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StompAIDS Press Conference
Monday, October 16, 2006

Interesting experience today. We were all very furtive at first, with all our exhibits, keen for others groups not to see our stuff so we can pull out our trump card later and pw3n 7h3m n00bz. But slowly with nothing else to do, we warmed up to each other and started walking around seeing other exhibits.

We spoke at length especially with our direct neighbour, the NUS team, which I only know as the team who managed to get the main field, discussing the idiocy of our Estate managements, this cannot that cannot. That certainly was a freaking headache for us. For us to secure the koi pond's use we had to detail every single material used in the production of our ambient ad and assure them that it is impossible for their stupid gold bars of koi to eat it to their death. In fact, that was the point we discussed the most touring other groups. Well, advertising problems in general, whether permissive or financial problems, or others. The NUS guy even informed me when the News938 reporter was two booths away, allowing me to put everyone en garde so that I wouldn't be stranded alone answering questions that I would have to smoke, while the others gasped and marveled at the genius of other groups.

One group I was impressed was the other NUS group. Their posters caught attention because with the use of agar-agar and black paint, they spectacularly recreated the effects of Karposi's Sarcoma sores. And they did it with more sensous pictures than ours can you imagine? I thought our hands-in-ya-pants ad would be provocative enough. These people's three pictures were one woman stretching over a man.

Both naked.

Of course they had the sense to cover the nips with words.

And the four men, being intimate.

And the guy! Sprawling on a sofa! PANTS DOWN! With a girl in between his legs! He's MOANING FOR GOD SAKE!

Spectacular. Simply spectacular. When I called Zhi over and showed her the sores pictures, she went WHOA! Reason I showed her the sores pictures was because HPB in true Singapore style said that for the press conference the sores were abit too much, saying one shouldn't stereotype diseases like that, although I don't really understand what that meant. So they had to photoshop the sores out (the originals were still allowed for the campus ads) and print special un-sored posters.

While we were setting the projector up earlier in the morning, Hai and I were seriously puzzled why the projector only emitted a fuzzy circle of light, although it was clear from the color-matching that Bao's laptop was successfully connected with the projector.

We realised after 15min that the translucent slide-cover was over the lens.

Himbo moment hoo0~!

If even Hai could have overseen such a thing, I think we can all be forgiven for that occasional idiotic incident.

Well I'll leave you with some pictures.

Booth Setup
Poster Ads
Cool right the handsdownyapants? My favourite. :P Zhi's friend, the female model, must have felt damn happy hugging a defined chest and chiselled abs. When the ad agency woman saw the picture, she totally snapped out of her sleepiness and went WHO IS THIS GUY?!! And she called her friend over and they giggled over the many shots of his hot bod in Bao's camera.

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