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Thursday, August 31, 2006

This is amazing. I opened the Wikipedia page. And I forgot what I was looking for.

Went for pool with Ian today. And then Pastamania.

Bloody hell we underestimated these folks.

Ian ordered a carbonara and I a creamy chicken, and both of us added a Combo of soup, garlic bread, and drink. Ian was trying to persuade me to get another pizza to share. And I said wait till we finished the pastas before we decide.

With two forkfuls left on the plate, my last forkful made my vision swim. I normally don't like to waste food, Africa or otherwise, but enough is enough and I've pushed myself far enough.

Get another pizza. Hur.

After that Ian somehow persuaded me to play this game he didn't even know. He only knew it as The Violent Game.

Yeah alright it was fun I guess. You can pick all sorts of things up to whack people knock people shoot people blast people.


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Mat Rock Hallelujah
Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Once again, in my regular audience pool, only Hans will know what I spoofed in my title.

I said regular, bitch. You don't count.

Aight. Next two songs on my learn list for guitar. Romance d'Amour, which is apparently common I'm surprised no noob has tried to show off before. At least I heard it from 2 pros.

2 relative pros.

Also Hans's retarded, childish, vulgar, and ultimately hilarious Maat Rock Blues. You know...

There was a Maat Rock,
Sitting under the block.
There was a minah,
The minah had a dog.

Then the minah's dog (Shit I keep mistyping dog as dong... ew) goes on to bite the maat's cock... Well then. 'Nuff said.

Overall though, today's hour or so of fun was great and morale boosting. Mostly anyway. As Hans and G plucked away to Romance d'Amour I sat in stunned silence. Yeah those few minutes weren't quite funny. But hey! I could pick up the chord sequences for the most part, I played bass line when I couldn't (what?!), and I lead us three into a super-steamed version of Hotel California, complete with numerous cock-ups from yours truly, fills from G, and percussion from Hans (who better right).

MAT! -clap!- ROCK! -clap! clap!- HAL-LE-LU-JAAAHH! -clap! clap! clap!-

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Curse of the Snapping String
Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Contact Core Bright Bronze
This is GHS's brightest-toned set of strings in the acoustic category. If you want to buy it, make sure you aren't confused with Bright Bronze. The one with the words Contact Core Bright Bronze is the brightest of the brightest tones. Although I actually think any decent guitarist should at least examine his options before making a purchase, and not just mantra-ise Contact Core Contact Core Contact Core and zoom in for them when there well may be 5 other strings sets that own Contact Core flat.

So these were the strings I bought yesterday. Now, I have had bad bad experience with restringing... I don't do it often enough simply because there isn't a need to. And well I'm not as charitable as Graham to help his friends restring. Well sure present me with the guitar, the new strings, the peg winder, the tuner, the wire-cutting plier and a pair of tweezers just in case, and yeah I'll readily help you restring. If I have the time. But I'm not buying new strings and bringing guitars back to my house to restring on the comfort of my bed. That's reserved for my guitar and me.

BUT ANYWAY... big digression... anyway, I'd actually restringed my guitar successfully. Seems that I went overboard with Contact Core. It's really super bright, the tone. Maybe I'll just get Bright Bronze without the Contact Core next time, that's just one step up. I dunno whether buying Ultra Light (Gauge 10 13 20 26 36 46) added to the problem.

Then there was a ping sound, and my hands totally flew away from the guitar. Because a ping usually means that the machine head didn't catch the string properly and like a clockwork timebomb it was slowly unravelling. And your hands do not want to be anywhere near a .013" guitar string when it snaps.

And actually, so it was. In a matter of minutes, the last of the string unwound from the peg hole and it snapped out with a twang. Ohh I felt like screaming. There goes my complete set what the hell! And I wasn't about to buy myself a new set just for one string. Then I tried to replace the old string back in, and this time I used the plier to tauten it while I tightened the peg.

The fucking string gave way to rust.

You know what they say about familiarity? Doesn't really breed contempt, but does give you major take-for-granted issues at times. My guitar was farrr more useless than I thought without the second string.

So today I went to Davis Guitars at Peninsula Plaza. Earlier in breaktime I had called Yamaha, Swee Lee, and Davis to check on whether they sold individual strings, whether they had GHS, and whether they had .013. Yamaha sold GHS, but they only had fecking .015. Your head ah 15. Davis had 13, but over the phone they told me they didn't have GHS and it was a brand called SIT.


After visiting the surrounding guitar shops in Peninsula and then finally giving in and going to Davis, I found out it was indeed SIT - Stay-in-Tune.

Ohhhkayy...... I suppose Shitty-Inadequate-Terrible works as well too. I think my guitar is giving way though. I believe it's starting to warp a little, and also the second-string peg hole can't catch properly. I hope not. Even though these can be easily repaired, it would be a matter of time.

Incidentally I can't believe that I just got Russell Peter's joke about HKers correcting your English with their own atrocious English.

"When I said 'Me and my friend will come back', he goes, 'Yo' friend and I.'...... Well that's fine too, whatever makes you happy, y'know?"

How did I take so long to figure that one out?

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Da Capo
Monday, August 28, 2006

Quick post before I embark on flooding myself with sociology reading.

Sociology teacher is a fussy biatch, but as long as she keeps her fuss at noise, Sociology promises to be interesting. Which explains why I bothered to buy the book after just the first lecture, and sink myself into myopic destruction.

Nutrition's visiting professor Dr Hovrath was much more interesting than the SOC woman. He was one who could catch your attention by just talking, not like... the SOC woman who was like a better version of Peggy Su.

HEYYYY.... What's going on theree????? I like students discussing in my classsss! At the appropriate timessss... But I have issueesss! With talking when I'm talking!

Actually she's like a cross between Auntie Yeap and Anthony Lee. OH THE HORRORRRRRRRR!

My brother just danced himself out of the room to Whitney Houston's I'm Every Woman. With his coyly short running shorts, he reminded me of a sad Hard-Gay wannabe.


Anyway! My mom cooked spaghetti for me as a birthday treat! But before I went home, more shoppin'! Popped by Yamaha to get meself a new set of strings (which thank goodness is an overall lighter guage than my present set wound onto my guitar) and a capo. Now I noticed that there were capos which looked exactly the same, but had a cost difference of $1-2. After some observation and confirmation from a staff member, I learnt today that there was a curved top capo and a straight-top capo. What it's for I have no idea, but I believe there has to be a function. Guitarists aren't stupid enough to have 2 variations of the same product which looks exactly the same unless you can detect the slight bulge in the string-stopping rubber for the curved version.

Most guitarists anyway.

Well I said to myself that I'd put sociology reading on the top of my list, so unless I finish or get totally tired, my guitar stays untouched.

Myopic destruction!

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Chao Chicken...........................

Okay. I'm entering this from SIM Library right now, because the timings for my morning class was changed and we weren't informed in the short note accompanying the revised schedule. There was only a note alerting PSY students to a change in Week 5.

I'm doing this before I go up to have my breakfast because I'd like to be as pissed as possible. If I do this after breakfast I'll be typing on a contented stomach and I would quite definitely lose my fire.

In any case, I refuse to believe that anyone (maybe Andrea... and that's on the low side as well) would scrutinise every fucking pixel of every new revision of the schedule. We only look out for either red highlights in the timetable, or things that the accompanying note mentioned. THEREFORE, I have come to the obnoxious, presumptious, and superflous conclusion that everyone waited till 1159pm yesterday to check out the schedule for the first bloody time, and just saw the changes without knowing it had been changed.


CHAO CHEE BYE LA. Happy fucking birthday to me. Nahia.

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Books to Bury
Sunday, August 27, 2006

Video: I enjoy most of the Scenes from a Hat segments, it's one of the funniest games on Whose Line. But this is a rare gem where all the actors were in a plain crazy mood. Enjoy.

Today I was at Borders killing time. I thought perhaps I'd just pick Neil Humphreys' new book up and find a quiet corner to read it all in 2 hours and regret buying it then. But I ended up browsing around and in the end, with my father's $100, I bought 3 books. The Neil Humphreys one, Final Notes from a Great Island, Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist (I know, I'm slow. But I thought given its critical acclaim it would be a good book for my personal library, rather than just borrowing from the NLB) and the latest Artemis Fowl book, Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony, which I bought totally on a whim, without even reading a page.

Oh what the hell. It's been a long time since I've had so many waiting for my devourment. I also have The Devil Wears Prada, now that my brother's done with it.

Final Notes is really good. At least for me. Brit and Singaporean humour is something you don't see together all too often, and you'll hardly ever see it again now that Humphreys is leaving. So if you enjoy this (really) unique blend, pick the book up.

Alright. Gonna bury meself.

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Japanese Deluxe at the Hilton
Saturday, August 26, 2006

And Happy Birthday to me.

What can I say... I dunno what came over me to choose a Japanese themed buffet, you know I don't (didn't?) usually like Jap cuisine. But Top of the M doesn't serve buffet dinner, and Ritz-Carlton was serving Indo cuisine at 66+++. So what the heck? Try la.

Turned out to be good stuff.

For some reason though, we were all rather quickly full. But when it came to dessert, there was green tea ice cream which was so good, I actually thought it was pistachio at first. I had taken a plate full of desserts (brulee, cheesecakes...) so my mom decided to relieve me of my ice cream first and take some more for me when she was finished.

Except by the time she went to take more, it was already replaced with vanilla.

So after we were all full, my mother wanted to wait for them to bring the green tea ice cream out again and take a second round before we left. Since I saw that the vanilla ice cream was almost gone, I enquired casually about the green tea ice cream.

Minutes later it was out again.

My mother gasped when she saw my prize. We snapped a couple of photos of her looking elated, and I couldn't resist doing this to one of the photos...


Honto oishi deska, oka-san?

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Quite overdue, this post.

Went to Ben's for mahjong. I was supposed to meet Ryan at Bishan first to get Magic cards, but Graham, bless him, mistook his soccer training to be in the morning, and was waiting at Buona Vista at 10+ before he realised it was tomorrow. So Ryan and I quickly redirected our plans to mahjong, then cards after we were done.

Of course I, eternally cool, forever glam, beat Ryan to getting to Yew Tee by so much that by the time he arrived Graham and I (with Ben staring at us) had finished a comfortable breakfast.

It's sad because I start off well, and then I start giving off winning tiles like some charity. And I zha-hu-ed AGAIN. BLOODY HELL another careless mistake la! And after losing a few more rounds, I was down to 20 cents.

Twenty. Cents.

And all three of them being the bestest friends I could ever have plotted my humiliating bankruptcy by trying to kang (4-of-a-kind for non-mahjong people). A kang is worth 20cents and an ang-kang (picking the 4th tile yourself) 40cents.

I ponged.

Then I kanged.


By then I was waiting for my winning tile while (if I'm not wrong) trying to confuse the others by randomly keeping and discarding unneeded tiles to confuse them as to which suit I'm waiting for.

And then Graham probably had no choice, or had a fucking huge amount of mercy and compassion rushing through him, and he discarded my winning tile asking 'Do you want this?'

I snatched it from him and exhaled for the first time in over half a minute. Blood immediately rushed for my head, and I collapsed on the table in mental exhaustion.

In the end, I still was bankrupted, and in the last round too, but what the heck. Ahaha.

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Fight, Lyrical Revelry
Sunday, August 20, 2006

Video: Kohtaro Oshio's energetic piece played on a baritone guitar, hence the funky slap bass.

And in other news, I'm exploited and made to do free advertising for my good friend.

Lyrical Revelry. Ben's band (hurhur it rhymes!). Visit this blog for the latest updates on the band, their next jamming session's details, and song line-up. Also expect demo recordings in the near future. Aside from the above link, there will also be another link under the left column.

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Creative I-Trigue 3600

Creative I-Trigue 3600
Check out my first birthday present from my cousin (Ms Guitar).
The Creative I-Trigue 3600 2.1 Speaker System. Of all the Creative 2.1 speaker systems, the only other model with an apparently better feature is the I-Trigue L3800, because of the Lateral Firing Transducers, which 'widens the soundstage and enhances mid tones'. If you didn't understand that you could either look up the word 'soundstage', or settle for this pathetic alternative explanation of 'better sound lor'. Or as the bengs say, 'more better or-lio'.

It was a choice between a speaker system, or the X-Fi sound card. Both were $199. Thing is I don't like the integrated sound card on my com. Coupled with a basic speaker set, the sound that was produced was totally flat rubbish.

However after being taken on a tour by a very good sales assistant and having my strange questions answered, little thought was needed to decide that the speaker system would be better now than a super sweet sound card. Why? If I get a sound card and install it, it still comes out through the same (now I can say) shit speakers. Furthermore, since the on-board card will be disabled, I can no longer plug up my earphones in the front jack. This renders the sound card quite a sad waste of money. Whereas my speaker model, if you look at the picture, has a headphone jack on its wired remote, and an auxiliary jack to plug up my Zen Micro after my com has been turned off (late night studying.... like real hurhur). Therefore the problem is solved if I get the speaker system first, as I did, then the sound card later, after saving up, and the day I install the sound card is the day I shall die happy thereon.

Before I review my speakers, a brief account of choice events. My brother's school Hwa Chong conducts a practice known as sabbaticals for one week every end of term. This is where a list of interesting programs are offered for the purpose of increasing one's general knowledge. The range of choices ensure you pick something that interests you.

So my brother signed up to be attached to a law firm for one week. And just this morning he received a notice through his school's electronic message board that students taking part in this attachment program are required to prepare a blazer or jacket of some sort, since they will be attending court cases.

Ms Guitar was mortified to hear that my brother had no jacket whatsoever, and was throwing his luck on my father's old coat. So she bought him a smart jacket. 99 bucks, but with a discount cut was slashed to 85.

My father, seeing this double whammy was livid. Lucky he never insisted that I pay my cuz back for my speakers.

Creative I-Trigue 3600 2.1 Speaker System Review

Creative I-Trigue 3600
I copied the picture down for you lazy folks.

The Creative I-Trigue......

God bless you if you just scrolled up to prove you are not lazy.

The Creative I-Trigue series is the highest of Creative's three speaker standards, SBS, Inspire, I-Trigue, in order of quality. Since I have linked to the website, prices are subject to change, but at this point of time, the 3600 model is the second most expensive of the I-Trigue 2.1 systems, the only higher model being, again as mentioned earlier, the L3800, which costs a much more painful $269, making the 3600 the ideal 2.1 speaker system right now.

The selling point (or as Mass Comm would term it, Unique Selling Proposition) of the 3600 is the patent pending Acoustic Loaded Module technology. This link will take you to the microsite explaining the details of this technology. I originally wanted to extract the superb Flash animation off the microsite so you lazy people wouldn't have to visit the microsite and come back again (or maybe you won't, I lose out you know). But my piracy skills have failed me. Must have been some Javascript function I had no way of adding.

Basically it works like a trumpet (or tuba, as you might prefer after I explain the ALM's use). Sounds waves are put through concentric snaking chambers, creating the effect of a long amplifiying port in a very small space. This allows the production of upper bass audio (accented bass drum hits is one very important example) from the satellite speakers itself, creating a more natural audio experience, instead of the sensation that the bass drum is coming from the side or from your legs.

The different in quality as compared to my previous set of speakers is stunning. And for 4x the price, perhaps it should be. The 3600 tolerates high equalizer settings very well, showing minimal signs of overwhelmed distortion, if any at all, perhaps I imagined it. Because of the warm nature of the speakers (auditively speaking). I have had to push the higher-mids and the trebles on the iTunes equalizer higher up than I expected, to achieve the quality of sound I have come to expect. To prevent complications I avoided maxing out any of the frequencies of the equalizer. Although there are some albums which won't sound as good as I would like, because I tune to a single song and once I've achieved what I feel is the optimum quality, I save the settings and hope for the best.

I tuned to Tender Surrender.

So. If you have money on your hands, and you dunno what to do with them, give them to me. If you would prefer to spend it on a luxury, the 3600 is something to consider. And if you have too much money, give half to me. But if you prefer to spend them all on yourself you selfish arse, get the 3600 and the X-Fi sound card also priced at $199. Audio enjoyment will never be the same again.

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Mahjong and Battlefield 2
Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First two days of my holidays (not counting the second half of last week) packed with fun...


The plan was to meet Ryan at Khatib to pick up some Magic cards I ordered for myself and him, then lunch and off to G's house for mahjong.

Just as I was wondering whether Ryan was still sleeping while on the train at 1040, I got a message.

5 more stops to Khatib and good morning to you too.

Without even looking up I already suspected he was on the same train. When I counted off the stops on the map opposite me, I returned the message asking if he just left Novena.

I just reached Toa Payoh.

Holy hell we're on the same train. Where are you?

Second carriage from the front red shirt.

And so we were late for our appointed time together by 2 minutes.

Meanwhile I informed Ryan that I had no idea where the card shop was.


This was his face. And then all the way he was twittering in utter disbelief about how I arranged for something to be dropped off at a location to which I had no clue of, before I used my biological compass to lead us right to the card shop in triumph and glory.

That's when he decided to buy 3 Fireballs. Asshole.

After that for the rest of the day...

Wait no. For the rest of Monday and Tuesday and every chance he gets, he's asking for a strangle by mentioning the word Fyarrrrrr-balllleee!!

So back to Monday.

We took a bus from Khatib. Actually, we wanted to drop at Sengkang, and I thought that bus terminated there. I had however, thought wrong, and confused it with the other SMRT bus we seriously considered taking that said in its bright yellow dot-words SENGKANG INT. And that sent us into a brief panic pressing the bell before we realised that Punggol was also NEL anyway.

Luckily someone got off after we pressed the bell.

At G's house, we had to wait for abit before G's bro came back to be the the last player for mahjong. I can't believe I zha-hu 2 times (false game). And I can't believe I did that TWICE IN A ROW. The second one was purely careless. Fisch... Lucky I won a couple of considerably large hands so I was in a sorry state when we ended but at least not totally bankrupt.

Went for dinner at KFC, and then since Ryan said he didn't feel like going home, we played abit more xBox before we left. Actually we sat to watch a couple of pool games on ESPN or Star Sports or some other channel. It was a close tie race to 9, and this stupid dick won the whole game by a super tyco golden break. He could never have made the 9-ball bounce off 4 balls before plopping into the pocket. As the 9-ball neared the pocket, you could hear the audience going HOHH?!, because it was the deciding round after all. And I thought my tyconess was gay enough.


I arrived half an hour late because it started raining at Tampines at an inopportune time. Since the rain pulled the temperature down by a considerable bit, I decided to bring my hoodie for a walk in the rain.

Well it washed off alot of the Bvlgari perfume I tipped all over it.

Ben and KY were also late, but they had not much excuse since they cabbed here.


Then, here's the good part.

Kaiyan didn't know where the restaurant was.

When we finally found it, it was half an hour left to the buffet.

In the end we went to PS and ate at Fish Market, the copy of Fish and Co. Actually I think it's better than Fish and Co. F&C's dishes are too fishy. Me no like.

So after that we went opposite Paradiz Centre to play Battlefield 2 LAN.

Ok bottom line I still suck at games.

But I'm improving.


It's especially satisfying to snipe KJ down from a tower, because this guy uses the sneakiest moves to get behind you and pop the trigger.

And now I'm broke.

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Girly Shoppin'
Friday, August 11, 2006

For the record, before we start with today's post, I'd like to express what a bloody bore a day home alone was, and that I knew I should have arranged something for today. Only a super funny anime, courtesy of Ryan was able to make me laugh abit.

Okay now. Recount of yesterday. CSE was tedious, and many of us usual half-hourers found ourselves locked for 1h30min. A good portion of the class stayed till the end.

Now. With Ryan deciding to slack at home, and Graham off for mahjong. I was left alone. But I wanted to do anything but go home.

So I decided to go along with Bao Zhi and Pam to town to try to absorb some retail therapy. Felicia, with nothing better to do anyway, joined us as well.

We alighted opposite Wheelock Place. The first stop, then, was Zara. Bao bought a cute little bag. Then we went to Wheelock... Felicia and Pam to Borders to find a book, and Zhi Bao and I to Apple Orchard. They to look at their Mac stuff, and I to ogle at sound systems like I always do. We finally found a shop of my interest when we walked out of Apple... a figurine shop. And just as well, a new set of Bleach figurines arrived! They finally have Ichigo in bankai mode, complete with a billowing cape, and a Tensa Zangetsu that's 3/4 his height (10cm). The package comes in three sections of joined plastic. The Ichigo figurine, the sword wrapped in thin cardboard to prevent a bend as much as possible, and the stand. I took a picture with my phone, so it's sucky quality... he actually looks like they forgot to paint his eyes. But just a rough idea for you people... I'm not wasting my time bringing him around to show off and snap Zangetsu into two.

Yep. Later we were eating at Mos Burger when Justin and Cheryl Ann joined us. He was asking if I found anything to my liking (a pink silk scarf perhaps?). And when I showed him the figure, his eyes lit up like a blessed little child and he starting waxing over the figure and the bankai sword. At Mos Burger there was this lady who wasn't exactly young, but had an enormous smile on her face, and enthusiastically greeting everyone who walked in. So enthu she startled Zhi when she suddenly went HI WELCOME TO MOS BURGER :DDDDD. It did unnerve us a bit, but we dismissed it as one of the few gems happy to be working, and reciprocrated her smile.

After dinner we went to the Cineleisure Isetan for awhile because Zhi wanted to check out the Clinique 3-step. And there we all were, me rather outstanding, huddled around the products display going... yeah my mom uses number 2 as well... there's the one specially for acne... ooo... no my mom uses the bigger one... oh this is not the biggest.. no she always buy the bottle twice this size... usually from DFS... ohh...

I was planning on getting some sort of mask to rip out all my blackheads (there are only so many you can squeeze without drawing blood). But I was thinking if you clear the blackheads and don't close the pore holes you're just wasting your time aren't you. I was hoping to get a sample of the clarifier or whatever it was that was supposed to close up the pores. But they only had the three-step sample. Sighz.

After that. Mango! I could see why the girls were all sparkly-eyed when they talked of going to Mango later. There were so many beautiful dresses there. Pam bought a lovely red and white one. As well as a ring that was way too big for her hand, I thought, and that looked like some anime activation gem or something.

-kiss- Materialise! -tuiiiiii-

Wonder who besides Ryan would understand.

After that I had had my fill of walking and staying out of home. So I bade them wywy, and trudged home, tired perhaps, but not too weary.

It's only the night after the exam, and already the weekend and half of next week is filled with activities. I only hope my wallet holds.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Yesterday was the first time in a long time I had felt really confident and at ease neglecting revision till night time. Usually I'm cao-sian and I find things to do to avoid revision. That's usually when I die painfully the next day.

Almost all my cousins from my father's side came yesterday to descend on my mother's chicken wine, otherwise known in Cantonese as gai-zao. Well actually... there are a total of 5 girl cousins from my father's side of siblings. 1 didn't come yesterday because she was down with flu, and another, my guitar cousin for those of you who know, didn't quite take to the gai-zao. All the guys, my cousins-in-law, eyed the golden brown soup with suspicion, and warned their wives not to drink too much with a stern reminder that they had to go to work tomorrow.

We thus entertained them until 3+ in the afternoon, and then after they left, I stoned in front of the computer for awhile before giving in to my body and plopping on my bed for a nap. I woke up in time to see the guard-of-honour inspection, the lap the President makes in the Land Rover, the joie-de-vivre, and the march off, from the NDP, before walking off to do my own stuff. Somewhere around the last of the fireworks, I walked into the kitchen to see my father preparing coffee, and the aroma from the powder (which wasn't like anything special it was standard ground Chinese coffee) caught my attention, and I agreed to a cup for myself. First time I didn't even bother to put sugar or milk. I must admit it was because I was lazy to go into the kitchen to get a sachet of sugar, so I tried it first, and well it was fine so... coolness.

When I finally got down to preparing for revision (preparing ah, not even starting), it was 8+. I printed out the 4 Javascript codes from the labwork to annotate, which I thankfully saved, and Graham kindly typed out relevant portions of Appendix C and D from the textbook to send over to me, and well I guess he revises as well. Thank goodness, because Appendix D is hell of a useful. Then as I was running through my notes, of which I'm missing two freaking chapters, I found the two lab reviews our lecturer printed for us after alot of us asked him what he thought was stupid questions. My face actually lit up when I saw them. It's been ages since I got this sort of reaction.

Well I'm typing this before leaving for school, and after it's all over, hopefully I'll go somewhere to celebrate.

Ryan you pangseh kia. I'll never forget this!!

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Exam Over (almost)
Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Feels like exam is over liao after the two COM papers. I totally fucked up the Mass Comm I'm rather worried I won't hit B- and will have to retake it. See la never study. WELL I'M SORRY!

After yesterday I quickly bucked up and studied abit more for today's Intercultural Comm. And well it paid off I guess. Even though half an hour before the exam Bao Fel and I we're reading but not absorbing anymore (sponge full) we knew it would all come back smoothly when the MCQs jogged our memory.

And it did.

At around 25 minutes into the exam, just as I was getting ready to raise my hand and be the first to beat the hell out of that damn place, the invigilator flipped the mike on.

'Mmmkay those who wish to submit their paper please raise your...'

2/3 of the class shot their hands into the air.

The invigilators didn't even bother making us sign out on early submission. They just collected and off we were.

Tara came in 15 minutes late (or was it 20). When the invigilator asked who wanted to submit early she was still staring intently at the question paper.

After Hans and I had packed our stuff back into the appropriate cases and sections and pockets, we walked past the lift.

She was already waiting there.

Express dasher hoo0~!

Oh if you'd look up at the address bar, if you're using Firefox or IE7 to view this, or if you're lucky with IE6, you will see my new favicon, the ff symbol for fortissimo. I was thinking of many fancy things... and the purple color wasn't left out, just so you know, but I decided to keep it simple and in line with the white layout of my blog. So there it is.

OK. Happy National Day. Don't forget to study for CSE/HR. I might just forget to study for mine. :D

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Finger Finger
Sunday, August 06, 2006

Video: Japanese acoustic guitarist Kohtaro Oshio (I think the Americans spell it Kotaro... if your search doesn't turn stuff in with the h just delete it, but that's how the Japs spell it) playing live his now famous rearrangement of Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. Aside from the great sense of calm it brings you when you listen to it, he has got some strange techniques up his flowery shirt sleeve. Mindboggling, sometimes. I chose Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence for the first video (you know me la discover something only will put up four videos of it for an entire month... if I don't find something else in the meantime) over another original song of his, which I will put up next week, because it's familiar. Everyone has heard some version of it I hope - piano, techno, Maksim (which would be piano-techno anyway haha). And also because it's slow, non-guitarist viewers can also see just what he's doing. And for guitarists if you think you're able to pull it off with (the ever-dubious) 'some practice', there's a part around 4min20 that I'd like to see you try.

Now on to other news. Been boring these few days... Graham didn't come for the last lesson on Thursday (must have been real eager to see Shanghaiman one last time). So Hans and I sat on top and out of sheer boredom I started playing with Zhi's MacBook's Photo Booth again. Picture = 1000 words, so...

This is just weird... haha.

Should have asked KY Ben KJ Mel to take pics with this effect and put it in their anti-Mac (HAHA LOSER HAHAHA) presentation. Not that hard to have a smashing photo from this effect.

Um haha...

I know. I look totally like Fat Bastard.

And then during break time Mandy Jane and Val were photowhoring too, so I shamelessly joined in.

Photowhores UNITE!

Um no comment?

Look at Val... dunno what she doing hahahaha.

See what did I tell you about nice photos.

... yeah so anyway... lol...

Even though Rara said she wasn't taking I still felt abit paiseh that I was right in front of her so she probably got a treat of my less-than-tight ass... sigh.

Yesterday I went with Chuan En Bryan Bryan's mom and Bryan's friend Meerza (Mirza?) to the American Club's Eagle's Nest for lunch to celebrate Bryan's birthday. Was contemplating buffet because the seafood chowder looked smashing, but then Chuan En chose a la carte so I wasn't about to officially make myself a glutton by asking for buffet. Even so the portion of food that came was far beyond my expectations.

You know Americans always have what they call sandwich or burger on their menu right? Now normally at most other not-so-high-class restaurants it would have been a ripoff more painful than waxing your inner thigh. But when Chuan En's order for one of the sandwiches came in...

It was equivalent to a footer at Subway. A footer. With fries.

And I thought my plate was like rather empty, but when I was done with the apparently small hill of mashed potatoes, I was beginning to feel full.

Incidentally those were the first really mashed potatoes I've had in some time. Not like those cheap reconstituted stuff at KFC. Or Megabites.

After lunch we adjourned for coffee and tea. Well actually it was only me and Bryan. Chuan En only took an orange juice on second thought. I took a double espresso.

Siao I tell you. But not as good as LaVazza coffee. Or that headsmasher I had for complimentary breakfast last year at Aranda. After I added milk and took my first sip, I was nearly knocked out.

I totally forgot about sugar.

So then Bryan went to get a stirrer for himself and got me two packets on the way. And I dumped them both into the cup no bigger than my Zen Micro. Or if you need another comparison, no taller than the average glue stick.

Another knock out from the blinding sweetness. Sheesh.

Apart from that, Bryan and Mirza regaled us with their stories of clerkdom, about a mad Indian lady who makes you redo everything 10 times and a staff sargeant who uses NBKNNCCB for a comma.

Wonder what I'll get.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So I was having fun with Graham's new notebook, from which I'm blogging now, and wanted to have some humour website to pass my time while Shanghaiman rambled on. So Graham recommended Engrish.com, and well check this out...



And for those of you who noticed my nick about dolphins and hands was also taken from a horribly translated warning sign.

I still can't get the hang of my Magic deck. I've drastically altered the deck already, took out all the greens to make it a red/black deck. I'm gonna die later if my mana fails to serve me again...

On Friday I attended my brother's Hwa Chong Drama Club production of Army Daze, where he played Johari, the fat idiot who thinks he's got muscles and looks like a rock star. And compared to all the other skinnies on stage he really did look fat. But what affected me more was the atmosphere. It was a first in the history of their Drama Club. A totally sold out event, because the idiots (see la study until no common sense) sold more tickets than there were seats in the auditorium. As a result audience who came late, parents kids and students, all had to sit on the floors and on the aisle steps. It was impressive la actually, to see the auditorium totally packed.

So anyway. When the pre-play video was run... each character introduction was received by whooping cheers and screams which immediately reminded me of my secondary school days, a long, long, time ago...

Ok ok it was only two years. But it's a long time ok.

Suddenly all the VSELDDS productions came rushing back to me, all the preparations, all the rehearsals, teachers making us to the exact freaking opposite of what we wanted so that all our lines were, to us, so retardedly fake. The great feeling we had in our hearts when a full house gave a thunderous applause. And the audience. The only time we ever appreciated a rowdy audience.

Memories... all alone in the moonlight... I can smile at the old days... I was beautiful thennnnnn........

Ha. Ha.

I miss secondary school already. Certainly not the academic part though.

Sunday, I went to my aunt's house for lunch after church. Well it was a late lunch, eating at 2+, so you could imagine we were quite ready to devour anything on the table, which we didn't really have to worry about since my aunt (and her mom) was a fabulous cook. We had butter-fried potatoes (plain compared to other forms of cooking potatoes, but strangely good shit), Korean vermicelli, fried bee hoon, and ngor hiang. Ooooo drool......

Meanwhile, my aunt had guests in her house. She had engaged herself in Amway products, those home-selling stuff that you demo to others in your own home and hope to hell that they buy it from you. Even though my friend, who was being housed by my auntie while he had his education here, had nothing much on his computer, I tried as much to stay in his room, because I didn't want to sit through the demonstrations. Uncles and aunties aren't exactly dynamic.

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