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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yeah I got that line from the mrbrown show. Forgot which one though, I think it was one of those earlier Skypecast ones. Funny.


So anyway, KY was telling me about how if I wanted to hear the extent of our Creative earphones abilities, I should watch Top Gear with it. He said he could hear the cars zooming about, and the train travelling from right to left.

I met him early today, you know just for the heck of it... wake up horribly early and go to school half-asleep. I know, right? Life made up of such simple pleasures.

When I plugged up, I heard nothing.

At all.

The sound was good as usual... The half-techno background music was great with the bass... But the screeching was equal on both sides, there was no sound travel at all. The soundstage was just totally... one-dimensional.

KY attempted to blame it on my small-size earbuds, which I nullified almost immediately.

Final test of the week... CSE's Javascript... whatever la. Lol. Finished in 5 minutes. Hoo0~!

Goodness la... COM class is terrible. I was so sick of him I left after the second break. Of course, not before getting my results back... 26/30. Considering the highest is 28(.5?), ok la... It's fine. But I had a miscomm with Zhi about taking today's notes... I thought she said type it out la... then can print out, which I found rather unusual, since one could copy and paste the points from PPT, and I was just typing to stay awake, when she actually said don't need to type it out la... can print what...

Which made much more sense unfortunately.

Oh but, while Uncle Hong was rambling, I decided to play with Zhi's Photo Booth... software that came with her MacBook Pro, which incidentally is sweet except for a RAM problem. Photo Booth, plus the super small, and super good in-built webcam (which is actually only the size of any two letter word you can find right here on your screen) gives...

Fallen to the curse of The Ring
I only snapped this one photo, which was the swirl effect reminescent of The Ring, because I found the effects so funny, and so did like 10 other people watching my antics from behind me. See Li Rong and Maria photo-opping behind me? If it carried on I probably would have been sent out of class.

Shortly after I got out of class (which Graham and Hans did too), sitting in the lounge half-knocked out and half-watching Kids Central, I got a call from Ben (this guy doesn't know when to SMS one I tell you) asking if I wanted to zao (Beelok again). Luckily I was already out of class otherwise I couldn't get out even if I wanted to.

Did I mention. My paintballs (half of them) finally worked yesterday. I thought I'd just fire a couple for firing sake, and BAM, there was a red blot on the wall.


12 pellets later, it took me a whole lot of JIF (or CIF whatever the hell they call it) to get the paint off the wall. Damn hard can. When I tried to show them today, it refused to burst again.

I think it works on concrete. And if that's so what's the freaking point of making it?! Isn't it supposed to burst on humans?


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