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My answer to LCP Leong Shi Chuan Bernard and the rest of his imaginary friends
Monday, July 10, 2006

Ben wrote this and I am posting it on his behalf. Even though we are shooting down the same person, I must distinguish that his views are his views, and mine, mine. Take it up with the apt person.


I sincerely hope that you wont sue me for using your name here and use my
words against me for it is only fair that since you used my name for one of
your posts i use yours too (:

Im writing this post on both lky and rh blog as my blog is for private means
and although you asked for it, you have no rights to visit it (:

first of all, i would like you to come online right now and defend your case
instead of writing as YOUR sarg, or in anycase "bernard superior" thats so
original and unlame. if any case there is a bernard superior and would like
to tag as bernard sgt, im sorry for slandering you, i will hereby apologise
to you (: im not targetting you or NS or anything, i just want to correct
some facts which our friend here, maybe enemy now who knows? depending on
what he does after i post my entry, from begging for mercy or pouring tea
and kowtowing while saying sorry over and over. i dont know, my imagination
runs wild at times, well so does some ppl with an active imaginations to
create new army friends, im not stating names though, but then once again im
not targetting anyone (:

dont try to shirk whatever you say for i will copy and paste from your blog
whatever you wrote, no im not lifeless, im just a little bit cheesed off
about what you have to say about me and my friends so i shall dedicate this
time to you (: aint i sweet? (: you should thank me for this instead of
hiring a hitman to get rid of you, the latter choice is so much easier so i
bet there are ppl who will do so for free. oops i just gave away the chance
of a sneak attack OOO DID I JUST USE AN ARMY WORD? are you like totally
alert now? well well now that i got your attention, ambush, sneak attack,
whatever kiwi paint, BACK to the story.

FIRST of all
NEVER write my name in small letters, i am the one who walks the path of
heaven, do you know how pissed off the Gods are by you doing that? how dare
you even mention my name in your "humble blog" which you so claim? however i
am patient and am a really nice guy so yup i will forgive you for that. i
seem to be not on track with whatever i wanna say but i guess that thats my
style which is far from yours that is woah i wanna whack the singapore
students who hasnt been to NS yet cuz i am so great and i have been to NS
and got ALOT of experience but am still an LCP. OOPS! i mentioned rank but
thats reality, face it (:

Item of business #1: "even try to downgrade yr physical medical status by
whining abt yr injury, difficulties, problems."

whining is not the word, do you know whats whining? you are whining on your
blog about omg why they trying to chao keng omg this omg that. key to solve
this problem is for someone to say stfu to you. you should know what that
means right? alot of ppl said that to you before right? how about this? i
dislocate your arm 5 times, i leave your arm there for 1/2 an hr before
plugging it back into you like an plastic doll. lets see you not bitch and
write a 13 page long essay on your blog. (:

Item of business #2: "It saddened me to hear some of u like ben chua said
this once some time ago that u thought of the possibility of escape N.S by
going to UB and not come back. U said it once and I remembered it." "ben
chua u a young boy have the thought of running away after receiving our
protection for yr growing up years. that smacks a bit of ungratefulness,
unfilial piety and disloyalty from u."

oolala i see the name of the great one here, well well i would shoot you the
next time i dont see my name as Benjamin Chua. but you shall be forgiven and
not be banished to the depths of hell this time. aint i just great? so
anw i think it was benny who said that but im gonna stand up for him in any
case, if he ever said it or if i ever say it, it would most likely be
jokingly. did you see me :D after that? or did my face look like yours? oh
wait. my face could nv look like yours. at least i hope not! omg nightmares!
soooo anw..urgh *shakes off the fact of me actually thinking about such a
thing* i would have been kidding about it since i have not enough money to
run away and leave my poor parents behind (: im really filial you know not
like how you SLANDERED me, but then although we have sort of been protected
for years, have our money been guarded well? think about it, why are you so
poor? just think (: let it all process...taxes come to mind? ERP? etc etc?
let it all sink in now (: thats a good boy..shall we wait for 3 more days to
let everything settle for i see a dazed look on your face (: i have no time
to waste on you, i shall continue but make sure u understand whatever i said

#3: I felt somewhat indignant but did not voice it out cos I thought maybe u
may be ignorant of the army. so what you dislocated yr shoulders a few

voice it out next time alright? everyone might agree with you against me (:
the odds are REALLY high on that, just speak your mind, dont "give me face"
as you would say and then bitch about me in your blog and dont even wanna
talk to me online i feel so sad and disheartened :( enough about the
emo-ness. dont try to talk bad about me in your blog ever again, or else you
know what else will come, you didnt ask me to read your blog at all, if i
werent blog hopping i wouldnt have realised what a stupid thing that you
have done. if im ignorant about the army? how about you? so what
dislocation? lol do you have sub. degeneration stage 2 before? do you even
know whats that and how much it costs to repair the damages? GO CHECK ONLINE
that in the friendliest way possible (: i am going to get downgraded cuz i
deserve it, imagine this, you do pullups half way arm come out, funny? think
before you speak, dont just open your mouth and stare at blank space next

#4: So Don't think straightaway u can only be a storeman, messboy clerk.
That's a very negative pessimistic attitude that u have

do i want to be a storeman like you? nop (: thats like so whats the word
here? humiliating ha. you can have the positive attitude while taking stocks
while i dont know do something else that is much impt, yes stock taking is
impt lol hahahahahaaha real impt (:

#5: Speaking of who is a wuss , idiot? that is YOU, not ME ! In the army, We
call this chio keng boy and I hope that u jolly well wake up yr idea and not
be a wimp. This is the army's warning to u for yr own good, toned down a
lot. U gonna get this worse if u don't change yr thinking.

did i say you are a wuss? an idiot? lol WAIT i take my words back if i didnt
say it. you ARE a wuss. you ARE an idiot. shooting you? personal attack? lol
you did it first (: i did NOTHING to you. you had to bitch about me. and you
wussed out you just WUSSED out dare not talk to me face to face, had to hide
behind bernard superior, he your mother ah? no offence auntie leong but then
your son tsk. hiding under his superior skirt oooooops :P chio keng? lol
alot of ppl chio keng not many wants to be sai kang warrior like you,
suicide tower first thing. lol wanna die dont take this course dont take
business admin, take suicide bombing, how to kill 60 ppl in 60 sec for
dummies (: that book should help you quite a bit.

lol you said something to lky but he has to defend his own case for i have
to talk to my baby who is far more impt than you. but then i am gonna say
that if you continue this nonsense the time we are going to have in NS will
be a much nicer time than you being in UB. a bloody miserable hell of a time
(: as quoted by you (:

how about this? we settle the rest tml (: if you wanna shoot me down with
some more of your sai kang mindsets go ahead, i will listen, give my
opinions and you have to listen to it with a POSITIVE mindset i realised
that you said positive MANY MANY countless unneccesary times.

Seriously, I hope that U all (namely you and you and your erm superiors)
will have this right kind of mindset by the time u are done with my post, a
different better, stronger n tougher man, and dont come bitching to me about
how sorry you are and how you would like to beg for mercy. This is my answer
to u.

have fun! (:

orchestrated by Renhao at 11:42:00 pm
© 2004-2007. All rights reserved. You have been warned.