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World Cup, Earphones, and V for Vendetta
Monday, July 10, 2006

Zidane Zidane Zidane. What a waste.

I was so dead when it was time for the match. By second half, I was dozing off. By extra time, it took my dad's WHOAA to wake me up. Surprising I didn't feel tired all day today.

Decided to take a cab to Marina Square to get the new Creative earphones I was eyeing just yesterday, as opposed to taking the MRT to City Hall going to Marina then cabbing to school if necessary. After I got it I took 75 from the Esplanade. It's quite a distance, but I was so busy with adjusting the EQ to fit my new earphones that the journey was over as soon as I had settled on a setting.

New earphones hoo0~!

It's not easy man, settling on the EQ. The bass power of the earphones were just tremendous, and I had to put it as the last of my 5 bars to be adjusted so that it doesn't interfere with setting the others. Also the sound isolating function tends to muffle the sound abit, hence making it a tricky thing to adjust for clarity. It's not as clear as my Audio Technica, and I daresay it never will be, but I think it's good enough with the plus points of the other factors.

Now. :)

Hataku, Raishin~

Lance Corporal Leong Shi Chuan.

You have put yourself in my disfavor (and dare I say made a whole lot others indignant) by citing my name in what looks very much like, and probably is an attempt of a lash out at a choice few who have had their patience worn thin by your constant uncalled for glorification of National Service. Your patriotic little lecture, Lance Corporal, has far from made us sorry little kids who admit they know nothing of NS. In fact, I like to think you maxed out the volume knob of our discontent voices.

By the way, Lance Corporal, I don't attack with vulgarities. While I respect the impact some feel it has, I think it's like clubbing your target with a coarse wooden club festering with dried blood. I like to strike with the gleaming sword of standard English.

Well, now that the prologue is over.

Bankai... Hyakurai no Hitsugi~

In your introduction, Lance Corporal, you expressed a hope that we 'will take National Service seriously with a positive attitude'. Many of us have negative preconceived notions about NS thanks to our fathers who tell heroic tales of wading in rancid mud, and eating dog biscuits drier than desert sand, and how the cook would drag a sawdust-coated block of ice on the grey dirty floor, only to give it a cursory wash before dumping it into the cooler before filling it with water and syrup. Let me impress upon you just how much you are not helping alleviate these notions by irritating us with the constant broken-record ramblings of your godlike superiors, and your heartbreaking regret that you cannot serve in the frontline of combat because of an injury which we only have your word of. In Semester 2 I blew up on the tagboard you see on your left, swearing at you to 'shut the fuck up', I believe, and other really painful things. You apologised then and said you would say no more to provoke me, and with me everyone else on this blessed Earth.

Since then I have lost count of the number of times you have posted irritatingly long essays on Kaiyan's blog and I believe Issy's? Possibly more. Oh yes, Felicia's too, and of course that's where someone who claimed to be your friend came to your defense. I have lost count of the number of times Kaiyan or someone else (actually, mostly Kaiyan) has told you to stuff your face and shut up with the apologetics. I have lost count of the number of times you have called a ceasefire, a word I see with increasing irritation due to its utter irrelevance to the context in which your text appears. I have lost count, Lance Corporal, of the number of times you started it all again right after you call a ceasefire.

I don't expect you to know alot of things Lance Corporal, given the amount of brain memory and processing power you devote to military-related subjects. I would, however, expect you to understand the term ceasefire, especially since, according to you, you were 'a combat fighting man for about a year'. Given what I've heard of the army, I think the meaning of stop-firing-please-stop-stop-stop-firing-I-say-practice-has-ended-war-is-over can be succinctly summarised into the word ceasefire.

And now, you lecture us for losing our patience? Tsk tsk I say.

We may speak of trying to escape National Service, or at least the harder part of it, through various sneaky ways and means. Given your talent of making really awkward ones, I'm guessing you can define 'joke' well enough. Let me tell you here, right now in front of everybody (because of course my blog garners more readership than yours haha blehh... oops how arrogant of me). With all my heart, Lance Corporal, I aim to be at least a 3rd Sargeant, if not enter OCS (Officer Cadet School in case you don't know). Unfit as I am, scarred by eczema as I am, I know I am prepared to go through discomfort to attain that goal if I even can. So don't you dare flap your excuse of a mouth, Lance Corporal, when you don't even know half of it. As for the others, I think that they know truly what they want without you mothering all over them, which incidentally you do a terrible job of.

Ungratefulness? Unfilial piety? Disloyalty? How dare you, Lance Corporal.

By the way. Unfilial piety? Filial piety happens to be associated, and rightly so, because of the presence of the word 'filial', to a parent-child relationship. Please enlighten us as to how that fits in in the least with your country? Secondly, 'unfilial piety' conveys that you are unfilial-ly pious. I'll say, Lance Corporal, there's a first. Which halfpenny dictionary did you find that in? For future reference, the correct term is 'no' or 'without filial piety'.

I don't find a dislocating arm funny. If it fails you at a crucial time, you are literally as good as dead. Signaller? Medic? Radioman? I don't really care Lance Corporal. You might put the whole country at the other's mercy with an unexpected dislocation, never mind fighting at the frontline. Or do you just rush ahead and spray bullets Lance Corporal? I tend to do that in games, and I've long since found out that people don't really like that. Because you sacrificed yourself for nothing Lance Corporal. No one will honour you with a posthumous medal, dream on. When you could have taken two or three more of the enemy down by staying back and taking careful shots, you instead run out like a total fucktard, and pardon me because that is just about the only thing to describe such an action, and let the enemies rejoice over peppering that dickhead with 200 bullets. You will die in disgrace, you hear me Lance Corporal? Utter disgrace, not honour. You want to talk about wasting time? You wasted the army's resources training you only to behave so stupidly.

Brainwave~... maybe that's why they demoted you to storeman. They probably felt safer with you giving out bullets than firing them.

'The army's warning to you for your own good'? Excuse me again, but fuck you Lance Corporal. Fuck you and fuck you again. Allow me to momentarily assume the voice of the army by saying how dare you so nonchalantly take on the role of army spokesman? Seen the World Cup, Lance Corporal? Learn now if you haven't already seen that speaking out of turn is as much as firing a gun into your mouth. Perhaps you are the one who should jolly well wake up and shut up where your words are not needed. And allow me to assure you Lance Corporal. They are not needed in more places than you can ever ever imagine.

We know very well whom we are protecting by serving our due time in National Service. National Service, Lance Corporal. If it's not for the sake of our country, do you really think we would train ourselves for Timbakthu? We do not doubt that you have learnt invaluable lessons from National Service. And even if we doubt you, which I have half a mind of doing so now, there are many others whose very appearance bears testimony to their fruitful two years of NS. Freddy, Simon, Graham, Zhen Zhi, Derek and Weiyang, naming but a few, don't even talk about their countless achievements in NS, why should you, Lance Corporal? Nobody cries or whines easily at challenges. And harhar to you if you did before you served NS.

So which want do you want, Lance Corporal? Your own choice, up to you. Do you want to keep your own set of beliefs to yourself and redeem the damage you have done to no one else but yourself during this past year? Or do you want to open your damned mouth, try to force your ideologies down other people's throats, and be a social pariah for the rest of your miserable life? All is fair in love and war, Lance Corporal Leong Shi Chuan, but remember for your own good and sake that there are lines to keep yourself behind out of camp.

orchestrated by Renhao at 11:45:00 pm
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