hospital, my second aunt had already informed the others that the doctor informed her her husband didn't have long. My aunt immediately went in with my eldest aunt and second aunt. My mom and dad waited outside, not really wanting to crowd the ICUnit. When my aunts came out, there was no more point for my parents to see him. It was just as if he waited to have my aunt see him breathing one last time before he left happy.

Thus beckons the question: Would he have hung on had my aunt not come? He was in more or less a coma after all. He couldn't consciously hear anyone, much less respond. Was it the best form of apology to my aunt he could have given, waiting for her before breathing his last?

What bothered me more was the rather obvious fact that quite from the norm, my aunts and mom wasn't exactly in tears and surrounded by used tissues. And this is the moral of the story ladies and gentlemen.

My second aunt was never one for social support. During my first nephew's one-month celebration, she didn't turn up. When someone else's relative passed away she didn't show up at the funeral either. I've often heard resentful whispers about this among my mom and aunts.

DotA players should be familiar with this concept. You don't help when your ally is in trouble, when it's your turn to be raped, they won't be crying over your death either.

Family, or friends. Certainly family should have little exceptions. And as for friends, if the relationship means anything to you, then you should always always always be looking out for one another, showing care and concern, and not just taking taking and taking it.

Right. Class dismissed. Practice makes perfect people.

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