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Let my mushrooms GO!!!
Sunday, July 23, 2006

Didn't do much in the morning and early afternoon watched videos all through. Left at 3 for Campus and by the time I reached City Hall I was late so I took a cab to Suntec. The driver took me on a merry-go-round. He probably took my unsmiling face to be dissatisfaction, so he went into a one-way conversation about how the idiots put up a new sign saying 'no right turn' so he had to go one huge round. Cab drivers really don't know how to take monosyllablic grunts as a huge hint to shut up and drive... must be lonely, having people there but not talking to them.


Anyway, $3.80. Manageable. I walked out of the lift at the 6th floor to a blast of noise... the chatter was unbelievable... it was only a couple of minutes past 4 and the place was already filled with people. Met Maria after awhile, she brought me up to date on the whole new thing. Campus is starting this chill-out corner, where basically you can pick up a free packet drink. And then there is the MAD Initiative, Making A Difference... there were T-shirts for sale but they were vintage designs and I didn't quite like them, so I passed this time.

The chairs were removed this time... well most of it anyway. We were all treated to a pre-service dance, then Pastor Chin came up and well apparently he replaced his prepared message with a one fresh from the Lord.

You know what. Fast forward to post-sermon praise and worship. Pastor said, after the first song.

'Let's Tell the World okay?'

The whole room went nuts.

Haha I had alot of fun. Alot. Of fun.

Dinner with the rest of the caregroup (even though I don't go caregroup... they all stick together anyway, with any event). We were at the Milennnia Burger King, and I was at the counter ordering (Mushroom Swiss hoo0~!). Bao Yan and Li Rong were waiting behind me. Baoyan suggested extra cheese extra mushrooms, and I laughed, thinking she wouldn't bother. In any case I'd ordered already so...

So I was the first to get back to our seats, and I didn't want to start first (courteous what). So I went back to give them moral support and just be there for them.

No la I was just kaypoh.

When we got back to our seats, Baoyan opened her burger.

Extra cheese, and extra mushroom.

No extra charge.

All through dinner Baoyan was really funny, making endless jokes. She told us about how as a curious and arguably innocent little girl at Primary 2 she heard about how cats don't die when they fall, and she didn't exactly want to throw a kitten off the parapet. So she sat the kitten on her lap.

And the opened her legs.

My God at 1 year's old, I wouldn't have been as fast as the kitten, who promptly shot its claws out and scratched Baoyan's legs trying to break its fall.

One thing. This care group is uber at wasting time. We spent half an hour standing around waiting for nothing.

I didn't really wish to take a bus home, since it was so late and I wanted to get home fast. After some deliberation I flagged the first cab I saw.

The cab with the bright green LED sign announcing TAXI.

Comfort Cab.

$14.10. Bloody hell. But I think I'll save my cab money for Saturdays from now on. Kinda worth it...

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