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Monday, September 18, 2006

Allow me to introduce you to the epitome of political incorrectness: Carlos Mencia. Courtesy of Hans, this here is one of his finer moments as an Yindian 7-11 store owner. Video quality's abit blurry though, sorry. Every clip was just about the same.

As compared to my suckfest of a weekend, today was great. It wasn't wild, not like playing LAN or pubbing or anything, but it was quietly pleasant.

Didn't start off too well though. Shouldn't, really, with a Sociology test looming ahead like a spaceship which looks small at first, then it comes toward you and just when you realise the magnitude of it's size, you also happen to realise it's only heading your way because it's bloody out of fuel and going to crash in your face.

Everyone was tensely studying (most, anyway), trying to joke to lighten the atmosphere, if not for everyone's tightly-knotted stomach then at least for your own.

It ain't full marks, but it wasn't that bad as well.

Of course, that's what I said after the first test.

After we'd finished, I came out first, followed shortly by Hans, then Ben, who looked shellshocked but claimed it was fine. We strolled to the lounge, and as we put our bags down and started flexing our fingers for either pool or foozball (more or less the same muscles/bones) Ryan came in, then Elton. So we inevitably got drawn to the foozball table. First game with Elton at the back. When the ball came rolling in, I without a second thought flicked my left wrist and executed a textbook Raishin (it's just not the same without a streaking orange blur... :'( ). For a fleeting moment I enjoyed Ben's 0.0 face before he protested and said 'Ey no midfielder shots!'

'Never mind never mind, keep that point.'

After awhile the rule was reduced to no opening shots. I wouldn't have had much of a problem with that if it were still the orange balls (although it took alot my mental capacity to resist lettin' it rip when the ball came rolling into play), the new balls were so slippery it went past us before we knew what was happening, so it was an extra challenge to even position the ball for a mid-game Raishin, and the opposite team (just Ben and Ryan today) would always be on hysterical alert when I got the ball anyway, so that made it double hard.

Alot of defender/keeper screw ups eventually earned Elton and I a win. The second game, we kept our side but switched positions. And just as I was prepping myself to handle the first incoming ball, Ben followed up in the midfield and the ball walked right past my keeper's blind spot.

It was really great though because I could do Ten no Raishin (or is it Raishin no Ten... Raishin of the Heavens la however you put it in Jap) without worrying about rules, since keeper-smashing was allowed. Won again. The third game, we switched sides, and after a lovely Ten no Raishin (sounds better than Raishin no Ten anyway) on the first ball, I switched places with Elton, only to have him freak when the ball came his way because he could see nuts. After two goals for Ryan and Ben I pushed him to the midfielder's.

And he freaked when the ball came his way because he could see nuts.


Elton and Ben left after that, so I played elimination with Hans and Ryan. Bloody hell, I always get pwned big time on my own coins. And that dick Ryan tyco-ed his way to winning the game.

It was only 2.30 when we ended the game, and we wondered where to go since Ryan had until 430 before his guitar lesson. So we decided to go hang out at Raffles City. I took him to Gloria Jean's at the basement of Raffles to try to coffee.

Apparently Ryan's idea of a coffee is a Cappuccino Chiller, which tasted totally dubious. Like chendol, was my first reaction.

I opted for a Caffe Mocha, and made the mistake of majorly overkilling by dumping extra Hershey's Chocolate Sauce all over it. I'm still a little dizzy/nauseous from it.

There's just no word to accurately describe jelak. Now bow to Malay powar.

Kiddin'. Don't. :P

We went to MPH just up front from Gloria Jean's after we were finished and Ryan rang up some guy he was arranging to get Magic cards from so that he could arrange pick-up conveniently since I was around (that guy lived in the East). I'm totally used and abused by my friends. That guy must have thought Ryan was a sucker because he just kept on and kept on offering more cards to Ryan through me (I was on the phone with him to discuss pick-up) and the same idiot who admonished me to watch my finances with more care nodded absentmindedly to almost every offer and impressively doubled the original amount of money to be paid for his cards. Luckily for Ryan this guy was buying the two cards he wanted to sell, and Ryan only had to top up $1.50.

This means I'll be conducting two card transactions this Wednesday. VvV...

As I was on the train, I tried to catch some sleep, but I couldn't help noticing that a happy, satisfied, glow in my tummy kept me awake. Awake, and smiling contentedly.


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