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Le Benefites de Leisure
Friday, July 21, 2006


Today was a good breather.

After CSE lab went with G to meet KY......

You know what? Let's talk about CSE lab first. Hahaha.

Anthony Lee came on time today, and gave out our assignments shortly after. As I had predicted, today's Javascript was fun to construct. I actually finished mine within half an hour you know, but I forgot to print an extra copy of my code for Bao and Pam, so my submission was delayed by another half hour. But that half hour was not to be wasted. First stop was Carol, where her code was processing the same result whether it was this or that (we were doing the IF function of Javascript). I asked her to put the script into my thumbdrive and let me look at it from my desk, because I could hardly think standing behind her and back bent 90. And next came Maria, so I asked her to put it in my thumbdrive too. I actually suggested entering booleans for Carol, but I realised upon running through again that I put the NOT sign somewhere else... goodness. Maria... forgot la. Lol. There was probably another one I helped too, but I forgot who. But then came Melvin. I noticed Graham bending over him, Yang looking at his computer too, and a big crowd there. So I squeezed myself and leaned between Yang and Melvin. And you can imagine lor... 4 guys bent over a com screen examining lines of codes over and over and over again. If Graham hadn't had his codes open to compare too, I probably would never have found the mistake.

Me: Um Melvin... lemme see Graham's.
Me: ... yours?
Me: ... ... ... -press UP arrow...-
-up to the head of the codes-
-changes Function to function-

Now everyone is silent, pondering the possibilities of this being the one letter to solving the whole jam. In movies this would be the time where everyone looks incredulously and says, 'Noooo......'

G: -moves to save-
Me: Nuh wait lemme check through the rest.
Yang: This is probably it though...
Me: Ah try first try first.
G: -Ctrl-S- Get ready to swear.

And as we all watch in breathless silence...

-click the browser window-
-prompt pops up-

-general laughter and slight pandemonium-

That was probably the funniest code problem I solved today.

Pamela's one... lol mistakes all over hahahaha. Closing her head two times and opening the body two times...

Later Maria asked for my help again because she had shifted her IF functions to the user-defined portion, and had trouble having the alerts executed. What's funny was, Lirong announced after sometime that she had successfully completed it. Ah, but upon checking, I found that Maria didn't even include the operation into her code's body script, so it was a simple matter of linking the calculated answer to her function, and letting the sequence do its thing.

Yes ar... Problem solver hoo0~!


Sim Lim Square.

Took a bus with G to Clementi to meet KY, then went on to Bugis. We decided to eat first before our quest to check out laptop prices for G, and get an ADSL gateway for KY's shop (Internet access hmm...). Decided on some place called Kim's with omgdamnnicesmelling Hokkien Fried Mee... I however ordered Salted Fish Fried Rice, my favourite! But crap la, the salted fish didn't even infuse into the rice lor, it was just fried rice and biting on the salted fish to get the flavour, which in case you don't already know is unhealthy and not exactly delicious at times. Bio-ed cars while eating... there was a(nother) Tuscani yellow parked where our table was. The more I look at Tuscanis the more I don't like them. And I used to, because of their economicality as well as the shape, which was rather close to the ideal sort of sports car shape that I like. Unfortunately, a million others also probably thought the same way, and after seeing no less than 3 Tuscanis today, I think I'm giving up on it. If KY's right, it would be long out of production by the time I can afford it anyway, so might as well wean off it now.

We basically swept the whole place at Sim Lim, floor to floor. I was so confused as to where the tube speakers I saw before were, because the last time I went to get my EHD the place was like flooded with them, or so it seemed to me. But I started from the top floor the last time, and the bottom this time, which of course in due course explained everything to me. And guess what people. After I sampled the speakers with Are You Gonna Be My Girl, KY asked me to put it to the test.

With opera.

Let me explain... I told him the other day that even the Zen Aurvana, much less the cheaper ones we own, could not handle the high notes of opera. This pair of 2.1 speakers plus a small seperate console (volume treble bass the works) costs $299. And with a tube.

To save them, and to a lesser extent myself the embarrassment of soprano notes blasting into the middle of that techno-saturated place (I say again ah. Tetno and trance music - DIFFERENT), I softened the volume and forwarded to the last part of the song, then brought the volume up abit.

Couldn't handle.

You know something though... I'm starting to suspect it's my custom EQ. It cannot be that a $235 pair of Creative earphones, and a $299 tube-fitted 2.1 speaker system, cannot handle opera.

Because my EQ is customed for my earphones. And it might not show up on lousier audio equipment, but here is, I'm guessing, where EQ makes all the difference.

On the other hand, ph33r d 0p3r4!!

After we were finished with Sim Lim, we were about to hop on the MRT, KY to Jurong and his lovely shop, while I was going with G to City Music to check out acoustic guitars that he was planning to buy.

Luckily while we were walking Graham suddenly spotted Peace Centre.

G: OMG... ey there it is!
RH: Really?
KY: Peace or Pearl Center?
G, RH: ...
RH: -troops to the side to check- Peace lah.
G: Ah cheh.......


So anyway. City Music people are asses. You can touch this this this guitars without them moving an inch to 'assist' you, but if you touch the hanging guitars, it's almost like the flash-step next to you and say, 'Please ask for assistance'.

How the hell would I know can?

Tried bass today, didn't work... I wonder why though. Last time when Melvin Derek Hans they all were jamming I play bass ok what.

After that we went over to... I dunno what the shop is. Luthier Guitars? Where they had Simon and... Peter, I think, or is it Schuster. Simon and something, Luthier, and Timothy acoustics. Damn nice la the sound. Helped G select one. There were 3 guitars but one had an unmistakably brighter tone than the other two. Apt for G, with all his soloing. And a bright guitar isn't exactly detrimental to strumming anyway. Also there were just two electrics for sale, both by The Music Man. I had difficulty with one, because the tone was so mellow... but the other had a very acoustic timbre to it, so it didn't feel so awkward with it. And they are both fully customable. Color, pickup configs, lefty, whatever. At a price of course.

I estimated that if I asked for whatever I wanted (lefty, purple, HSH/SSH config) it would probably come up to 3.5k. And we all know I'm optimistic. The guy there was nice though, leaving us to do whatever we wanted, try whatever guitars, and all.

So. So much for leisure. After a knock-out nap on bus 65 (seems faster than I'd come to expect today), I came back, at 5+, and ladies and gentlemen I have just completed CSE assignments 2 and 3 in a row. 9+ now.


Hear ye hear ye the benefits of leisuree.

Well I added that last e to rhyme it. Sounds nice what.

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