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Friday, August 11, 2006

For the record, before we start with today's post, I'd like to express what a bloody bore a day home alone was, and that I knew I should have arranged something for today. Only a super funny anime, courtesy of Ryan was able to make me laugh abit.

Okay now. Recount of yesterday. CSE was tedious, and many of us usual half-hourers found ourselves locked for 1h30min. A good portion of the class stayed till the end.

Now. With Ryan deciding to slack at home, and Graham off for mahjong. I was left alone. But I wanted to do anything but go home.

So I decided to go along with Bao Zhi and Pam to town to try to absorb some retail therapy. Felicia, with nothing better to do anyway, joined us as well.

We alighted opposite Wheelock Place. The first stop, then, was Zara. Bao bought a cute little bag. Then we went to Wheelock... Felicia and Pam to Borders to find a book, and Zhi Bao and I to Apple Orchard. They to look at their Mac stuff, and I to ogle at sound systems like I always do. We finally found a shop of my interest when we walked out of Apple... a figurine shop. And just as well, a new set of Bleach figurines arrived! They finally have Ichigo in bankai mode, complete with a billowing cape, and a Tensa Zangetsu that's 3/4 his height (10cm). The package comes in three sections of joined plastic. The Ichigo figurine, the sword wrapped in thin cardboard to prevent a bend as much as possible, and the stand. I took a picture with my phone, so it's sucky quality... he actually looks like they forgot to paint his eyes. But just a rough idea for you people... I'm not wasting my time bringing him around to show off and snap Zangetsu into two.

Yep. Later we were eating at Mos Burger when Justin and Cheryl Ann joined us. He was asking if I found anything to my liking (a pink silk scarf perhaps?). And when I showed him the figure, his eyes lit up like a blessed little child and he starting waxing over the figure and the bankai sword. At Mos Burger there was this lady who wasn't exactly young, but had an enormous smile on her face, and enthusiastically greeting everyone who walked in. So enthu she startled Zhi when she suddenly went HI WELCOME TO MOS BURGER :DDDDD. It did unnerve us a bit, but we dismissed it as one of the few gems happy to be working, and reciprocrated her smile.

After dinner we went to the Cineleisure Isetan for awhile because Zhi wanted to check out the Clinique 3-step. And there we all were, me rather outstanding, huddled around the products display going... yeah my mom uses number 2 as well... there's the one specially for acne... ooo... no my mom uses the bigger one... oh this is not the biggest.. no she always buy the bottle twice this size... usually from DFS... ohh...

I was planning on getting some sort of mask to rip out all my blackheads (there are only so many you can squeeze without drawing blood). But I was thinking if you clear the blackheads and don't close the pore holes you're just wasting your time aren't you. I was hoping to get a sample of the clarifier or whatever it was that was supposed to close up the pores. But they only had the three-step sample. Sighz.

After that. Mango! I could see why the girls were all sparkly-eyed when they talked of going to Mango later. There were so many beautiful dresses there. Pam bought a lovely red and white one. As well as a ring that was way too big for her hand, I thought, and that looked like some anime activation gem or something.

-kiss- Materialise! -tuiiiiii-

Wonder who besides Ryan would understand.

After that I had had my fill of walking and staying out of home. So I bade them wywy, and trudged home, tired perhaps, but not too weary.

It's only the night after the exam, and already the weekend and half of next week is filled with activities. I only hope my wallet holds.

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