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Final Moments on the rising dragon's now defunct and no longer visible comments page
Saturday, July 15, 2006

Kaiyan has rescued the comments. He says it's the final bit, but my dear friend, that's all 23 of them there. I was quite bummed that I didn't get to read the comments posted after my fuck-fest (I put the hypen to distinguish it from fuckfest, which is something that I'd say is much much much sicker than what I did). But read it today, and I enjoyed it (duh lol). Get the full document here. Meanwhile, excerpts:

[First comment by Ben]
Benji~ said...
eh you think you remove your tagboard then the issue is over ah? lol not so fast, public apology or i will break your twig and set you on fire (:

[Nard's oh-so-vulgar reply]
Leong Shi Chuan Bernard said...
Haha LTA Roy is right, I shouldn't even bothered to knock some sense into u. Let the army handle u all when u enlist, u be suffering hell with yr negative attitude. alright , sorry for fucking u upside down , satisfied happy .
[no not really we aren't, but moving on...]

[Simon doing his part]
fleshimp said...
and get it into your thick fat head; if i am negative about army, would i have served in the unit and bleed the color red for my fucking beret. think, if u can. i am never negative about it; but i don't like how you as a person, are making the whole population of males out there dislike army; because of what you are doing and what you want to represent; trust me, in no way do u fucking represent the army, if anything, u are an insult to the males who ever served ns, look at you. gawd.
fleshimp said...
oh and one more final piece of info; why do i disdain you from representing the army, i happen to know one of the sergents who took you before. i heard lots of stories about you; embaressing ones i think you don't want the world to know. so if i am you, i will shut up about army, before someone burst that bubble and show the world the truth.
[ohhhohohohooo... juicy hoo0~!]

[Nardo Lardo]
Leong Shi Chuan Bernard said...
... blahblahblaharmyrocksmysgtsoffsrulecolchanhoo0blahblah...
And I am not longer negatively weak thinking Bernard Shi Chuan that I used to be, that U can pull down easily. Standing here is a much stronger tougher better Bernard n I have the results to prove n show for it.
[... right.]

[Simon again!]
fleshimp said...
for someone like inferiority complex, teasing is a form of making you learn to cope with it, cos i am sure you've been teased for all your life. am i not right. chuckle. body fat percentage teasing is cos you really still look fat; for your own good, you got to rip more. and i did say that; not to be quoted. there's this thing called 'personal space and privacy'. you want it this way, i have my ways of retaliation, and u know i am capable of that. so better think twice abt mentioning my name. you have been warned. you want an all out war from me? leave my name as it is. u want to avoid this war, remove my name. remember, i am capable of making a person's life really miserable. want to deal with it?
[I as someone who has been and still is teased will have to disagree with the first part, but otherwise it's drippin' juicy, aye?]
fleshimp said...
if i lead an all-out anti-bernard campaign in school, how many supporters do you think i can gunner. don't pit yourself against me bernard.
[garner darling... lol]

[oooh heh my fuck-fest!]
Il Maestro said...
Oho very good no censor here.

Oi Chee Bye Chuan, we've all tried to be very civilised about this, and with each fucking word you say you are just agitating us more and more and fucking more. See I learnt how to use HTML tags can you or not HA FUCKING LOSER. Do I do things like this? No, only you. Freddy and Simon tease you you not happy is it? You have just put us on the fucking warpath you moron. We will fuck you upside down (not you fuck us WE WILL FUCK YOU) and make sure that when you finally apologise tears will stream down your fucking face and you will be gasping for fucking air. You think you finally say the word 'fucking' we all ooooo scared ah? Look here ok I can utilise the word 'fuck' and its many derivatives far fucking better than you will ever learn to in your miserable excuse of an existence.

Another thing Chee Bye Chuan. My father knows Colonel Chan. Very soon we'll know whether he even knows your fuckface.

Benji~ said...
wheee (: an apology! yay! but not as i wanted it :( aww bernard i think you just agitated us a bit more now. negative attitude? goodness me did i say i hated the army? if i did and didnt wanna serve NS i would be gone by now right? nards are nards tsk. lets just see who will be bending over at the end (:

MoLeZ said...
Are you so weak that you get demoralized by some teasing? Teasing is just a part of college life. Freddy also teased me to be gay with Simon what. And I don't whine about it like you. I join in. If you get demoralized that easily, you must be a wuss and must have also felt the same way of what they called you!

And how many times have we told you that you DID NOT try to portray a good image of army for us. You totally ruined it. Do not try to act as a spokesperson when you are not trained and not even qualified to portray a good image for the army.

Your enemies, that is Freddy, Simon and Wei Yang however have proved themselves.

And finally, we still demand the public apology. Not this nonsense, insulting, apology with no sincerity.
[rambler lol]

Benji~ said...
oh and BTW bernard you wanna see what my negative attitude is? just keep this up, yes real smart of you to piss EVERYONE off.

just dont apologise, give that fucktard face. oops vulgarities..:P FUCK YOU LA CB. err i mean..ah whatever FUCK YOU la i meant that (:

just keep this going and you will not only receive negative attitude from me but from EVERYONE else too (:

heh heh have fun suffering in somewhere that is not as bad as hell

ehhh hold it..i dont know. not very sure about the last thing i said.. i think the ppl you pissed off can give you more than hell?

let what i said process and settle in your head. is it even possible to knock some sense into you?
[not at all actually]

Leong Shi Chuan Bernard said...
thanks for your 'kind' intentions, simon. but I work better living up to the fullest potential with people who cheer each other, mutual support. that's why u all snickered at me, I responded back negatively. what u see what is what u get. The same went for me when I was in the army, worked badly with pple who had nothing good. I worked well with pple who positively reinforced me and I responded back in positive kind.
renhao kaiyan ben etc - haiz leave it up to u. can't be bothered anymore. no comments from u anymore . moving on with or without u, life still goes on and I will prevail
[prevail your empty airhead la ji neh]

Leong Shi Chuan Bernard said...
positive reinforcement is the best method, I do not work well with pple who snicker, snide remarks, deboost morale.
that's the end of this, anymore further, close the blog. no more time for this anymore, I got many other better things to do than this . this I know, I will survive and make it thru all odds prevail in the end to the decisive victory, cos I done it before falling and getting up many times. that's how I made it here today and will rise up further. THIS IS THE END OF THIS. PERIOD !
[no its not :D far from it]

[final smackdown before the comments were closed]
MoLeZ said...
Can somebody get things in this nut head? How come he don't understand a single thing we say? I don't know how you end up in the same ESL class as me. Your understanding of English seems far worse.

Firstly, HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT BEN'S INJURY IS NOT FUNNY? Why didn't you insist on running out and fighting the war when you were in the army? Instead, you were slacking! Slack into a blob like you are now. And people have preferences. I prefer SCDF to SAF and thats it. You think SCDF that easy? I see the SCDF ppl next door training so hard everyday. Funny is it? They brave through fires and injured people. You talk some more cock you see whether the SCDF will save you when your house catches fire one day.

Secondly, this is not the end. Not settled ok?
You? You wrote some cock and bull story about us. So, prepare your apology and stop thinking that its settled.

~ ~ ~

Please be reminded that these are excerpts, and that the direct download link to the full document has been placed at the top portion of this post.

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