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Angry Day
Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Yes. I am blogging because today was crapassshitholescrewedupjumpdown bad.

Started nice enough, great lesson as usual with Dr Sachs, then long break where I zipped back to do some work for the StompAIDS thing. I actually wanted to finish reading Sociology Chapter 2 before class, but good thing it turned out to be mostly stuff we learnt in our COM lessons. Of course, I'll have to read again to get the sociological point of view.

I dreaded getting the Sociology paper back, and with good reason. Atrocious score of 57. But well I kinda made up my mind to let it pass and just work hard for the rest of the tests, so it wasn't too bad. Besides, not that I'm happy, but I did expect less than 57.

After I settled my paper admin, and found out that through his 'A'-level/GP/bullshitting/smoking skills he obtained a smashing 84, I went up to join Ryan Kaiyan Kaijie up at the computer lab where I did my traumatising Ministry of Sound crap less than a week before, and just slacked/stoned while they alternated between discussing Econs and watching silly videos about how to behave in a sushi bar. We went down to the lounge for a game of pool, where I intended to collect the notes for the creative brief, then go home and do.

I ended up missing the pool game and nearly missing taking the bus with Ryan.

When I got up to alight to change to another bus to go City Hall, I forgot about pressing the bell. When I did, the bus driver, who was already starting up the bus, took one furtive look at me and continued driving.

Well, he was an ass, but it didn't matter too much since these connecting services always run for a few bus stops. 65 and 154 share like 5 common bus stops. Maybe more.

I got up the next bus 77 in a slightly bad mood, and what the hell is wrong with bus drivers nowadays? People on crowded buses, or worse half-crowded buses find themselves stumbling into each other because the bus driver apparently thinks he's going manual on a Lambo or something. Bus 77, however was far from crowded, so the lucky few on board were treated to the spectacle of my weaving around helplessly like a drunk mad shellshocked man.

Slightly concerned about the how the road closures might have affected the bus route, I got up for a moment to examine the map detailing the temporary route changes, which as it turned out, didn't change for 77, not where I alighted. When I took the opportunity of the stationary bus at Dhoby Ghaut station to get back to my seat, the stupid driver floored the accelerator, and I sitting down halfway was flung backwards into my seat.

All bus drivers are bloody jerks. Now bow to my witty pun.

At one stop, there was this guy who got up, and, believe it or not, was less stable on his feet than I am, meaning he also weaved around for abit. After he'd thrown himself into a seat before the bus driver could fly him through the windscreen, he pressed the bell.

My mouth fell in outrage and in my mind I burst out uncontrollably 'You fucking IDIOT!!' What the... why... HE COULD HAVE WALKED! I know he could have because the moment he alighted, he briskwalked at an impressive speed to get to the traffic light before it was too late to cross the road.


I went to Raffles City (to be more precise) instead of going home where I could get some needed rest before I start on my books because I had to pick a Magic card up from this woman, who ripped me off spectacularly by saying she already got me a card which I requested she help me look for. LOOK FOR, not buy and sell to me. She however took it upon herself to purchase the card and sell me a card ranging from 50cents to a dollar at FOUR FUCKING FIFTY. $4.50!!!!!!!! And she says I have to buy it because I asked for it and she specially bought it for me and that no one else wanted to buy it.

And when I entered the shop today to collect the card and be done with the debt, as was my intention, she informed me after searching for sometime that she was sorry but she left it in her card album at Serene Center.

By then I was actually too tired to even show an angry look anymore.


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