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Test 1 (30%): Cleared
Monday, July 17, 2006

In less than half an hour.

We all thought we were doomed, when the invigilator gave out the scripts. It wasn't randomised, so all of us had the same last two questions.

Who created the cinematographe, and in which year? (2 points)
What is the significance of books? (4 points)

Everyone around me went into panic mode, asking each other who! Who! When! WHO! I think it was Mariani who supplied the answer 1895, and I supplied my guess of Lumiere Brothers, which turned out to be indeed correct.

When I turned the paper and started on the MCQs, I found they were mostly easy. However, alot of them were cold-memory questions, and our friend is going down in the end-of-course evaluation. 10+ years teaching the course in Buffalo and he still does this sort of crap.

I wanted to hand my paper in at 353, but the lecturer said to wait for 4, so ok lor I check through while waiting. I felt my phone buzzing and I thought it was Ben calling. When I got out however I was mildly surprised to find it was KY who called. When I called him back he said he was already at the bus stop, and told me to hurry up.

When I got there, Ben wasn't with him.

CB I felt so cheated can? After bitching at him I wanted to go back, but then 52 arrived and somehow he persuaded me to take it with him. Crapinated.

Back at Tampines, after a short visit to Yamaha to pick up some picks (hurhur) I went to Shih Lin Snacks to get a XXL Crispy Chicken, which I haven't taken in a long time. Right beside it was a bubble tea store, and the menu suddenly sparked faint memories of its Chocolate Oreo ice-blended. And I bought it too.

I tell you, it beats McCafe's Double Chocolate flat ok. Freaking ripper-offs.

I intended to bring the crispy chicken home to eat, so being smarter than you think I am, I asked for a plastic bag. The guy looked at me abit uncertainly and informed me that it was a dollar.

I looked up at him.

He said 'Do you still want it?' I went um no no thanks.

Then he pulled a plastic bag out and held it open. 'Kidding :D', he said.


Taken for a ride hoo0~!

Oh yeah. I found the medium-sized earbuds for my Creative earphones too large for my ears. It creates a vacuum in my ears la what the hell. Very uncomfortable, and once I pull it out for a breather or to adjust, chances are I won't get it snugly in again. So I used the small ones. Not all that loose, and the smallness makes the transducers (I'd say speakers or amps but they're earphones for goodness' sake) closer to my ear, which in turn makes the bass an earth-shaking blast.

Worth the price.


From nowhere.

I'm glad I have MSN news alerts on. It alerted me to the tsunami this afternoon. My initial thought was that goodness, it hit from nowhere. And then when I read that there were tsunami alerts an hour beforehand, my thoughts changed to goodness, it struck so quickly. But after some thought, I realise it's not every time that the Earth gives you weeks or days or at least half a day of warning, as with Merapi. So. Remember them in your prayers people.

There's another thing I had in mind but forgot...

Ooooh goodnesssss.... olddddd......

Give up. Lol.

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