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Friday, November 17, 2006

What a week I officially screwed up my last exam.

Yes, COM317 involves a persuasive speech as our last exam and my utter, lonely failure leaves me wondering about my grades. In all fairness I didn't prepare, really. I was writing my card notes in the first half of class while the others were doing their speeches. But to screw up that badly as to be stopped by Dr Sachs halfway... never expected it.

More indication that I should indeed join Toastmasters.

I did, but due to paternal objection I had to pull out.

So shiat.

After the speech I met Lirong and Andrea Ng at the 1st level carpark and Lirong went, 'RENHAOOO! WOOO~! LET'S GO OUT!!! :D:D:D'

Andrea: 'YA YA! I DRIVE! LET'S GO!'
'Dunno... just go out la. Catch a movie or something! WOOO~!'

And in a rash decision, I agreed.

It's not that I was fried by my parents when I got home, I duly informed them, vague as it was, that I would be having dinner with my friends. Still my plan was to go home and wallow in anime.

I did have alot to catch up on. Well, I do. I have 32 running animes. It's fun, but not easy. Many times Ryan would go, 'Hey did you watch ep X of anime X?' And I'd be like, 'THE HELL?? I didn't see it on Baka!'

Baka is, of course, Baka-Updates.com, just about the best site for tracking new releases. The only thing hard to find are batch torrents of like for example, the complete episodes plus movie of Fullmetal Alchemist. That one you'll have to go to the other usual torrent search sites, which runs the risk of turning in Mongolian subtitles. It's really not funny to discover that sort of error after spending a month downloading 8.5GB. Baka only tracks new releases of English subs.

Ya so ANYWAY, we went to Cineleisure to watch Flushed Away. I like the slugs best.. damn cute can? But man... it was a record time for a movie. 60 minutes and we were out. And then after that, after walking around Cine, mostly with the two girls examining figurines curiously behind me while I was ogling at all the anime characters. There was this shop which sold... man. Alot of stuff. A life-size (plastic) replica of the Naruto ninja knife thingy... kanna I think they called it, keychain replicas of Zabimaru and Tensa Zangetsu (no Senbonzakura wtf! Blasphemy!). Also! Death Notes! And they were not too expensive. If I remembered the big scale replica was 9.90? Really not bad. And the cover is like those cheap leather sort...

I told the girls I'd just go back and buy over the whole store. Oh they have cosplay costumes for Naruto and Bleach - all 12 squad numbers for taicho costumes.

And! As we walked along, my mouth fell to the floor as I saw stacks. And stacks. And stacks! Of Hard Gay Kikki Ippatsu! If you haven't already guessed, it was the cute toy featured in the Hard Gay TOMY episode. If you still dunno what I'm talking about, you might be deprived.



OH WELL. I'll just come back when I have too much money.

We settled at Cartel for dinner. And we took a long time to decide what we wanted (spoilt for choice lor seriously). The service was good though. I think it was the first time that we were asked if we wanted bread. Also they took quite some time to deliver the food. And the cheese was what I call the implicit smell type, a very packed in, concealed taste, as opposed to certain other cheddars which go on an all out assault on your nostrils and tastebuds. So even though I quite accidentally dumped a whole cuplet (you know those little... cups they give for vinegar and oil... I call them cuplets. And I put cheese in them. And when I was tapping the cheese to sprinkle on my dissapointingly small portion of spaghetti, I knocked everything onto my plate). No matter. It was a just-nice taste in the end.

Great outing, but I totally blew my cash on it. Lucky it was spare cash. All the same, I'm left with no safety net now.

Oh well.

But today I gor reimbursed for the money spent in StompAIDS and well, at least I feel a little safer with $20 buffer. Better than hoping coins would save you should anything arise.

I really should learn not to spend too much. Really. Maybe whatever extra cash I get from my visiting auntie or whatever, I should just splash it on something I want, that nice Zara belt or an x-Fi sound card, so I wouldn't live my next few weeks in luxury then find myself flailing when my cash runs out. Freaky.

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