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Mahjong and Battlefield 2
Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First two days of my holidays (not counting the second half of last week) packed with fun...


The plan was to meet Ryan at Khatib to pick up some Magic cards I ordered for myself and him, then lunch and off to G's house for mahjong.

Just as I was wondering whether Ryan was still sleeping while on the train at 1040, I got a message.

5 more stops to Khatib and good morning to you too.

Without even looking up I already suspected he was on the same train. When I counted off the stops on the map opposite me, I returned the message asking if he just left Novena.

I just reached Toa Payoh.

Holy hell we're on the same train. Where are you?

Second carriage from the front red shirt.

And so we were late for our appointed time together by 2 minutes.

Meanwhile I informed Ryan that I had no idea where the card shop was.


This was his face. And then all the way he was twittering in utter disbelief about how I arranged for something to be dropped off at a location to which I had no clue of, before I used my biological compass to lead us right to the card shop in triumph and glory.

That's when he decided to buy 3 Fireballs. Asshole.

After that for the rest of the day...

Wait no. For the rest of Monday and Tuesday and every chance he gets, he's asking for a strangle by mentioning the word Fyarrrrrr-balllleee!!

So back to Monday.

We took a bus from Khatib. Actually, we wanted to drop at Sengkang, and I thought that bus terminated there. I had however, thought wrong, and confused it with the other SMRT bus we seriously considered taking that said in its bright yellow dot-words SENGKANG INT. And that sent us into a brief panic pressing the bell before we realised that Punggol was also NEL anyway.

Luckily someone got off after we pressed the bell.

At G's house, we had to wait for abit before G's bro came back to be the the last player for mahjong. I can't believe I zha-hu 2 times (false game). And I can't believe I did that TWICE IN A ROW. The second one was purely careless. Fisch... Lucky I won a couple of considerably large hands so I was in a sorry state when we ended but at least not totally bankrupt.

Went for dinner at KFC, and then since Ryan said he didn't feel like going home, we played abit more xBox before we left. Actually we sat to watch a couple of pool games on ESPN or Star Sports or some other channel. It was a close tie race to 9, and this stupid dick won the whole game by a super tyco golden break. He could never have made the 9-ball bounce off 4 balls before plopping into the pocket. As the 9-ball neared the pocket, you could hear the audience going HOHH?!, because it was the deciding round after all. And I thought my tyconess was gay enough.


I arrived half an hour late because it started raining at Tampines at an inopportune time. Since the rain pulled the temperature down by a considerable bit, I decided to bring my hoodie for a walk in the rain.

Well it washed off alot of the Bvlgari perfume I tipped all over it.

Ben and KY were also late, but they had not much excuse since they cabbed here.


Then, here's the good part.

Kaiyan didn't know where the restaurant was.

When we finally found it, it was half an hour left to the buffet.

In the end we went to PS and ate at Fish Market, the copy of Fish and Co. Actually I think it's better than Fish and Co. F&C's dishes are too fishy. Me no like.

So after that we went opposite Paradiz Centre to play Battlefield 2 LAN.

Ok bottom line I still suck at games.

But I'm improving.


It's especially satisfying to snipe KJ down from a tower, because this guy uses the sneakiest moves to get behind you and pop the trigger.

And now I'm broke.

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