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I'm back
Saturday, July 08, 2006

Faithful readers of the eunuch's court, send thy praises to Wilfred (linked on the left) for starting my writing engine again.

Incidentally even if you don't know him (Sec 3/4 classmate) please please for the love of God Satan and all the mutants in between go read his car accident post. I haven't laughed so hard for a long long time.

So. Gonna sleep after I finish this, and hopefully wake up at 245am to watch my beloved Deutschland battle Portugal. Got meself a bag of my favourite very nice and very fattening Ruffles Cheddar for it. I do wonder if it would be a good match though. It's only third place, and C Ronaldo gets booed for red-carding Rooney off.

For all you know, he was winking at some girl fan behind the England bench. Yar he'd be a bloody jihong but that so beats sending Rooney off.

Incidentally I don't quite fancy Rooney. He's in a black mood half the time and yelling at people. Ballack on the other hand maybe a cheery little fellow but if I see him miss a free or penalty kick by a million lightyears ever again I might just send a hitman after him.

Being an earphone-connoisseur/techie/whatever's-the-right-word has its suckiness. I thought my Audio Technica earphones, which have delivered very very well during the prime of it's lifespan, would at least hold out till I pick up my new pair of Sony/Apple in-ears. But nooo, the left's gotta show signs of giving way. And I was hoping the wear and tear would stop at the rubbers peeling...

Oh. I borrowed Ben's WC3 CDs the other day because the patches weren't working. Then when I got back, I downloaded the 1.20e universal patch and tried it out and it worked, so I returned the CDs unused.

Today I found out that whenever I attempt to join a game the fucking game hangs my com. I don't look forward to having to ask for the CDs again. Not that I'm actively playing WC3 much. My main game when I have time and am parent-free is Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. There is just so much fun in surprising an Axis fragger with a very painful, surprising, and depending on your ego, humiliating Panzerfaust. Or sniping Axis soldiers on the opposite parapet when they are busy spraying bullets downwards in the general direction of the spawn point. Asses. But a panzer naturally slows me down a terrible bit, which if course makes me susceptible to a counter-Panzer, a mortar, an air strike, and basically just about everything else there is.


After I settle my new earphones, the next thing on my list is a 512 RAM. And a reformat. Originally I wanted to put sound card and new speakers first, but my on-board card doesn't exactly produce tinny sound, nor does my pair of speakers produce 5cent audio, so they can wait.

Thanks again Wilfred. You won yourself one Idol vote.

Just one.

Expensive leh.

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