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The Fortissimo Blog Group
Friday, October 06, 2006

Shifted to Blogger beta. And somehow my Unicode characters don't show properly anymore. And since you people don't even follow my Please set your encoding to Unicode to fully enjoy my blog! anyway, I removed all the cute little flankers. So there. No more weird characters for you.

In any case, I am embarking on an ambitious project. Some of you will vaguely remember Mezzo Sforzato. Yes it's that fiction blog of mine with like an inch of dust all over it now.

With the addition of two more blogs, I now have four blogs under my name.

Crazy isn't it? But I'm tired of mashing my tirades, accounts, revelations, stories, and all into one blog. There's no focus. People read an excellent post on looking to God one day, and come back the next week to find a tirade with more colors than your digital camera claims to have.

So Fortissimo will be the head blog, where it serves, I hope, all intents of a weblog - recording daily life and casual observations for an audience to read and the author to look back and laugh to himself.

Mezzo Sforzato is where I will host all my original works. Poems, stories, well I doubt I'd put a play in there, unless it's like a 5-minute play. Even then I don't really want to think about the formatting ahead of me. Don't expect this to be updated all that often, I don't write for a living, and I doubt I will, unless my blog somehow generates some revenue. Xiaxue. Bleh...

Revelation of Grace, as you probably guessed, is the Christian branch. I put a couple of posts in there, and here I have a sub-ambition. My first series there will be on Christian cults. An expose, if you will, on their erroneous beliefs. Don't expect to get them all at one go. I'm not about to go out there and criticize something which I have a half-past-six knowledge of. For now, I do feel that the post Calling to Jesus will bless you. Tremendously, even. It's a simple truth, so I'm not sure if you're sniggering now and screaming DUHH, but most of God's messages are dead simple. Live simple. Whatever. Expect this to be updated once a week average. And I'm being guardedly pessimistic here. I'm predicting that after Fortissimo, this will be the second most updated blog.

Journal of Influence is what it suggests, an analytical journal where I detail incidents which have caught my attention. Of course, these incidents require a little something in them - the use of the art and science of persuasion and influence. Anything which has this factor, I will endeavour to break down to its very nuts and bolts. Non-Communication students (if you haven't already figured out that this was a COM course) can also read, no worries, because I will briefly explain the principles theories what have you before I go on. I don't really relish the thought of blank faces reading my deepest bestest analysis.

At the end of it all, I require your support if this is to become a success. Fortissimo's layout doesn't come with comment support, and I have a tagboard here anyway, but the branch blogs are fully Blogger templates, so feel free to leave your comments there. For future reference there are links to the three branches in the left column. I look forward to your responses.

Next post: foosball developments.

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